Advising the commander and staff concerning, and supervising the management and administration of, the civilian employee personnel management program within the command. A PSYOP officer is authorized at corps and divisions. D-33. The team's officer in charge fulfills the SOO's responsibilities. A G-7 is authorized at corps and divisions. Coordinating technical control and technical support for military intelligence assets and units. Commanders direct individual staff members or teams to conduct staff inspections. Recommending OPSEC measures, based on weighing the risks to the mission against the cost of protection. However, specific comptroller functions may occur at corps and division level. Commanders may designate representatives to make these visits in their name. Developing the EA mission tasking based on the C2 target list, and issuing the EA target list. (See FM 5-0.) I cannot find one anywhere. Change No. CHEMO responsibilities include-, D-107. Military support to civil defense and civic action projects. Ammunition basic loads and the controlled supply rate (CSR). Staff members determine the amount and type of training needed, and any evaluation requirements. A G-6 (S-6) is authorized at all echelons from battalion through corps. Network Operations. Develop and provide to the G-6, their assigned annex of or input to the command information management plan (CIMP). Coordinating with higher echelons, the G-4 (S-4), and the engineer coordinator (ENCOORD) to identify requirements for geospatial products, before deploying on an operation. Providing IA direction and guidance to information assurance security coordinators (IASCs). How often can you be made to pull Army Staff Duty/CQ/Details by Regulation? The support operations officer or materiel officer provides technical supervision for the CSS mission of the support command and is the key interface between the supported unit and support command. Coordinating with the G-3 (S-3) for CSS of tactical troop movements. Other Intelligence Support. Supervising and preparing health-related reports and statistics. Intelligence tasks include-, D-52. Psychological Operations Officer. Assistant Chief of Staff, G-1/AG (S-1), Personnel. (See. 0000001378 00000 n Staff members inform and advise the commander and other staff members concerning all matters pertaining to their individual fields of interest and related functional responsibilities, specifically on-, PREPARING, UPDATING, AND MAINTAINING STAFF ESTIMATES. Exercising staff supervision and technical control over religious support throughout the command. Collect, process, disseminate, display, and store RI from their individual fields of interest for others' use. Coordinating veterinary activities with the surgeon and other staff. IG responsibilities include-, (AR 20-1 discusses IG responsibilities and duties. Recommending priorities for allocating critical resources, including-. Coordinating weather support procedures (both for garrison and during deployments) before deployment with the supported Army command. Providing counsel to the family advocacy case review committee. Coordinating civilian claims against the US Government with the SJA. Coordinating with the G-3 (S-3), G-2 (S-2), and ENCOORD to requisition cataloged topographic foundation data and existing mission-specific data sets from the Defense Logistics Agency. Mode operations (truck, rail, air, and water). Staff members make recommendations to help commanders reach decisions and establish policies. Coordinating with the commander, COS (XO), and G-6 (S-6) to establish, oversee, and supervise battle staff IM activities of the CP. Surgeon responsibilities include-, D-98. Providing the architecture necessary to collect, process, display, store, and disseminate RI to support C2 functions (with the staff). Intelligence Synchronization. Records management, including finance, legal services, and command information. No officer exercises coordinating staff responsibility over the aide-de-camp. Maintaining communications with subordinate unit NCOs and other enlisted soldiers, through the NCO support channel. Guidance concerning force capabilities, limitations, and employment. document.cookie = "__adblocker=" + (adblocker ? Providing moral and spiritual leadership to the command/community. Coordinating support locations and time schedules with the S-2, S-3, and supported units. Collecting, processing, and storing critical information about soldiers, units, and civilians. Advising the commander on unit intelligence production capabilities and limitations. Avoid conflict and duplication by adjusting plans or policies before implementation. The problem determines the extent of research. Valid conclusions are relevant to the topic, objective, and supported by data. Coordinating Staff Responsibility for Special Staff Officers, D-90. Determining combat service support (CSS) resource requirements (with the G-1/AG [S-1] and G-4 [S-4]). Briefing adversary and friendly EW vulnerabilities for each COA. Directing and supervising staff planning. Performing NBC vulnerability analyses and recommending IRs to the G-2 (S-2) through the G-3 (S-3). The safety officer is responsible for coordinating safety activities throughout the command. Postal operations management, which involves operational and technical control, including EPW mail services. > Windows Authentication - Use this login if your permanent duty location is on Fort Leavenworth and you are physically located there. Personnel Support. Staff coordination results in making certain that staff actions and subordinate unit operations fit together in an integrated whole to achieve a unified effort. Good staff coordination requires personal initiative, a spirit of cooperation, and the genuine interest of each staff member. Assessing the effects of offensive and defensive IO throughout the operations process; recommending IO adjustments as required. The G-7 (S-7) has the following staff planning and supervisory responsibilities: D-85. Logistic Operations and Plans (General). Civilian Personnel Officer. Counterintelligence. Supervising forward air controllers and the tactical air control party. The ACOS, G-7 (S-7) is the principal staff officer for all matters concerning information operations, including current operations, plans, and IO-related targeting. All staff members assess training requirements within their fields of interest across the command. Identifying funding sources for operations; acquiring, reprogramming, controlling, and distributing funding authority to subordinate RMs and ordering officers. The MDO is a functional area 30 officer responsible for coordinating MD assets and operations. Establishing plans, policies, and procedures for developing and implementing the command budget. This regulation applies to all elements of the Active Army in the NCR. Integrating fratricide countermeasures into plans and orders. G-6 (S-6) responsibilities related to IM include-. IM representatives within the CP are positioned to best support the commander's intent, with priority normally to the G-3 (S-3) operations cell and other critical cells within the CP.
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