With this single USB-C port, you have more options when it comes to peripherals to use with your iPad Pro since there are hubs out there to add USB 3.0 ports, more USB-C with Power Delivery, SD card readers, HDMI display outputs, and more.While there are many of the best iPad Pro USB-C hubs … I use it to connect quite a few devices to my iPad, including a USB MIDI keyboard and an audio interface. Connect to the new iPad Pro USB-C with the Apple USB-C to USB Adapter together with the standard USB A cable that came in the box with the product I have about 4 of these cables . More Less. The Apogee ONE is a 2 IN x 2 OUT USB Audio Interface/Microphone for iPad & Mac. I use this with a USB-C to Micro USB cable. This article shows you what devices you can connect, and also includes some tips to ensure success when using the Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. Buy Now . You can connect any class compliant USB audio interface or MIDI controller or keyboard to your iPhone or iPad. Architecturally, the iPad can only provide video or sound output to one interface at a time - the active interface being selected either through the active App, or through connection of an external accessory device. Alesis iO Dock Audio Interface for iPad. The USB‑C port lets you connect all types of accessories, like a camera, external drive, or display. The replacement of the iPad Pro with the USB-C interface marks a closer proximity to the universal interface. — Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. IK Multimedia iRig Pro Image source: – ikmultimedia. 10. These units will send/receive audio and all functions can be controlled via the knobs/buttons on the hardware or the buttons and sliders on your iPad/iPhone/iPod. Whether there is a plan for the iPhone to use the USB-C interface inside by the Apple, the new iPad Pro’s move has already marked the connectivity of Apple’s mobile devices. There actually is no such thing as a USB-C Audio interface. Since 2018, the iPad Pro switched over to the universal USB-C port for charging and accessories. With 4K HDMI port, 3.5mm audio jack, Power delivery charging port and USB 3.0 type A port it makes a complete package with necessary ports. USB-C Interface for Guitar I have an Apogee Jam that takes a 1/4” input from an electric guitar and runs it through Lightning into iOS devices. 1. 99 IK Multimedia iRig Pro is one of the best iOS audio interfaces in … They only cost about $5 US on Amazon. Actually they work with Android devices with USB-C ports as well. A USB-C cable and the Thunderbolt 3 port on the Universal Audio Arrow interface. AudioBox iTwo Studio . It works with MacBook Pro & MacBook Air 2018 as well. Using the USB-C port on a new iPad Pro will I be able to connect an external DAC and / or headphone amplifier using a USB-C to a relevant connector (in my case USB-B) or will I also need to use an Apple CCK (USB-C to USB-A input and then USB-A to USB-B connector in my case) as is the case with the Lightning port requiring a relevant CCK? Asked by Eric K from Madison; 22-Mar-2016 Flag as inappropriate If I use this with a 12.9" iPad Pro and a USB 3 audio interface will the interface be using USB 3.0 speeds for the audio … The 2018 and 2019 iPad Pro models with 11-inch and 12.9-inch screens have a USB-C port. The audio directly from the jack, with adaptor USB-C--->3.5mm, is, to my ears, and visually via software, … The USB-C port supports USB PD at up to 60W, which is plenty for charging the iPad Pro at the fastest possible speed, and I got a steady video feed from the HDMI jack on top. The audio interface is compatible with any MacBook Pro model with a USB-C port and does not require any drivers. These are the first iPads that do. Yes. Studio C Series interfaces all work with iPad Pro. Any USB Audio interface will work. All you need is the cable. You can connect iPad Pro to your Mac or PC to charge the device or sync content using iTunes. What is Audiobus? Many other audio interfaces are “class compliant” and will run on the iPad and for those, check out our article on the Best Audio Interfaces. Here is a list of 10 best iOS audio interface which may help you to choose the best one for audio recording or music production with your iOS device. What audio interface works with my iPhone/iPad? I would want to use it with my headphone setup which has an amp/DAC "stack". You can connect a wide range of peripherals to the tablet via USB-C, including 5K external displays, mice, keyboard, headphones, audio interfaces—and even share its long-lasting battery with your other devices. I use the Kingston Nucluem and it works great. Wi‑Fi and LTE are faster than ever, so you can stay connected everywhere. Most of our USB Audio products work with all varieties of iPads and iPhones using an available camera connection kit that converts the iOS device connector from 30 Pin or Lightning to USB. The interface probably won’t charge the iPad. I'd like to sync with other gear and record the audio signal. Now it’s doing the same for the iPad’s USB-C port. Audiobus: Use your music apps together. There are a number of solutions out there designed to have the iPad slide into the interface. BENCSE is a tiny yet powerful USB C multiport adapter for iPad Pro 2018 variant. So I'm looking at possibly getting an iPad Pro. The world’s first pro audio dock for iPad; use the power of your iPad to record audio, compose music and perfect your mix; Simultaneously connect microphones and instruments including guitar, studio monitors, PA speakers, headphones, and MIDI controllers The USB-C port on 2018 iPad Pro can be used for so much more beyond charging and syncing your expensive tablet. USB-C Hub for 2018 iPad Pro and (Laptop & Smart Phone with Type-C 3.0 Port), 4-in-1 Adapter with USB-C PD Charging /4K HDMI/USB 3.0/3.5mm Aux Audio Interface 4.0 out of 5 stars 15 $15.99 $ 15 . Question: Q: iPad Pro audio problem with USB-C … If you’re new to making music on an iPad Pro, check out our Scarlett Solo Studio and Scarlett 2i2 Studio bundles: complete packages that comprise a microphone, interface, cables and headphones — ready to start your mobile music journey. If I use this with a 12.9" iPad Pro and a USB 3 audio interface will the interface be using USB 3.0 speeds for the audio data? The all new Apogee ONE is the first studio quality microphone and USB audio interface for iPad and Mac. I have the iRig HD which has a micro USB port. If your computer only has USB-A ports, you need a USB-A to USB-C cable to connect to iPad Pro. They are designed for the iPad and are going to give you the least amount of trouble or setting up time. These two units were connected together using ADAT with the main Clarett 8Pre audio interface connecting to the iPad Pro via USB-C. On paper this rig should work, however, experience has taught us that in the real world these sorts of setups can on occasion throw up an issue or two. Has 2 USB C ports, one for charging and the other for data or in this instance a Interface. It’s just like it would be on your computer. First, identify the ports on your computer.If your computer is a more recent model that has a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) or USB-C port, connect to it with the USB-C to USB-C cable that came with iPad Pro. This convenient, portable, bus-powered USB 2.0 and iPad® audio and MIDI interface offers two combo mic and switchable line/instrument inputs and lets you record anywhere with a Mac®, PC, or iPad. ONE is designed for easily creating professional and amazing sounding recordings on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad … Note the lightning bolt logos on the port and cable that indicate Thunderbolt compatibility; the 3 on the cable indicates it’s suitable for Thunderbolt 3 data streams. Seeing as there is no headphone jack on the iPad Pro I want to know if I can use the USB-C port to get audio out so I can use it with my headphone setup. Steinberg UR44C is a six-channel audio interface with industry lading 32-bit converters and four mic preamps.