In other cases, Palms are added as a support to other powerful ingredients,  Palm oil used as a medium to blend and make coherent the healing mixture. Make her an offering, and she may well protect your crops from natural disasters such as flooding or blight. She gave me a possible list of fish and seafood to use. It’s a yellow-tinged powder which adds thickness and a certain taste, you need to try cooking with it next time, e make sense tire. Fresh fish rapidly deteriorates unless some way can be found to preserve it. Religiously, the festival is used to thank the God and the Ancestors for the new harvest and to traditionally outdoor the new yam. Osu: Rooster In parts of West Africa, specifically Ghana, snails are served as a delicacy. The main idea then, and now, was that every step of the project delivered tangible value to stakeholders. It keeps me smelling good. The Standard Medium Pot comes with 14 pieces of meat, dryfish, stockfish and kpomo. Tnx for the inspiration. Key words associated with corn are: Sacred Mother, Protection, Luck, Divination… Corn represents fertility and is used to invoke Mother Earth. Snake (ejo), and Deer (Agbonrin) OSUN: Abhors Guinea corn (oka baba), Solanum nigrum (efo odu) Solanum macrocarpum(efo osun),Tears, and Sheep(Aguntan) EGUNGUN: Disgust Red monkey (ijimere), Making of fire in the grove, Weeding with hoe in the grove, and Obo (Monkeys) SANGO: Loathe Roebuck (Eran esuro), Yam beans (Ewa Sise) ESU: Black palm kernel Oil (Adin), Hot liquid, Obi gbanja (two eye kola nuts), Dog and tortoise IYAMI: Resent Bitter leaf (ewuro), cow bones (eegun eran), Coconut oil, palm kernel Oil Adin), and Offensive Odor. Nothing is more terrible than overcooked seafood. In my research, I came across some recipes using meat, which Chiby easily discounted as un-authentic. Onunu is another interesting delicacy from Rivers State. Take your pick. Nevertheless, in the spirit of experimentation, I intend to make this soup using an assortment of meats, just because I loved it so much. Your donation is tax deductible. === Ceres was the Roman Goddess of grain, specifically corn, and of the harvest season. Now you are left with this rich fish stock, that smells amazing. O je ounje ti a maa n saba je ni ile Yoruba ko si omo bibi ile Yoruba to le se lai je eba laarin ojo meji.orisirisi obe bii obe efo,gbegiri,ebolo tabi obe eeyi ti o wu yin. You cook and pound it like Pounded-Yam, but you must pound it until it’s elastic. Traditionally, it is a common cooking ingredient dating back centuries, but to the Orishas… it is the food of choice…. Since palms are part of the everyday life of nearly all rural people in Africa, it may be expected that they are also important in the spiritual framework of rural life in Africa. Many cultures gave corn, which is regarded as a food of prosperity, protection, and spirituality, a special God or Goddess of its own. Sharing a meal with friends or those you love is a ritual in itself, there is a certain energy associated with this simple pleasure, and with the Ritual of food our life is sustained. Married to Yoruba and my husband can’t get enough of my kalabari native soup…. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Another important text is the Awakaiye, The Fruit of Universal Knowledge. I am hardly on Facebook these days. Start to pound the yams first because of its pulp and stretchy nature, once almost smooth, add the plantain. Remember to still keep the heat on low, to preserve the delicate flavour of the fish and seafood. Hundreds of years ago food was worshiped and seen as a gift from the Gods, the energies contained within the food we eat are vital to our survival. Looks so good and tasty. Prep your ingredients i.e. 3 pieces of Cocoyam – to be used as a thickener You don’t swallow it like pounded-yam/garri/fufu. On the list were a fleshy fish like Tilapia or Croaker. Mgbe is oyster, ofingo is clam which is usually shelled before it’s used in the soup.. Let’s not get it twisted pls.. @Dunni: Na so i waka com jam ya blog on Native Soup and Onunu, my eye com dey shine like tif-man-toch. In Cameroon, snails, usually called ‘nyamangoro’ and ‘slow boys’ are a delicacy especially to natives of the South West region of Cameroon. Casey comes to EFO from the Poultry Industry Council where she worked as the Education and Extension Coordinator. put the cocoyam to boil (leave the skin on) till it can be pierced through easily with a fork. The standard Small Pot comes with 10 pieces of meat, dryfish, stockfish and kpomo. Corn has been used by various tribes over the centuries and used in rituals, it is a symbol of fertility, life, eternity and resurrection. It only takes 1 minute. I'm hoping to get us all fired up and talking about Nigerian cooking irrespective of whatever part of the world you live in. 2016 price List . It tastes a bit salty and mostly takes on the flavor of whatever soup/stew you eat it with. The