23. Daffodil, narcissus, jonquil, Lent lily, Easter bells, whatever you call it, this little yellow wonder is one of the most popular springtime flowers of all time! Â. Most appear to be the same inky hue. Zaria (Arabic origin), this beautiful flower name means "rose". Color Mixer. 139. Every flower color from a deep red to a bright yellow offers a rich and meaningful story. 38. 102. Take a look at out list and pick a name you like. This is among the colors that can be names. At Kidadl we pride ourselves on offering families original ideas to make the most of time spent together at home or out and about, wherever you are in the world. 143. This is in keeping with an increase in the variety of names for boys.Girl names 70. Beryl (Greek origin), this color name means "light green gemstone". Varda (Hebrew origin), this color name means "pink". Bourbon roses are the first repeat-blooming roses. 86. Arusha (Sanskrit origin), this means "red". Another great way to incorporate colors with names. 61. Many famous composers have used flowers as a focal point for some of their works. 107. Made popular by the Disney princess in the movie Aladdin, the name Jasmine represents the aromatic jasmine... 2. Fuchsia (German origin), the name means "vibrant shade of purple pink". Meaning: Orange, as in the fruit. We recognise that not all activities and ideas are appropriate and suitable for all children and families or in all circumstances. In the 1800s, Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, Josephine, gathered the period’s prestigious botanists and horticulturists to build an extensive collection of roses, which i… For more inspiration, you can also check out our list of names that mean pink or rose and names that mean red. Ebony (English, Greek origin), refers to the color "black" and could also be for the ebony tree. Maybe it's because when the daffodils are in bloom we all know it's the beginning of spring and warm weather. This list features 32 different flowers that make for excellent cat names, whether you have a girl or a boy kitty. Poppy (Latin origin), the name means "red flower". Copyright © 2020 Kidadl Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Fawn (French origin), this means "beige" or "light brown color". Choose one of these color baby names for girls. Mauve (/ ˈ m oʊ v / (), mohv; / ˈ m ɔː v / (), mawv) is a pale purple color named after the mallow flower (French: mauve).The first use of the word mauve as a color was in 1796–98 according to the Oxford English Dictionary, but its use seems to have been rare before 1859.Another name for the color is mallow, with the first recorded use of mallow as a color name in English in 1611. It was named after the Greek God Proteus, the god who changes shape at his own will, as the flowers are found in various shapes. White. Yarkona (Hebrew origin), among the baby names that mean "green". Their flowers are off-white and purplish-pink in color. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 89. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:Plants_named_after_colours&oldid=253126906, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Chrys-, chryso- : golden, greenish-golden, Leuc-, leuco-, leuca/-us: white or yellow, Versicolor: variegated or diversified in color. Mallow wildflower Mauve (/ ˈmoʊv / (listen), mohv; / ˈmɔːv / (listen), mawv) is a pale purple color named after the mallow flower (French: mauve). The first use of the word mauve as a color was in 1796–98 according to the Oxford English Dictionary, but its use seems to have been rare before 1859. Akako (Japanese origin), the name means "red". 150. Some of the more exotic ones, like “vermilion” and “chartreuse,” were borrowed from French, and are named after the color of a particular item (a type of mercury and a liquor, respectively). of 16,777,216 colors named (%).Website content is licensed CC BY NC SA 4.0. Hazel (German origin), the meaning could differ from "brown" to "green" based on whether the tree or the nut is being referenced. 113. Flower color symbolism dates back centuries or more and can be found in cultures all over the world. Kelly (Irish origin), this name means "bright green with a slight yellow hint". 15.  Can be one of the good names for boys as well. 85. Russet (English origin), the name means "dark brown color". 41. Jasmine (Persian origin), refers to the "pale yellow flower". 82. Willow (English origin), the name can be used to reference the colors "blue green", "yellow undertones", or even "grey". Nila (Sanskrit origin), the meaning of this color name is "dark blue". Astilbe (Greek origin), the name means "bright pink colored flower". This is among our favorite color based baby names for girls. 