Wheel barrow, steel drum, or charcoal grill to start coals. The Whole Pig Roast: How to Cook a Full Sized Pig. The amount of meat per person will depend on the group. The best thing to do if the hog is cooked properly is for these pullers to put on the rubber gloves (the thicker the glove the better because the meat will be hot) and simply pull the meat off and pull it apart. Cooking a whole hog Cajun-style follows the same type of process, but uses a different mix of spices to flavor the pork. Let the hog sit for 1 hour to soak up all the injection. ), Place the rods across the top of the blocks with another piece of fine steel grate on top of the rods. More on this in instruction number 16 below.). Are you interested in cooking a whole hog for the first time? 5. Apply whatever sauce you want at the end. usually cook best. Off the heat, gently break the yolks with a fork, then add the milk, flour, 2 cups of the sugar, and the vanilla. Build a pit of concrete blocks two blocks high, five blocks long, and three blocks wide (for one hog) on flat ground or slightly sloping ground which will help drain the grease away. After starting the hog at 5 P.M. on Friday, continue cookin’ him by adding coals now and then. Directions. Cover him first with one piece of sheet iron that: DOES NOT TOUCH THE HOG ANYWHERE EXCEPT THE FEET AND EARS. Baste the pig liberally with BBQ sauce through the day. And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. There are many different ways to cook a whole pig. This cooker is used only to get the coals ready to place under the hog. For best results, dig a shallow ditch and fill or ring it with gravel or flat stones of a uniform size, allowing space in the center for the wood you'll be burning to prod… Set the metal rods on top of the blocks to support the hog and place the wire screen over the rods. The hog won’t cook without these items. aka “The Butcher” is the author of “Pitmastery: Elements for Elevating BBQ”. Coating Your Hog. Build a rectangle with the blocks so it's inside measurements are about 42" wide 50" long and 18" deep. You can leave him uncovered on the pit for viewing until around 10 P.M. Friday night. Founder of Da Butchery Craft Meats, Sauces & Rubs. Mist hog with apple juice to give a nice shine then garnish and serve. Have your stoutest guy or gal pull the mouth open and stick an Apple in it. 3. Also, if you can remember, have them prop the mouth open with a stick because an Apple must go in the mouth, and most humans are not strong enough to open the mouth for this purpose. You do not want to crush the meat but gently pull it apart. Carolina mustard sauce, a vinegar dip (such as Lexington), or a sweet tomato-based sauce (like Kansas City Classic) are all great choices. Use the small coal shovel to place 2 to 3 coals under each ham and each shoulder. Before the use of the steel grate we had some big-time grease fires that even Ward would love. 2. Be careful to not break the skin, the grease (which you will not notice dripping through) can ruin a good pair of Justin boots in no time. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. The reason for the bosses being up front is because they will be there anyway. (All that follows relative to time will be based on this assumed eating time. We usually place the coals more around the edges after turning. This will not hurt the cooking rate because the sheet iron and tarp will be like an oven. Whole Hog Roast - Smoking a Whole Hog on an Ole Hickory Smoker For more barbecue and grilling recipes visit: http://howtobbqright.com/ How to Cook a Whole … If they have attended one previously and found that the hog didn’t kill ’em, then they will eat more. Shovel in coals as need by removing the block (A) on either of the ends. Now take pictures with the bosses up front and the real workers in the rear, or better yet with the real workers not even in the picture. …. Hammer. You would much rather catch a … You could bury the pig in the ground or wire the whole thing onto a spit and even hand-crank it. How-to video. Then replenish the charcoals you took out of the charcoal cooker and head for the beer cooler. Generally, though, the cooking time is going to be around 12 hours. Building the Fire. How to Smoke a Whole Pig in Your Backyard Prepare the Pit. To prepare the hog do the following: Rip-out the kidneys and any extra tubes, etc. Depending on how industrious you feel, you could buy some plans or you could rig one up. After the hog is turned over, grease will drip, or even run at times, so one should not put the coals where the grease drips. Hogs in the weight range of 8O-12O pounds dressed (where dressed means a hog that has been cleaned but has the head, feet, and tail attached.) Season it as you cook. Use two cutters, or pullers, on either side of the hog. Like most barbecue cooking, slow and low is the only option. Start with about 20 pounds of coals. The size of the pit dictates the size of the fire and therefore the amount of heat in the pit. Cook an additional 1 to 2 hours and turn again. We offer useful consolidated BBQ education, resources, recipes, and reviews without all