The Montco-raised child actor and director was sexually abused as a child by two uncles and a cousin. I love being able to craft an entire story and being able to share that as opposed to just sharing the emotions of a character. Or when Sasha grabs the camera, welcoming the viewer to his show entitled, “The Shit Diaries.” He proceeds to turn the lens on his sister Bekah, whose unamused expression speaks volumes. THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROGER CORMAN’S THE FANTASTIC FOUR. The child at the center of the case, Sasha Joseph Neulinger, went on to become a director and has produced a documentary recounting his personal story. Welcome to Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature designed to celebrate TV and Film's brightest moments and honour our creative ancestors. Rewind hosts a collection of more than 13,000 clips including news reports, documentaries and lifestyle programmes from the 1950 to the 1970s. My dad is an incredibly gifted filmmaker and the big inspiration in my life. Welcome to today's edition of the Morning Rewind, where we fill you in on the biggest stories you may have missed yesterday, November 29. Planning your documentary film is essential because you want to make sure you have all the information needed before you start filming. VHS Rewind sat down with the documentary’s director Marty Langford to discuss THE FANTASTIC FOUR and this passion project documentary. I mean, there’s a lot of vulnerability there. According to Henry, pain was routinely cloaked in humor during his childhood, as he watched his father being repeatedly berated and ridiculed by his mother, who avoided emotions as much as her husband steered clear of confrontations. The suspense of “Capturing the Friedmans” was that it turned watching a documentary into the mirror of a victim’s journey. Even though I think his father was a coward, I believe that victims can be in denial. Because they had been overshadowed by the trauma. He was all too aware of the horrifying dysfunction deeply embedded within his brothers, Howard and Larry, having been a victim of it himself. Shocking and sad. Sasha is my hero. Courageous Documentary … Take a look back at what makes the song one of the most beloved singles of the 20th century. is entertaining viewing even for … I would watch moments from my childhood — beautiful moments, gorgeous, joyful moments that I had completely forgotten about. About the Author Terry Weible Murphy is a twenty-five-year broadcast veteran who has served on the board of directors for the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. ABC ARTS ARTS & CULTURE. Sasha Joseph Neulinger is the co-founder and head of production at Step 1 Films where he produces content for commercial clients nationally. ‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Rewind directed by Sasha Joseph Neulinger for $9.99. He’s not only an inspiration to me as a filmmaker, but what a brave and courageous choice, not only to hand over the footage to me, but then to allow me to just do what I needed to do. No wonder the boy grows up feeling unworthy of love, raging at the camera about how sorry he is that he’s done something bad. My dad wasn’t involved as a filmmaker, he was involved as a subject. Sasha Joseph Neulinger in 2014. But the Philadelphia Flyers are with me every single day of my life in Montana. In many ways, “Rewind” is a therapeutic masterwork on par with Bing Liu’s “Minding the Gap,” both of which affirm how the essence of cinema is the act of seeing ourselves reflected in one another’s stories, as demonstrated by how Henry’s memory of focusing on bathroom tiles while being abused mirrors his daughter’s recollection of losing herself in the picture of a cat, thereby shielding her mind from the transgression felt by her body. Interview. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace. What a story. It's not quite reality. The harrowing and courageous documentary, “Rewind,” marks the directorial debut of Henry’s first child, Sasha Joseph Neulinger, who took the name of his maternal great-grandfather as a way of severing any lingering connection to his abusers. Early in “Rewind,” a documentary directed by Sasha Joseph Neulinger, the filmmaker’s father, Henry, says that people historically shot home movies to remember happy occasions, not to … So it was really that move, and to be able to have space from what happened, that was equally as important as the incredible therapeutic service I received from Dr. Lustig. This disturbing documentary uncovers the abuse Sasha Joseph Neulinger and his sister suffered at the hands of three members of their extended family and exposes the vile abuse that has touched generations. ), A former child actor whose credits included Shallow Hal and Unbreakable, Neulinger lived in Rosemont and attended Gladwyne Elementary School until moving to Allentown at the age of 10. But there was still this self-deprecating voice in the back of my mind that would say, “Sasha, you’re dirty, you’re disgusting, unlovable.” And I wanted to find out where that voice was coming from. From underground to over-ground, Rewind 4Ever is the definitive UK Garage music documentary. 10 p.m. Monday, WHYY12. By mutualmercy Ongoing - Updated Jun 02 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List Shawn, nicht dass ich dein Schiff noch tiefer sinken lassen möchte, aber du bist echt der dümmste Sänger, der mir je über den Weg gelaufen ist.. Ah, das bekomme ich öfters zu hören. Rewind paints a vivid but hopeful portrait of a family plagued by a cycle of abuse. It's like a totally filtered reality. Stock . Watch Rewind Forward by Justin Stoneham on Short of the Week—a Documentary about Family in Found Footage—Switzerland, 24 min Rewind Forward All his life, Justin managed to escape his own story. Life in Rewind: The Story of a Young Courageous Man Who Persevered Over OCD and the Harvard Doctor Who Broke All the Rules to Help Him From underground to over-ground, Rewind 4Ever is the definitive UK Garage music documentary. Rewind pulls at the roots of a family's horrific trauma with a deeply personal