The heat and lack of services has already led to an outpouring of violence in that already-violent nation. “Someone’s Going to Get Killed” Over Trump’s Voting Lies, Georgia Official Says, Trump’s Support for Israel’s Killing of Iranian Scientist Could Lead to War, Right-Wing Orgs Are Enlisting Students in Their War Against Campus Progressives, War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn’t Want You to Know, House of Ill Repute: Reflections on War, Lies, and America’s Ravaged Reputation, The Mass Destruction of Iraq: Why It Is Happening, and Who Is Responsible. Instead, by the summer of 2002, with the foreign relations committee gavel in his hand, Biden held a series of hearings to start “a national dialogue” on Iraq. I was too busy to On average, the coolest month is January. Now, with that threat greatly abated – knock on wood – I pin on a tight hijab only for religious settings, or places that are dangerous or uncharted. Earlier this month, a protest at the provincial government building in Basra over the lack of electrical service turned unruly; Iraqi police officers wound up firing into the angry, frustrated crowd after bricks and bottles were thrown, killing one protester and wounding three. Already a subscriber? The monthly average temperatures in Iraq range from higher than 48 degrees Celsius (120 Fahrenheit) in July and August to below zero in January. And his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki. Seven years after the U.S.-led invasion, Iraqis are taking to the streets to demand basic services they have not received, despite many promises and the expenditure of billions of dollars by the U.S. and Iraqi governments. The weighty, two-ply tent of black polyester balanced on the crown of my head and fell to my toes. 4 hours, 13 minutes shorter than summer solstice (Jun 21, 2020) The Sun's altitude in Baghdad today. cannot tolerate the heat even there — because Iraq’s traumatized him. Summer camps are a great way to introduce your child to different sports, exciting games and of course new friends. In the streets, mud brick and cinder block magnified the heat. Overview of holidays and many observances in Iraq during the year 2020 But I keep my whole body loosely covered, and might This list only includes our selection of the Top 10 Summer Camps in Iraq in 2020. security matters. It’s Sacred Land. Like a hairdryer. Summer in Iran. It was my hardest experience reporting in Iraq’s heat, and it was a function Find the place with less rains and more sun. This is the most crucial time of year for nonprofits like Truthout. He blamed Iraqis for consuming too much electricity, squatters for tapping into and overwhelming the electrical grid, and the previous parliament for not approving billions of dollars for infrastructure projects to be undertaken with several foreign firms, forcing the government to take out about $2.1 billion in bonds this year. I am lucky enough to retreat to a high-ceilinged room in an old Baghdadi villa, shared by several news organizations. Some people wipe the tile floor with water to cool it down. He also warned that Iraqis should expect power cuts for two more years. In Iraq, the climate is desert in the center and the south, with mild winters and extremely hot summers, it's semi-desert in the north, with relatively cold winters, while in the northern mountains, the climate is cold and rainy (or snowy) in winter and hot and sunny in summer, … Iraq in summertime is one of the hotter places on the planet; the average daily temperature during this season is 104 degrees, and on many days tops out at nearly 120 degrees. Somewhere, George W. Bush is smirking over that one, but that’s just par for the course. People died every day, the Bush-era strategies failed and failed again, but all eyes were focused on the war in Iraq. His fourth book, The Mass Destruction of Iraq: Why It Is Happening, and Who Is Responsible, co-written with Dahr Jamail, is available now on Amazon. In Iraq, the moment the power goes off, the house turns into a baking oven, explained Mr. Izzi, who appropriately enough was a refrigerator salesman until 2003, when the abrupt nationwide change of plans diverted him Trump Is Headed to Georgia to “Help” With the Runoffs. It was a text chat, but I could almost hear a sigh.). BAGHDAD – It was August 2004 in Najaf, in southern Iraq. The number of troop deaths has reached 100, making June the deadliest month for the coalition since this war began eight years ago. Years ago, when foreigners were being hunted by kidnappers, I wore it to blend in (though I doubt anyone in Najaf that day mistook us — heading the wrong way, toward He lives and works in New Hampshire. That combination has tortured Iraqis for decades during the long summers, bringing on what many describe as a kind of heat-induced temporary insanity. A Marine who was killed in Iraq over the summer died during a combat operation from enemy actions, not friendly fire, according to military officials. Similar curses have since been leveled at Paul Bremer III, the United States occupation chief, who failed to restore electrical capacity lost to looting as American troops stood by. When it comes to waging war, stripping basic rights, election fraud, or a global health crisis, you deserve the truth. of both climate and conflict. To donate by check, phone, bitcoin, or other method, see our More Ways to Give page. But then the water would evaporate, For the longest time – the better part of a decade, actually – Afghanistan was