of the ads, up selling you or extras. The meat should pull freely from the bones. (like the aorta) that the hawg will no longer need. You will now start getting verbal abuse about how the hog won’t cook, it will be raw, any fool would know better, etc, etc. The key to cookin’ is to START SLOW and don’t ever get much faster. Place the egg yolks in a 5-quart pot. A whole hog can burn unevenly and quickly if you are not careful. In fact, don’t cut the skin in any way, or poke any holes in the skin. Then you can place the hog right on top and let it cook. For any other eating time apply a suitable forward or backward shift operator.) (Doss likes to use a Water (squirt) bottle for this. Try to find a skinned and trimmed carcass around 60 to 100 pounds. If using charcoal briquettes, you need about 60 pounds you can also use hardwood logs burned down to coals. He will probably need to be turned over on his back between 8 A.M. and 1O A.M. on Saturday at that “moment-of-perfection,” and I don’t know how to describe to you what that “moment-of-perfection” is, so just turn him at 9:41 A.M. on Saturday. Take the single bladed ax and hammer and start splitting the backbone so the hawg will lay flat on the grate. If you have a large hog with loads of vegetables, you could be looking at the better part of two days. For this particular party we were going with approximately 40 pound whole hog. How to Cook Whole Hogs – The step-by-step process of a whole hog pig roast. Make sure not to poke any holes in the foil while moving the pig. to let the glaze set. We usually serve the barbecue Sauce on the side, so that people can have hot, or mild, or whatever they want, or whatever you have to offer. (Actually it will begin dripping long before it’s turned but the greatest danger of significant grease fires occurs after turning.) (Actually we now use a steel grate that has long lengths of small sized angle-iron down each side that reaches across the pit and the hog goes directly on this grate.). If you can refrigerator a whole hog get it a day in advance and season it up with a good rub then let it sit for a good day. At the ready have a grate of nongalvanized, expanded metal. This is essentially our cooking oven. Now you're ready to build a fire. Once the hog reaches desired internal temp its time for glazing. 1 whole pig (at least 200 pounds), gutted and singed, scalded, or shaved. Repeat this basting every couple of hours. Jack talks about the 5 tastes and Hoof to Head (Hog) and at about 2 min mark tells how you know when a hog is done. I walk you through how we cooked our first whole hog on a concrete block roaster / … Also tell them not to damage the ears (some slaughter-houses think they have to suspend the hog by grabbing them with some sort of hanging device around the base of the ears, but we have found that they can do this without harming the ears.) Fat Side Down. The 7 Best Kamado Grill Accessories of 2020, How to Prevent and Control Grilling Flare-ups, Cleaning and Maintaining Your Barbecue Smoker, The 10 Best Grilling Cookbooks to Read in 2020, Smoking a Brisket Fat Side up vs. Now you are ready to start pulling the meat. If you have a fancy professional smoker, follow the instructions on building a fire. Spread out a few bricks (five or six) in the bottom of the pit. We have never had a large grease fire since we started using the raised steel grate on the bottom of the pit. We usually pick the hog up and get him to the site by at least 4 P.M. on Friday. Just be PERSISTENT. Place a nice hat on his head between his ears, shades on his eyes, and an Ole Miss baseball cap on his rear end. How long does pork take to cook on a spit? All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Over this sheet iron place a small tarp that covers the pit. This instructable will cover the use of the Cajun Microwave for cooking your pig… Stack about 30 cinder blocks to form a rectangular pit two blocks tall. For example, for a 1OO pound dressed hog (including head and feet), we would buy 1OO pounds of charcoal, but we would probably only use around to 9O pounds of charcoal. Or you could do it the Meadow Creek way, which makes it too easy to cook a whole hog to perfection. Then you need to cover him. The carcass should be butterflied so it can lay it out relatively flat. He has written two cookbooks. Shovel. DO NOT CUT THROUGH THE SKIN or you will have BIG-TIME problems later on. Cook the hog for another 30 to 45min. Put the shredded meat into a large pot to keep warm and to mix up. Hack saw. Also after the hog is turned you should baste (or pour) barbecue Saucesauce and gravy are terms that are often used interchangeably, although i use the words for different purposes usually thicker than... on the bottom side of the hog which is now turned up. So the army's coming over for dinner and you need to come up with something to feed them. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. The temperature should be at … With a meat thermometer, check the temperature of the hog in the hams and shoulders. 