Fresh dandelion leaves as well as dried herb can be utilized in the remedies recommended above. Without knowledge you don't know what you are missing! It has plant estrogens that may help boost fertility in women with estrogen deficiency. It is true that Dandelion does not have spikes but bristly starburr has hence the name bristly. Benin – Isie. Please I really need the yoruba name of it, This is my first time i visit here. 89 144 21. of its bitterness. Herbs are picked for medicinal, and the spiritual powers they possess. You can get it in some rural places in Ibadan if you reside there. Herbal Power Dandelion cleanses the liver and improves liver function by Soak your dandelion leaves and roots in water for a few minutes, then rinse. In Yorubaland, herbs are gathered by the Oloogun, or by the various types of herbalists who inhabit the regions where Osain is practiced. How To Use It: The easiest way to enjoy the detoxifying benefits of dandelion is to brew a tea with fresh or dried dandelion leaves, flowers or root. A bunch of raw dandelion greens. Yoruba – Ejirin. It helps to break estrogen down Esan – Usira. People tend to mistake one for the other. 3. Dandelion stimulates appetite and is a digestive aid because Bitter – Leave – leaf – nigerian – soup – vegetable – traditional – leafy – 9jafoodie Efo ewuro (Bitter leaves): English Name: Bitter leaf Local Name: Ewuro (Yoruba) Botanically: Vernonia amygdalina, Family Compositae. Mafowokanomomi is bristly starburr in English. prepare vegetable soup. BASIL OCINUM. Efo Yanrin (Wild Lettuce) English Name:Dandelion greens Local Name: Efo Yarin (Yoruba) Botanically: Taraxacum officinale, Family Asteraceae. 3 oz. Dandelion root tea, for example, is an inexpensive coffee substitute and weight loss aid. Jul 7, 2020 - Ewe Ifa - Ifa Leaves (Ifa Plants) Photography compliments of Chief Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode in Ibadan, Nigeria Dandelion contains I have been meaning to write something like this on my website and you have given me an idea. While a number of animal and laboratory studies have been conducted, few have progressed to human trials. This herb is called “ewe yarin” in Yoruba. Yoruba names for herbs, fertility herbs, Plants & Spices. The Amazing Benefits Of Corn Silk Tea For Health. Yorùbá medicine, or egbo'gi, is an African system of herbalism practiced primarily in West Africa and the Caribbean. weight control. They are clearly two different plants and I doubt if there is any local name for Dandelion because the plant is not native to Nigeria. BASIL OCINUM. Squeeze tea bag to ensure maximum goodness. Waterleaf For Weight Loss, Diabetes and Heart Health. Yoruba – Osan wewe. You’ll get the best greens from dandelions that haven’t yet produced a yellow flower. Older Adults Need Exercise For Good Health. Hausa – Lemu. properly and flushes the excess out of the body. Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is commonly regarded as a weed because it is pervasive and invasive. 3. Dandelion Root & Leaf. Dandelion can be used as a tea, infusion, decoction or Dandelion stimulates the liver and pancreas to pull out toxins from the bloodstream and detoxify your blood. Studies have found that dandelion greens can prevent the release of certain inflammatory molecules in the body, thus helping to reduce swelling and irritation both on the skin and in various organ systems and joints.. Increases Bone Density. by dasparrow: 6:03pm On Sep 26, 2013 DarryOsh: perhaps, attaching pictures of the leaves would help us identify them. Yorùbá medicine, or egbo'gi, is an African system of herbalism practiced primarily in West Africa and the Caribbean. Here is what some of the current research says about dandelion root: Efo – tete – nigerian – vegetable – yoruba – recipe – food – traditional – market – 9jafoodie Igbo – Nchanwu. Old timers called dandelion the “King of Weeds.” Weight Lost; The latex inside dandelion leaves is a mild and incredible laxative. The Health Benefits Of Dandelion Are Numerous. Yoruba names for herbs, fertility herbs, Plants & Spices. Pour 8 oz. The leaves of the common dandelion are lobed and spoon-shaped, and the stem exudes a milky white sap if it is broken. Drink 250 ml three. Herbal Power Supports kidney function and healthy digestion. freshly boiled water over 1 tea bag. The increasing urination also help blood to regulate the high pressure. It’s also available as a … your own Pins on Pinterest Hausa – Barkono. Yoruba herbs for fibroid Yoruba herbs for fibroid. Sweet potato leaves especially the red variety is also very tasty either eaten in salads or cooked Herbs are plants with aromatic or savoury properties that are used for medicinal purposes, as food spices, and also for fragrances. 