documentary that's hard to watch, but worth the effort. After premiering at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival to critical acclaim, Rewind, a documentary about surviving abuse both by family members and the justice system that required that he relive the trauma for years afterward, makes its television debut on Monday on PBS’ Independent Lens. From the confines of the house party to the vibrant club scene and beyond, there has never been a more in depth look at the Garage genre. Forty years ago, Glen Campbell's "Wichita Lineman" hit No. I’m going to live in Montana for the rest of my life. I got to observe my abusers now more objectively as an adult. Watch Rewind | Prime Video Rewind, the process of winding the magnetic tape inside a cassette backwards to a previous point on the reel . Independent Lens: Rewind. I was in constant therapy sessions. The ability to read a great work of cinema is not all that different from psychoanalysis, since signs of trauma are often conveyed through nonverbal behavior rather than expositional monologues. Neulinger talked with The Inquirer about his film, seven years in the making, about seeing his parents with new eyes, and about the Flyers. I'm glad I was able to watch it. A young Sasha Joseph Neulinger frames his face with the jaws of a shark. Share. Rewind not only offers the story of a victim’s ordeal, but a brave and resilient spirit.” - ROBERT DANIELS, 812 FILM REVIEWS “Sasha Joseph Neulinger’s wrenching surival story … REWIND. Rewind may refer to: . I read every article, I watch every game. I am the biggest Flyers nerd on the planet. Series 5 Fiona Hall at work. I felt like I couldn’t escape my trauma. Find us on. that documents the VCR and home video market of the late ’70s & early ’80s. Enterprise . Sasha Joseph Neulinger knows how to tell a story about the sexual abuse of a small boy so that viewers can’t turn away even when they most want to. THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROGER CORMAN’S THE FANTASTIC FOUR. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Rewind,” is simply an astounding movie and a milestone in psychiatrically minded filmmaking. I was constantly being asked to talk to police. Its creator, Sasha Neulinger, doesn't contemplate his past; rather, he sets out to solve the secrets behind it. I have never seen a documentary like this. For Hire . Rewind This! This is "Rewind Documentary • Trailer (Official)" by Grizzly Creek Films on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Last week saw the release of the indie documentary Rewind This! Life in Rewind is a miraculous true story of commitment and determination, darkness and hope, love and inspiration. The documentary was received with wide critical acclaim. My kids that we plan to have one day are going to be die-hard Flyers fans. Mission Kids, the child advocacy center founded by Neulinger, is a natural extension of that same desire to create a safe space for us to share our truth, and I have no doubt that “Rewind” will have a similarly transformative impact on countless lives. ABC ARTS Channel; Latest Episode. He shows a doppelgänger of himself urinating blood into a pool of flames occupied by a Howard-esque devil, while a girl resembling his sister lies impaled with spikes. » READ MORE: In HBO's "The Tale," Narberth's Jennifer Fox turns to fiction to tell her own true, tough story. This interview has been edited and condensed. Since its launch over a decade ago, Al Jazeera English has produced a host of award-winning documentaries. Among the film’s great heroes is Sasha’s psychiatrist, Dr. Herbert Lustig, who is moved to tears when recalling how his young client heeded his advice while taking the stand to testify against Howard. A new documentary is out on his "untold story" and he comes across as what he is - a great statesman of his sport. The story of the decline of the French empire and the indelible mark colonialism left on countries... 47:57 . "Rewind" is now available for VOD rental and will air on Detroit Public TV Tuesday, May 12, at 11 p.m. as part of the Independent Lens series of documentary films. A new documentary is out on his "untold story" and he comes across as what he is - a great statesman of his sport. By Adi Robertson @thedextriarchy Jan 12, 2012, 1:41am EST Source Rewind This! Sasha's interest in film started in early childhood. Whereas Henry believes that the molestation inflicted by Larry and Stewart was a misguided attempt at showing their love, eldest brother Howard was motivated by a need to dominate, which he routinely does with an operatic bravado loud enough to silence any cries of protest. Lustig argues that Sasha’s firmness in declaring Howard’s guilt is the only victory that matters, since the ultimate verdict is left in the hands of an easily corrupted justice system. In “Rewind,” much of which is comprised of the fuzzy tape that Neulinger’s … It earned a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with the Critics Consensus reading, "An ode to abandoned technology with some admirably wide-ranging insights, Rewind This! He sifted through over 200 hours of home videos shot from his earliest days to the moment he moved out for college, examining the footage to illuminate the story buried within seemingly inconsequential interactions. I was constantly needing to prepare for different court dates. He now lives in Montana, where he and his wife, Lauren, and their puppy are riding out the coronavirus pandemic in relative isolation. She can clearly see through his erratic antics because she shares the pain that has spawned them. But there has to be some separation, right? Yet “Rewind,” in the end, is Sasha’s story; it’s about how he achieves the deliverance he seeks. Join the conversation and tweet us at recap_rewind What it's about: This disturbing documentary follows the story of Tilikum, an orca at SeaWorld who killed three people, and exposes the shocking truth … A MOUNT LARCOM man with a notorious history … The drawings that Sasha creates to portray the abuse he suffered are visions of hell as arresting as any illustrated by Hieronymus Bosch.