1. This is a how to step by step underground pig roast video! I’ll list them … Make a bed for the coals. You’re going to need an array of materials. What is a Pit in terms of BBQ or Grilling Meat Refers to a hole or pit in the ground where... sauce and gravy are terms that are often used interchangeably, although i use the words for different purposes usually thicker than... pig-roastpig-roastwhole-hogwhole-hogwhole-pig-roastwhole-pig-roast:pig-roast:Pig Roast|whole-hog:Whole Hog|whole-pig-roast:Whole Pig Roast, What is Brining – preparation method for grilling or smoking meats, What is the color of your chicken or turkey telling you about its doneness, Smoking Venison Jerkey In The New Masterbuilt Adventure Series, Traeger's Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34 Thirty Four. You should be able to get him stated cookin’ by 4:3O or 5:OO P.M. on Friday. Place the 2 shoulders or brisket flats in the smoker, and then carefully place the hog on top of the shoulders/brisket, so that the extra meat runs the length of the hog … Position the pig on its belly, racer style, at one end of the grate to allow for the cooking of sides and appetizers at the other end. The plan is to cook the hog for about 10 hours. Smoking a whole hog all starts with determining the size. Say you want to eat the hog(s) at 5 P.M. on a Saturday. 6. After you get the hawg laid-out, the Apple is next. Stay about 12" away from your heat source. It describes from start to finish how to roast a pig in an air tight underground pit! You should start by cutting or breaking the pig up into large pieces about 5 to 10 pounds each. Fire extinguisher. 1 to 1.5 hours. Do not skip this step! This takes a total of 32 blocks. If using charcoal briquettes, … Do not use swine experts or veterinarians for this, as they don’t seem to know the difference between a ham and a tenderloin. Keep adding coals to the pit throughout the day. Every time one of our cookers have described to someone else how to cook a hog, they usually cook too fast and ruin the hog. When the hog is done (by definition he is done at 5 P.M., and at this time he will bite the Apple in two) pick him up by using the rods or sucker rod grate and move him to a place in the food line on the saw horses. Learn the steps that go into a whole hog cook from beginning to end. 9. Put the grate back over the charcoal and top with the hog, close the lid, and cook overnight. When you hit about 170 F. (no less) the hog is done. When your pig is ready to cook, reduce the heat to 225 degrees. 10. Now you're ready to build a fire. (This method of cookin’ is called Butterfly cookin’, so you want to open him up so he will lay-out (like a flyin’ squirrel).) Invite a lot of good friends over and you'll have yourself a good old pig-pickin'. or “How to Give a Dead 51lb Pig a Bath” This past weekend was the 2nd annual pig roast that I host with the amazing @mikeypiro.We had such a great time last year, so we decided to go bigger and better this time around.. As I have written about on numerous occasions, I am a HUGE believer in brining giving the … Utility stapler and plenty of staples. This doesn’t get any barbecue flavor into the meat, it only keeps the meat from getting dry on this side, so any kind of Sauce will do. This will prevent large grease fires if you pay attention and immediately put out the small fires which start when grease drops down on the hot coals. 8. When the hog arrives, start four or five pounds of charcoal in the charcoal cooker. Place the hog rib-side down on the grill. After the hog is prepared, lay him belly down on the grate. Level. Driven by a passion for BBQ. Get Whole Hog Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. The rate at which coals are applied comes, I suppose, from experience. Cajun whole pig. A perfect pile of pulled pork should have meat from every part of the pig. Wire cutter. During this time, light the smoker and bring it to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The hog is to be turned over only once. I think that’s cheatin’ and should be done by using the small coal shovel to spread the coals away from the small fires. Glaze the hog using the Killer Hogs Whole Hog Glaze ingredients. Good digital oven thermometer. The reason for the pictures is that all night long you will swear you are getting nowhere in cookin’ this hog, but 24 hours later you can prove you started with a raw hog. Ignite the Fire. This locating of hot coals is, of course, to prevent grease fires. Chisel. Whole Pig Cooking Times and Temperatures. This controls the cooking … You might be familiar with the spit method, or the burying method. Whisk together and place on the stovetop over medium heat. I would guess this works out to be about every 3O to 4O minutes. The first thing you'll need is a place to do the cooking. Rub the inside of the cavity with mustard and season generously with remaining … Tell them fine, they don’t have to eat any of it tomorrow. I have seen this done once. The meat in this pig is incredibly tender and smoky from the low and slow cooking … Start in the morning. A whole pig roast is a wondrous event, but if you've read How to Cook a Whole Pig then you know there is a lot that goes into it. Once