112. 115. Pick from these good baby names for girls. It is also a good color name for a baby boy as it is gender neutral. Coral (Latin origin), the "pink color semi-precious sea growth" that is employed in making ornaments. Alternative Spellings & Variations: Alana, … Verde (Spanish origin), meaning "green". The yellow flowers, or cyathia, are in the center of the colorful bracts. 148. Roselle (Latin, French origin), the name means "rose". 26. 73. www.eventsojudith.com Verdell (French origin), meaning "green" or "flourishing". Clancy (Irish origin), the name means "warrior with red hair". 75. Sienna (English origin), the name means "reddish brown". It’s a bluish-green color taken from a Franco-English term for a body of water typically found in flat, low-lying area close to a swamp. 101. Myrthe (Dutch origin), this baby girl name means "myrtle plant". This page was last edited on 26 July 2017, at 03:48. A “heavenly flower” from Hawaii, Leilani is a sweet name for the baby girl you love. Olive (Latin, Greek origin), this refers to the "dark yellow green olive fruit". And if you think fuchsia and magenta are the same color, you're closer than you might think: Magenta was originally an aniline dye named fuchsine, named after the fuchsia flower. This category may include pages and subcategories related to colors of flowers. Jasmine. Aquamarine (Latin origin), this means "blue green seawater" and represents the blue form of beryl gemstone. All colors that are named after a part of any plant in the plant kingdom should be listed here or in one of these subcategories. 4) Bayou. 50. Ashley (English origin), meaning "grey". Amber (Arabic origin), this name means "fossilised tree resin" and refers to an orange jewel. Dianthus isn’t actually a single flower but a genus of about 300 species The flower is native to Europe and Asia, but it can be found in North Africa too Apricot (Arabic origin), the name refers to the "yellowish pink fruit". 94. 144. 28. Sapphire (Hebrew, Spanish origin), this name means "gem" and refers to the blue jewel. It’s a very feminine color for a reason: it’s named after a flower! 3. 105. 11. Vinca (Czech origin), refers to a "pink colored flower". Peony (Greek origin), this name takes after the pink flower renowned for its medicinal properties. 140. Sienna (Italian origin), this refers to a "reddish shade of brown". 97. Â. Silk flowers come ins in array of colors too. The 16 Most Beautiful Classical Music Pieces Inspired By Flowers. Are you a fan of colors other than red? 98. We also link to other websites, but are not responsible for their content. This category has the following 42 subcategories, out of 42 total. This is a color that is among the good baby names for girls. So, why not draw inspiration from all the beautiful blooms and name your cat after one of them? Mauve (French origin), this color name means "reddish violet". Bluestar – Bluestar, also known as amsonia, is named after its powder blue, star-shaped flowers. 136. 121. Dahlia (English origin), a flower that comes in "shades of orange, purple, yellow, rust, or white". 131. Cherry (Greek, Latin origin), this refers to the "bright red fruit". Heather (English origin), this name means "a mixture of shades of grey" just like the plant. Crimson (English origin), this means "deep rich red". Many different flowers were used and this for instance resulted in whole family of cornflower blues: #3300FF Cornflower #6495ED Cornflower Blue #93CCEA Light Cornflower Blue (Crayola) Wisteria (American origin), name of a "purple climbing and flowering plant". Ruffina (Latin origin), meaning "one who has red hair". Colors can be an inspiration for baby names.It may be a color you love in nature, or one related to your school, favorite sports team, or flag. Blush (English origin), the name means "a flush of pink". 13. For a fiery little baby, pick one of these color names for red. AntiqueWhite. 42. 54. 24. Violet (English origin), refers to the color "purple". Bluestar is native to North America, and does best in full sun. 46. Color Picker. Our recommended activities are based on age but these are a guide. White began its life in PIE as *kwintos and meant simply white or bright. 104. Emerald (English origin), a gemstone inspired name meaning "precious green gemstone". Marigold (English origin), a reference to the "yellow orange flower". Viridian (Latin origin), among the color names for girls that means "a blue green shade".
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