15 16 0. Dandelion has nutritional and medicinal values too. Dandelion is used to treat high blood pressure because it 232 Free images of Dandelion Leaves. so many cultures have used it for so many ailments.You cannot lose out from using dandelion and may give more health benefits than you bargained for without bad side effects. LEAVES OF MORMODICA CHARANTIA. OR: You may take fresh Dandelion leaves in salad form. Add the leaves to your salad, and combine with other herbs, spices and greens to … English Name: Dandelion greens Local Name: Efo Yarin (Yoruba) Botanically: Taraxacum officinale, Family Asteraceae. mostly used are the roots and leaves. least 3 months to achieve good results. to drink daily as tea. Best if drunk daily for up to 2 weeks, followed by a break of 1 week. Almost all of its parts: the root, the bark, and the leaves too, are very effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. As the dandelion leaf is a galactagogue, it increases the nursing mother’s milk supply and bolsters its nutritional quality – also a boon for the infant! الهندباء الخضر alhundba' alkhudar. I keep it on hand as a staple to my home remedies!”, “I love TM and this is my favorite one of all. Dandelion greens also have been used as a diuretic, an agent that promotes the loss of water from the body through urination. Sign up now and we’ll send you a little digital plant power love. Dandelion is known in Nigeria by the Yoruba people as efo yanrin and is used to … The milky sap of the leaves  and the juice from the leaves are used to It tastes wonderfully aromatic (I don't use anything else in it) and it makes me happy. some of the vitamin B complex. 16 15 3. It truly makes my tummy happy and is very grounding.”. Dandelion Leaf & Root. To deliver consistent high quality teas, we source organically farmed or organically wild-collected herbs from ethical trading partnerships, seeking out medicinal-grade plants. That’s a lot of praise for something many of us consider to be a pesky weed! If you have any digestion issues, this tea is it!”, “Love the roasted flavor. Dandelion has a lot of health benefits. bloating. Researchers recently discovered that dandelion may protect against cirrhosis of the liver. Our organic Dandelion Leaf & Root tea supports kidney function and healthy digestion. Igbo – Epe nkirisi. Peppermint leaves are close to the normal effirin but very different. Yoruba Name For Parsley Leaf (Health Benefits & Uses) Updated – Parsley leaf Known botanically as Petroselinum hortense or Petroselinum crispum, Parsley leaf is an herb that is said to have its roots in Northern Africa and Ancient Rome.It has served many purposes for man right from ancient times and can be used in a number of ways, as food, medicine or spice. Igbo – Ubebekee/ Ube Oyibo. Yoruba – Osan wewe. (4) DANDELION (Ewe odu in Yoruba) Boil the leaves together with the roots in water. * Celebrated in herbal medicine for thousands of years, the humble dandelion is a powerhouse of wellness. (4) DANDELION (Ewe odu in Yoruba) Boil the leaves together with the roots in water. All the names of herbs and plants in yoruba language. hardy nature. Dandelion greens can be eaten cooked or raw and serve as an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K. They also contain vitamin E, folate and small amounts of other B vitamins ( 1 ). The botanical name is ocimum canum or African basil and it’s different from holy basil that is belladona. Igbo – Nchanwu. LIME CITRUS AURANTIFOLIA. Plants provide the best healing ingredients. Boost Your Wellness With Regular Massage. Every part of dandelion has medicinal values, but the parts treat skin disorders such as warts, moles, psoriasis, eczema, bites, stings and Almost everyone in Yoruba land is familiar with Mangifera Indica; m á ng ò r ò as a cure for body fever when boiled in clay pot; ì … How to say dandelion greens in Arabic. Dandelion. feedbacks and questions below or send by email to, Alternative health tips, healthy lifestyle choices, Gbadeyan Adebayo +2347068392096. Igbo – Ose Oyibo. Dandelion leaf is very nourishing for the body because it’s rich in vitamins and minerals. Yoruba – Efirin. Yoruba – Ejirin. It is easy to grow dandelion because of its Dandelion, like other wild greens, can be prepared in a variety of ways. From field to cup, we make sure our teas deliver the benefits of these amazing plants. I add Stevia and it is just wonderful.”, “I am a frequent buyer of this tea and so happy that I found this tea. Sautéing and braising are simple and delicious ways to cook dandelion greens. 1. The plant is often grown for cropping the leaves which are sold in markets cooked or rolled up balls. juice. What Is Sage Leaf Called In Yoruba. When it fruits, the seeds appear with their downy, white parachutes, and form a globular, packed seed head. (4) This herbal coffee is made from a blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts like chicory root, roasted carob and figs. Dandelion supports kidney and gallbladder health because it cleanses However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time through your web browser tools. Effirin in Yoruba ocimum gratissimum or clove basil. Dandelion leaves are available from some specialty food stores or health-food stores. Make a decoction of the roots and drink for at Dandelion Plant Weed. 6. Liver and Gallbladder Health. The taste is wonderful. Dandelion leaves contain fiber and potassium which can regulate blood pressure and diuretic properties which can increase urination.
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