first harvest of Yams during the autumnal season, subsequent to the monsoon season. in united states They keep coming back for more. In my household, Onunu will no longer be served with only fish pepper soup, it can be served along side any local soup of your choice. Your email address will not be published. Palm Oil Orisa Ibeji: Beans and Stew. You will find food all the more enjoyable as you approach it from a magical perspective, and every meal can be a wonderful act of alchemy that magically changes the food you prepare into a beautiful meal for you and yours to enjoy and energized by. BN Cuisine with Dooney's Kitchen: Native Soup and Onunu, FYI: This Lola OJ-Approved Brand Will Instantly Transform Your Wardrobe, Keke Palmer is Giving a Candid Look at Her experience with PCOS, Nigerian-born Attorney Adewale ‘Wally’ Adeyemo nominated as Joe Biden's Deputy Treasury Secretary, #FacebookxBellaNaijaSuccessStory: Tricia Ikponmwonba, CEO Triciabiz, shares 2 Major Tips that Will Turn Your Business Around, We Love Everything About FIA's Fifth Anniversary 'Time' Capsule Collection, 13+ Killer Looks From #TSMWSeries Episode 9 Including Adey Soile, For Style Sake and Cinnamon Lagos, Didi Olomide Is A Minimalist Dream In This Christopher Esber Ensemble, This is Yakubu Gowon's Response to Allegations of Leaving Office with Half of CBN, Meet the Newest Juror for 2021 Paris International Film Festival - Dakore Egbuson-Akande. It is truly a delicious dish. When I want peace and quiet, I curl up on the sofa and read a good book 8. I be Potacot Boy. I believe our food has a lot to offer globally, and with the right exposure, it can stand proud alongside food from other cultures. Palm seeds are often called Palm kernels or Palm nuts. The snails are either eaten cooked and spiced or with a favorite dish called ‘eru’. Egungun: Moinmoin, Akara, Eko, Rooster. A day is observed as a mourning day for the Ancestors and also to keep a fast…. It is an Efik dish, Pounding is not easy o. Using seafood for Native Soup is popular but that your plan to cook it with meat is also another recognized form of Native Soup. There are also plethora of vegetables soups such as Odu, Tete,Gbure(Talinum triangulate), Soko,Ebolo,Worowo etc. I stick to cocoyam because I am sure of what I will get. Add water in cooking spoons, to dilute the solution, so it can continue frying without burning. I can eat just those two muffin cups. I said to her, ‘Chiby, give me the recipe, tell me how your mum made it‘ and she gladly obliged. You see it all over the markets hung up on long poles or stacked high in buckets. Seasoning cubes Dooney can you please give me directions to your house from Orí: Coconut, Catfish, Pig, Akara. Recently On my way back from a friends place just behind Lagos state university, I happened to pass by a mini leafy vegetable plantation very close to the main road filled with lots of indigenous leafy vegetables and herbs Nigeria. All you have to do is fill out the form. Add a little more water, just about enough to cook the fish, cover the pan and let it cook. Nice one! OGUN: Dislike Cricket (ire). Today, we need your help through donations to keep the information sharing on this website alive! ***Agbado Corn-Maize…Magical Ways=Seed of Seeds!!! im from Bayelsa and this isnt even my best thing to prepare. My mother in-law just told me today that she has heard so much about our soup and she wants it… . As for achi, my experience with the ones sold here have been less than pleasant. Dooney, your soup looks delicious as usual! I be think say it is only the ajebo food processor own you fit do. I have two single brothers in the UK. Yemoja: Vegetable with Onions She is associated with agricultural fertility and a bountiful harvest. They also have it with fresh fish pepper soup. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Dunni is very passionate about Nigerian food and believes it has a lot to offer globally. IMOREMI AJASORO Olori Moremi wa lati Ile Ife ,i lu ti won ja ogun lorisirisi,pelu awon eya ti igbo ti o wa ni ile yoruba,opolopo awon omo ile ife ni a ti ko ni eru nigba na. It’s believed that burying a sheaf of corn while uttering a curse will cause your enemies to die–they will rot from the inside as the corn decays in the soil. Hehehehehehe, Ohhh my sweet kalabari…. Of which, I dey find achi badly, abeg does anyone know where I can buy it in London? It doesn't irritate my underarms. Kalabari Soup! When it has sufficiently thickened, it would have turned a light shade of orange, then re-introduce the cooked fish and seafood, shake the pot in a circular motion a few times to redistribute. Palms are prominent elements in African traditional medicines. The mechanical detail of Evo is available in our book chapter 1. Yam Festival:  It marks the first harvest of Yams during the autumn season, after the monsoon season. It is quite sweet, the way the plantain combines beautifully with