the war that nobody heard about. through. Summer in Iraq is a dream come true for Princeton student Teen's interest in military fueled invite by Petraeus. Of course, the heat is not the only thing causing violence in Iraq. A trip to Ardabil in the summer, Sarein sights and a world of wonder. Whether we’re reporting on the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis or lifting up the movements fighting against climate destruction, corporate profiteering and authoritarianism, it’s critical that we get the facts out. Activists Resist Frantic Pipeline Development in Trump’s Final Weeks. Abbas’s comments reflect a wave of fury that has erupted across this country of 30 million as Iraq’s sweltering summer begins. Born and raised in Baghdad, he gave an example from the rule of Saddam Hussein, before he was deposed by the American invasion in 2003. In a routine announcement last week, the Army said the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, which is currently in Iraq, will return home. August, the last month of the summer, in Baghdad, is also a blistering month, with average temperature fluctuating between 25°C (77°F) and 43°C (109.4°F). When I mentioned that I was heading to write on the terrace, even my A.C.-happy colleague Omar Al-Jawoshy advised, “Yes – it’s lovely.”. Think again, folks, because it’s high summer in Iraq, and tempers are getting very short. And today’s prime minister, “At night, there is always the roof of the house, which the people of Baghdad have retreated to for decades if not centuries – that is, presuming there is a breeze,” Mr. Izzi wrote in an email. As of 2010, despite improved security and billions of dollars in oil revenue, Iraq still generates about half the electricity that customers demand, leading to protests during the hot summer months. Get daily news, in-depth reporting and critical analysis from the journalists, activists and thinkers who are working to improve our world. We need your help to continue our important work. So, the best time to travel to Ardabil is summer and June to September. “The water on you will just turn to sweat. We also provide information about sea water temperature for marine resort. Please do what you can to support independent journalism! the sun has faded. Tuesday’s preliminary high of 125.2 degrees (51.8 Celsius) in Iraq’s capital city shatters its previous record of 123.8 degrees set on July 30, 2015, for any day of the year. Support the journalists that have been fighting back against dangerous disinformation since day one: Subscribe to Truthout’s daily newsletter and never miss a story. So actually, I love the Baghdad evening, like a cozy bath. On the first day of summer the temperature has already reached 120 degrees F. in Iraq, with the hottest days yet to come. Shine a light on government and corporate exploitation. My notes, written with the felt tip pen I had absent-mindedly brought instead of a ballpoint, blurred into purple smears. Temperatures soared to a scorching 126 degrees in Baghdad last week — the hottest ever recorded in the city, according to a report. “You” is God and “he” is Mr. Hussein, who started the rationing of power after his defeat in the 1991 Gulf war. But Mr. Izzi waxes descriptive, from the distance of Maryland, where he now lives. Underneath, I wore long pants, long sleeves, and hijab: a scarf wound snugly around my head and neck. plates. In the streets, mud brick and cinder block magnified the heat. Two years. Civilians continue to die all over the place, the poppies continue to flourish, and there’s talk about talks with the Taliban, but nobody really wants to talk about that. Weather in August » He insists, only half joking, that he One camp was characterized as a "summer camp" for Iraq's remaining pockets of ISIS militants, the U.S.-led coalition told Stars and Stripes, adding that … BAGHDAD – There are increasing demands in Iraq for political parties with armed wings to be barred from participating in general elections scheduled for next summer in order to ensure participants have an equal opportunity at the polls, which are being viewed with major interest. That is when, after a few weeks, you start yelling for no apparent reason – at relatives, or animals, or politicians, or God. Hot season / summer is in April, May, June, July, August, September and October. It would be a hell of a thing if this country, its people and its “mainstream” media could focus on more than one thing at a time, wouldn’t it? I gripped it under my chin to keep it closed. Folks in Iraq aren’t hot on this weather trend. At June temperatures are only slightly higher than they were at May. check the temperature, but at midafternoon, it was likely heading toward 120 degrees Fahrenheit. We scurried, panting, across open spaces, avoiding gunfire but risking heatstroke. At recent demonstrations over the power shortages, protesters have made clear that all share a measure of blame for their sweaty misery. In the last week, car bombs and shootings killed several Iraqi police officers, soldiers and civilians all over the country. I remember that heat, from the weeks I lived with little power after the American invasion – and that was only until May. to journalism. For the seventh time since we invaded, it is going to be another long, hot, murderous summer over there. So, yeah, every day is a busy day in the dust and mountains of Afghanistan, and June has been exceptionally busy even by that high standard. Summer begins with slight decreasing of