you know how and where you are going to cook the hog you need to get the pig. 4. This will let it cool down a bit, but also let the heat even out and the juices flow back into the meat. So, while you need a hot fire to create the coals, you'll want to maintain a low … Add to Shopping List View Shopping List. 7. Load them all along the bottom of the pit with more coals on the ends under the hams and the shoulders so the hog will cook evenly. If you are short a few blocks, you can get by with 28 blocks by making the pit four blocks long. From these large sections shred the meat into small pieces or strips. Killer Hogs Whole Hog Finishing Glaze: 1/2 Gal. How about cooking up a whole hog? When the hog arrives, start four or five pounds of charcoal in the charcoal cooker. How do you roast a pig in the backyard? This cooker is used only to get the coals ready to place under the hog. Gather Your Supplies. Your cooking time is going to vary … We do not dig a pitWhat is a Pit in terms of BBQ or Grilling Meat Refers to a hole or pit in the ground where... in Mississippi due to the clay. The hog will go on top of this grate. Then, babysit it for around eight or more hours. It'll serve nearly 40 to 50 people so it's a great choice for that church social or the family reunion. Cook skin side up for 4 to 8 hours and then flip. For the entire 24 hours of cooking, you should use slightly less than one pound of charcoal per pound of hog. 2 cups kosher salt. We use a special piece of bent sheet iron that does not touch the hog. If you don't have a place to store it then get everything ready so you can get the hog on the fire as soon as you get it home. It is a low-temperature/long-duration cooking process. Use a good meat thermometer placed deep into one of the hams. Finish cooking skin side up. Preheat the oven to 375°F. Cooking Time . If you have no Paul Bunyan around, use item 11 in the equipment list. Watch the fire and the hog carefully. You can run out and spend $1000 or so on a good high-quality smoker or you can put one together in the backyard. You are ready to start cookin` now. A whole hog can be quite large and therefore requires special equipment and skills to pull off. If you are using a backyard pit, we suggest building a fire ring next to the pit so you can build up the fire there and then move the coals to the pit. TIP: If you are cooking for a larger crowd you may want to consider going with a smaller pig and supplementing with pork butts, cooked and pulled, then stuffed into the cavity. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. – Your Favorite BBQ Sauce; … Find an out of the way place where you can fashion a bed of coals that will serve as the roasting pit. (like the aorta) that the hawg will no longer need. Line the bottom of the pit with freezer foil, not regular aluminum foil as it is too thin. Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat. An all-men group will consume a good bit more than a mixed group, particularly if the people in the mixed group have never attended one of these. This is going to take a while. Build up the heat throughout the day and watch the temperature carefully. We suggest one pound of dressed hog per person. To prepare the hog do the following: Rip-out the kidneys and any extra tubes, etc. Garden hose or buckets of water or fire extinguisher. Have the slaughter-house clean the hog but have them leave on the head, all feet, and tail (a cap goes on the tail.) Add the onion, red pepper, garlic and habanero to the saucepan and saute until they are tender and beginning to caramelize, about 8 minutes. Make up a good mop and baste the hog about every hour or so. Hosting a whole pig roast is an amazing way to feed a crowd and the presentation of a beautifully smoked pig can’t be beat. A good pair of insulative, latex cooking gloves is a must. Place a fine steel grate (or fine wire mesh) on the bricks in the bottom of the pit. Once the pig is cooked remove it from the fire and let it sit for about an hour, wrapped up tightly. A pig roast is like a big party where you get to be part Boy Scout, part caveman. Discover Meadow Creek pig roasters here. The Apple is necessary because he will bite the Apple when he is done. With our cookbook, it's always BBQ season. A flat, open space will work best. (You only have to start the charcoal once. 11. Roll the pig onto the side with the aluminum foil, and cover the other side with foil. You want it to be lean so that you don't start any grease fires. besides, this may encourage them to pay for everything, and they are of no use for anything else anyway. Apply yellow mustard over entire hog being careful not to get … You can do this! After the first time, simply spread the hot charcoal out so that when the charcoal gets hot, it is about time to put more coals under the hawg. We’ve cooked hogs as large as 396 pounds dressed, but we don’t recommend it. One way of building a pig cooker is to get some 8 inch stone blocks a few metal rods and a wire screen. Derrick Riches is a grilling and barbecue expert. To get a whole hog, call around to some local butchers and see if they can help you out.