the yam. After all, a single kernel brings you a tall stalk full of more kernels! Currently have a VERY precious stash of dried isam & ngolo which I fortunately managed to stop UKBA from discovering at the customs border and the way I dey use count them whenever I decide to cook them, e no get part two…. We remove all mollusc from their shell before cooking with it, onunu is delicious, my mum is from rivers so she prepared it nd served it with chicken stew which was soooo delicious, I’m gonna try the soup out, looks appetizin, Your email address will not be published. . I'm very passionate about Nigerian food. Deb Hickman is a freshman at ODU, enjoying her first year as a college student ... Parker) Studying hard fo r finals. *** When using food for Ritual work always have the reason for cooking certain foods, such as cooking for love, cooking for prosperity, for health or for protection. Serve and enjoy with your choice of starchy solids. Where all the Facebook foodies commune…. U just officially made me a foodie, see me salivating inside stagecoach, Loooooool. The mash is still hot, which will take away the curdling taste of palm oil. Then add the crayfish, stir and taste for salt and seasoning. Let me go check. Nobody is allowed to cut it down or to use its fruits for making oil…. Dunni Obata is an IT Project Manager by day and a cook the rest of the time. Lower the heat, then you add the fish and let it fry slightly. Sadly Chiby’s mum is no longer with us and I hope I did her memory justice. Leave to cook until the prawns and shrimp turn a lovely shade of pink, and the mussels and clams have opened. You will follow it up by cooking Efo Yanrin(leaves of Launaea Taraxacifolia) in form of a vegetable soup with Epo pupa(red palm oil).You will cook white yam and pound it in in mortal with pestle in form of porridge paste, You will make nine morsel out of it.You will place the nine morsel and yanrin vegetable soup on Osun shrine. When I'm not cooking, I'm watching Food Network, American TV series and National Geographic in that order. I love entertaining, and one of my bad habits is feeding people, so guests beware. Sprinkle corn around your ritual area to delineate sacred space. Hehehehe, I can imagine. Corn was also used for divination purposes, it was practiced by the Ancient Aztecs, it was often used in elaborate healing ceremonies. The pounded yam and plantain is teme- Buru and the soup is Odu Fulo. As you eat your magic food be fully present and make sure you are thinking about that which you wish to conjure, make sure you are visualizing your ultimate magic outcome. I can decide to call it Dunni’s Meaty Cocoyam soup or something. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To a oi d ele t i s ho k o da age due to t he hea t , al a s a ke su e the pl ug is pu ll ed o ut efo e the hea te i s o e d It’s crafted from ultra-soft, cashmere-blend felt to a loose silhouette that is cinched in by the wide belt and turns to reveal a neat inverted box pleat. It may not mean anything to you living so far way. Only after this offering is completed are people allowed to consume the new crop of yam. Join the Facebook Group please, you won’t regret it. Large Shrimps Religiously, the festival is used to thank the God and the Ancestors for the new harvest and to traditionally outdoor the new yam. Onunu is eaten just like moinmoi or yam. Is that for children or full grown adults? All these are distinct soups with different tastes. Perhaps palms bring justice because they are associated with understanding, peace, and harmony, or with indwelling tree spirits themselves. !. Continuous interactions with the spiritual world are axiomatically absorbed in childhood, and subsequently reinforced in every phase of life. The snail has also had some cultural significance, and has been used as a metaphor. If you don’t see it first, you will definitely smell it. Music and dance are part of the festivities, the festival is also popular because the Priests supervise  the performance of the ablution ceremony by cleaning all the Ancestral shrines. Snails have considerable human relevance, including as food items, as pests, as vectors of disease, and their shells are used as decorative objects and are incorporated into jewelry. I have been told periwinkles can also be found in Asian stores. I was feeling traditional the day I made this, hence the mortar and pestle, save yourself the trouble and do this in a food processor with the dough hook/blade attached, or you can use a hand or stand mixer with the paddle attachment first to pound the yams to a pulp, then finish off with the dough tool. So hungry!! Hmmmm, the way it’s going I just might end up making some this weekend o , Abeg does anyone know of any place in the UK one can buy Periwinkles? I remember my friend from Rivers state made onunu for me ages ago. My good friend Chiby Iroegbu is from Rivers State, Ikwerre to be precise, making her the easiest person to go to for an authentic recipe. What is SYTCC, So You Think You Can Cook. Imagine the energy of the food not only sustaining you, but with enchantment bringing about the changes that you want, be at one with the food you eat and the magic you are creating. