I'm pretty distraught when it comes to vaccine time, I was even with Zoe, but with her, I didn't have the knowledge I have now. While the rabies vaccine can cause side effects, most are mild and resolve within a day or so. Fine answer. PUREVAX vaccines are the only complete line of nonadjuvanted feline vaccines available. Use of goggles or full face protection may be required based on hazard, potential for contact, or level of exposure. For more information, contact MERIAL, 1-888-MERIAL-1. A subsample of 50 raccoons (19 VRG-OS, 18 IMRAB 3, and 13 controls) from the longitudinal serology study was challenged with live raccoon variant rabies virus 442 days after initial treatment. Anaphylactoid reactions may occur. Nosodes do not create the bad side effects that vaccines cause, so nosodes will save you a lot in both money and pain. In some they are legal, in some they are illegal, in some they are legal for a very narrow range of individuals such as researchers, and in some the skunks who were pets there before they became illegal are okay, but no new ones. Keep only in original container. Tips to make rabies vaccination safer from national award-winning dog care author Jan Rasmusen. Dosage: 1 ml IM, repeat in 3-4 weeks with Potomavac or Potomavac + Imrab. Imrab® 3 (Merial) (Dog) Killed rabies vaccine - three year duration of immunity. Rabies is no joke, and the law is firmly on the side of public safety. My cat has a reaction to his first 3 year rabies vaccine. After receiving a vaccine(s) intramuscularly, some horses experience local muscular swelling and soreness or transient, self-limiting signs including fever, anorexia and lethargy. Fort Dodge makes a thimerosal-free rabies vaccine called RABVAC 3 TF (while it is not listed on their website, we did confirm with them that it is still available). Packaging: This product comes in 1,10, and 25 dose vials. Nosodes are a great money saver for the long term health of your pets. However, as with all vaccines, adverse reactions are possible. Imrab 3 has been approved for ferrets and, in some areas, pet skunks. Keep at a temperature between 2° - 7°C (35° – 45° F). Any vaccine can cause local swelling and pain. Other side-effects of vaccinations include chronic inflammation, which will cause the obvious issues such as arthritis, but inflammation has now been proven to be a leading cause of cancer. CONSIDER POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS & COMPLICATIONS Most rabies vaccines are generally quite safe. Getting your dog vaccinated against rabies is the law. Includes vaccines that helps protect against rhinotracheitis virus, calicivirus, panleukopenia virus, Chlamydophila felis, Rabies virus, and leukemia virus (FeLV). It has been 3 days since the shot. We are now offering PureVax Rabies vaccines for all of our feline patients! Once initiated, rabies prophylaxis should not be interrupted or discontinued because of local or mild systemic adverse reactions to rabies vaccine. Rabies and Potomac Horse Fever vaccine.Recommended for the vaccination of healthy horses 3 months of age or older against disease caused by Rabies virus and as an aid in the prevention of Potomac Horse Fever caused by E. risticii. He was miserable for nearly a week, with me cold hosing, hand walking, cold hosing, buting, ugh. The result was massive bleeding/bruising at the shot sites. 6,949 in 1947 to 76 in 2005.3 Because more rabies cases are reported annually involving cats (269 in 2005) than dogs, vaccination of cats should be required.3 Animal shelters and animal-control au-thorities should establish policies to ensure that adopted animals are vaccinated against rabies. ... tendencies that can lead to greater susceptibility to these diseases and the potential for developing long term side effects from these diseases or the vaccines designed to prevent them. Positive control groups received a single dose of IMRAB ® 3 (Merial, Lyon, France), a commercially available rabies veterinary vaccine. Horses may be depressed and lose their appetite. PUREVAX vaccines deliver a robust, effective immune response without the need for adjuvants.