precipitation. Americans will be voting in another presidential election before the Iraqi people can even begin to hope for more than a few hours of reliable electricity a day, and they’ve been dealing with this situation for a very long time already. Please consider making a small donation today. The birds that come at sunset are lazily swooping around the bougainvillea. The horizontal line signifies the horizon, the vertical lines show the times of sunrise and sunset. (Even they can be listless by August. According to another Washington Post report, “Iraqis typically pay about $200 a month for generator power that can run one or two appliances in their homes when the electricity is out. A 2007 Air Force Weather Agency report on Iraq’s summer weather also marks the record at 124 degrees, with mean highs for July and August at 110 degrees. The air itself has the pleasant feel of a stone that radiates heat after My colleagues and I were in Najaf to cover a battle between American occupying troops and Shiite insurgents. AD. The so-called “mainstream” media was kind enough to wait for a Democrat to be in the White House before publicly coming to the conclusion that the war looks unwinnable. BAGHDAD – It was August 2004 in Najaf, in southern Iraq. Check out '' answers for TODAY! General Stanley McChrystal’s act of self-immolation by way of Rolling Stone magazine kicked off a genuine no-bones-about-it constitutional crisis over civilian control of the military, until President Obama sacked him at pretty close to the speed of light. Two large air-conditioners roar ferociously, bringing Publishers’ money has been spent on air-conditioners and, more crucially, generator subscriptions costly enough turning the house into a sauna.”. But now, it has been more than a decade since foreign journalists established a beachhead here. If you are a foreigner, you may also make the amateur mistake of leaving a window open, Our daily email newsletter will keep you up to date. The agreement stipulated that U.S. troops had to leave most Iraqi cities by summer 2009 and entirely pull out of Iraq by the end of 2011. Hundreds of Iraqi civilians are killed and wounded every month, just like in Afghanistan, but we have somehow allowed ourselves to accept the farcical notion that things are settled enough over there that we can ignore what’s going on. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Is Not Just Public Land. Afghanistan has been getting all the ink lately, and for good reason. But the bigger problem – thanks to chronic power shortages wrought by a In a news conference the same day, Wahid said the ministry could not keep up with demand and did not have enough money, adding that the situation was out of its control. I asked Sa’ad al-Izzi, who back in 2004 worked with me for The Boston Globe, and was with me that day in Najaf, to describe this feeling. He is also a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of three books: War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn’t Want You to Know, The Greatest Sedition Is Silence and House of Ill Repute: Reflections on War, Lies, and America’s Ravaged Reputation. Iraq’s social and political landscape has changed drastically after an escalation of regional and global power competition, the COVID-19-induced health and economic crises, and the unprecedented uprising by peaceful demonstrators in October 2019 that led to formation of a new government. I now wear the hijab or abaya only rarely. So Trump is in fact only bringing 500 US troops out of Iraq. Afghanistan has been getting all the ink lately, and for good reason. Get reliable, independent news and commentary delivered to your inbox every day. protesters have made clear that all share a measure of blame, age-old struggle in which men turn them up too high, No More Sea Blindness: Covering Stowaways on a Lawless Ocean, 1943 | In Tehran, The Times’s International Edition Is Born, Military Exercises and Paranoia in West Texas: A Reporter’s Notebook, Times Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal on Trump Campaign, From Gaza to East Harlem: Reporter’s Notebook, An Outpouring of Reader Reflection After the Death of Oliver Sacks. In 2014, the Islamic State advanced into Iraq from Syria and took over parts of Anbar province, eventually expanding control in the northern part of the country and capturing Mosul in … The ability to get cool on demand is a commodity – one I share only with the wealthiest or most powerful Iraqis. Beneath the abaya, my clothes were soaked June is the hottest and driest month of a year. Like virtually all women in Najaf, a city of Islamic scholarship and a revered Shiite shrine, I was wearing an abaya. But the heat is adding another dimension to an already-unstable and deadly situation. The number of troop deaths has reached 100, making June the … to our office the global, age-old struggle in which men turn them up too high. Already addled, we forgot to beckon passers-by into the shade before launching into interviews. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki defended his government and Wahid. The first of these was a brief, conventionally fought war in March–April 2003, in which a combined force of troops from the United States and Great Britain (with smaller contingents from several other countries) invaded Iraq and rapidly defeated Iraqi military and paramilitary forces. If you value our coverage of the issues that matter most, please support our independent news site with a one-time or monthly donation!