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You may think its small, but i doubt it if you can finish that small thing. I’ve probably been calling it the wrong thing all this while, although I have to say Native Soup cooked with goatmeat AND fresh fish is the absolute bizness!! Many cultures revered corn as a spiritual element, which is regarded as a symbol of longevity, prosperity, protection, and spirituality. I am half Delta, this dooney will not kill us. To keep the fish intact, carefully take it out and then add the medley of seafood. I’ve made Odu Fulo several times and my friends love it! I have found that I enjoy it with a 60 – 40 percent ratio of yams to plantain. In some rituals, Palms play a central role as sacred objects, for example the seeds accompany oracles and Palm leaves are used in offerings. Any choice of leaves you use should only serve as an accent to the soup, just a hint of it, so don’t go overboard. This post is dedicated to the late Mrs Onuegbu. Please you guys are mixing this up. At least when I come to the UK they will stop taking me to yeye Nigerian restaurants. Prawns I am not from Rivers and I want to eat my screen, My father doesn’t collect bride price o so you are in luck. however, dooney u try yeah. Finish off the pounding, until the palm oil till properly combines, changing the colour to yellow and you finally have Onunu. WARNING! In Benin, the Palm has been recently reported as sacred and protected where ever it grows because it is seen as the realization on earth of the God Fa. Stockfish is a powerhouse of smoky fish flavour that is quite pungent and it will overpower the delicate fresh fish and seafood flavour. You can get clams from any fishmonger..fresh clams..frozen clams or the fish market in Billingate for the freshest of all…thats what is called Ngolo, isn’t it..? HOW SAFE ARE YOUR In some treatments, the Palm is the actual sacred object or the central element of ritual practices, for example entire Palm trees determine sacred places, Palm seeds accompany oracles and Palm leaves serve in offerings. Your bride price will be through the roof. Salt Obi Abata=Kola Nut ***Mystical Divination! Fresh pepper – ata rodo or chilli Casey is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she studied Agricultural Science, majoring in Animal Sciences. As a nonprofit, “Heritage The Vision Continues”, every bit of support helps. See instructions. Put the yam to boil, when it has cooked right about half way, add the ripe plantains. (Above, left to right): New EFO inspectors Megan Acheson, Danielle Fawcett and Casey Riddle. I don’t mean the dried up, overpriced ones they sell at the Asian and African stores o. I’m tired of having to try and sneak some through each time I return from Naija. Related News. The first offering of the crop is made to the Ancestral Gods by the chief priests; the religious rites includes taking the Yams on the second day of the festival in a procession to the Ancestral ground. Corn is still considered sacred by many tribes and is treated with great reverence, it is thought to bring blessing and heightened spiritual enlightenment. Let us, try to bring out the differences using a set of ‘Evo’ principles. The Magical Aspects of Corn… It is a symbol of fertility and is often used to invoke Mother Earth. ORO: Is angered by Red monkey (ijimere), Making of fire in the grove, Weeding with hoe in the grove, and Obo (Monkeys), Reference Sources: Wikipedia = Ogunda Bede = Google Search/Photo, ase ooooooooo, muy agradecido ,gran leccion sobre el awado, su bendicion, Thank you for your continued and sustained wisdom, Suky Moreno = Me encanta leer tu post, me aporta mucho conocimiento, gracias por los mensajes y la enseñanza, Your email address will not be published. Give me the Accountant. TA, I bought mine at BIMS in Peckham. Efo odu, Efo efinrin, All traditional Yoruba vegs that could be used for Efo riro. You can pound yam manually too. ISE_ANU. ***Orisha Foods*** Chop the red onion and roughly blend 2 – 3 pieces of fresh ata rodo (scotch bonnet/habanero pepper). Thanks to Chiby’s mum’s recipe, here is another one for the books. Thus, traditional healers often apply divination and various rituals in order to understand the overall significance of a healing process and counteract its cause. Cut the fish into 3 or 4 pieces, clean the seafood and set aside. If you live abroad, I guess Sea bass, Red bream or even Grouper will work. Flatten small balls of it with your palm and fingers. Archi and Ofor as thickeners were a … Fish are preserved through such traditional methods as drying, smoking and salting. @Jane Public: Onunu is a very heavy food. As you handle and prepare the food have a particular goal in mind, when stirring food always stir clockwise with two stirs anti-clockwise as you finish stirring. The Palm fruit is made up of three carpels that fuse to form a drupe with one or a few seeds, covered by a thin seed coat. When the word “snail” is used in this most general sense, it includes not just land snails but also numerous species of sea snails and freshwater snails. Well done. , I thought fishermans soup is the calabar dish that is cooked just like stew with seafood but no thickeners at all and urhobo ogwo soup is the one cooked with meats and thickened with garri. Ngolo is not clams plss.. Ngolo is a sea snail that looks like periwinkle but bigger. I think the local lingua name for this soup is Odu Folu or Buru Folu (corrections are welcome). Add it to the fish stock in lumps, which will dissolve completely into the stock to thicken it. Chopped red onion – 1/4 of an onion 2521 - Misperf Error / EFO Make-up Rate Mint NH (stk1) in United States Another winner from you again. My choice the day I made this was Onunu. Numerous kinds of snail can also be found in fresh water. Visit her blog –, BN Pick Your Fave: Waje & Omawumi in Bebe, TMI Katy Perry! A bountiful plate I must say. Many cultures gave corn, which is regarded as a food of prosperity, protection, and spirituality, a special God or Goddess of its own. I hope you have gotten off the coach now and straight to the fishmongers, This looks not from cross river but since I love cooking I will sure try this out..thanks, shout out to all the niger delta sisters here..aibee,socially awkward kalabari babe etc i love onunu and native soup cos I’m from rivers state . The results of the EFO test show an average test score of 60% over the past nine years. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! The important text of Yoruba medicine is the Odu, a collection of 256 verses which is the oracle consulted for diagnosis and treatment by the Ifa priests. Thanks for the tips. I’m not an indigene of Rivers State but I lived there for decades and it was usual to see Native Soup cooked with goatmeat but still including your “mede-mede” of clams, periwinkles, mussels, etc (I’ve never seen it cooked with poultry meat, though). But of course experiments are allowed. The following principles are detailed in a Systems Engineering … C ompa nies a ffilia t ed t o IKW str i v efo r opt ima l qua lity sta nda r d s fortheir p r odu c ts. Rivers state being a coastal region, I can understand why this soup is made with so much fish and seafood. This combination of reduced moisture and salt inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria, a basic principle of all cure meats. Now to Onunu. After which you add fresh pepper, and sprinkle in seasoning cubes. We don’t cook with the shells. As an endurance athlete, getting enough essential fatty acids is crucial for racing, training, and recovery. That is why many brands that desire to make positive impact need to connect with this unit of the market. Again, like the fish take it out to prevent over cooking. CLEANERS FORGLASS CERAMIC COOKING FIELDS ... b ythe giv en p r odu c ts t omeetthe e x pec t a t ions of c on-sumers a nd m a n u f acture rs a like. Interesting because of the way it is prepared. Ngolo (clams) NOTE:- inu Aso funfun yi ni yo wa o, ao gbe pamo si aye owo, e le te pako si ibi te fe gbe si. Please ead the Use Ma vual aefull efoe use a … Ya recipe na confam, full bar. Recipe of Rich Beef And Vegetable Stew (efo Riro) - how to prepare Rich Beef And Vegetable Stew (efo Riro), To cook Rich Beef And Vegetable Stew (efo Riro) pratos de Rich Beef And Vegetable Stew (efo Riro) Haba. Esu: Rooster, He goat, Akara, Pigeon. Re-adjust if necessary, I doubt you will need to. Not sure if the people from Rivers won’t have my head if I still call it Native soup. Key words associated with corn are: Sacred Mother, Protection, Luck, Divination… Corn represents fertility and is used to invoke Mother Earth. Òrìsà Oko: Pounded yam, Mellon soup. Part number EFO-X022-77.4-01 is available in our ready-to-ship inventory.This part is a Fixture Lighting and is manufactured by Energy Focus Inc. Do you want a quick quote for this part EFO-X022-77.4-01? OBATALA: Hates Palm wine (emu), Dog (aja), Palm oil (epo pupa). The cocoyams should have completely cooked by now, peel the skin off and pound to a smooth paste. ***Palm Oil is called various things all over the world. You can also associate it with self-sustainability and fertility, both of people and of the land. Here’s how, Tilapia (or any type of fish you have) On Onunu: You did not tell your readers how to eat it, and that’s a big mistake. The comments I got back were varied, I even thought this could be something new that could be introduced in Nigerian food, until someone left a comment and said ‘oh Dunni, that already exists’.