I was told she set herself on fire after losing her baby.”. I’ve seen severe delusions. He said he knows it is wrong, he knows he might be one of the only people in the world that has this issue and he realizes that taking away his genitals prevents him from forming lasting relationships. The one that always creeped me out the most was about a client with self-injury issues who had shoved a hollowed out pen into … Totally vacant staring eyes, jaw hanging down with a continuous thread of dribble rolling off his bottom lip. The spouse was supportive during all mental health crises. Two things become clear when I … He admitted to voices talking to him. One of those cases that sounds funny on paper, but is absolutely gut-wrenching to watch. Most people feel relief — not anger — at being there. While those who stay in psych wards can have any number of debilitating issues, or can even be put there unjustly, the way these places are managed and run can be the stuff of nightmares. He then proceeded to tell me that he thought I was very hot and had to masturbate to the thought of me right afterwards and would do the same later. He told me his father had found a camper and put it at a lake and he would be living there until he graduated. He lost one testicle in the 90s, attempted to cut off the other about ten years ago, and this time he tried taking the whole thing off. She would mope for about a month, super depressed, not eating, nonstop crying she could not be consoled, she’d get fairly violent…then it would start over, she’d just wake up one morning and as happy as could be, ‘Did you hear the great news!? We had one girl who was trying to manage her depression/anxiety and be a better parent to her 2-year-old. I said ‘yes.’ Then she asked me if I worked on a psych unit. There was this story that I read a long time ago, about a whale that lived in the ocean somewhere, who was born with an inability to make sounds at the frequency that any other whale could understand. Stories From the Psych Ward–Charlie’s Story (Teaser) I have been encouraged by the response to my little stories and character sketches inspired by my stay in the hospital. He said his (deceased) father was going to help him. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. He could become physically aggressive at the drop of a hat for no perceived reason, or he could sit in a corner, crying and yelling that he was a good boy and he didn’t need any of ‘this.’ Even the most seasoned staff members wouldn’t enter a room alone with him. Hopefully someday they’ll find a way to break through, or bring him out.”. The girl had somehow flung open her locked door and tackled the kid to the ground. Most older clients had a mild to moderate disability that today you would just accept as ‘slow,’ but since they had been there for so long, the facility was their home and they didn’t want to go elsewhere. He had done so much damage with his years of meth use, on top of his poorly controlled schizophrenia, that he was incapable of any sort of meaningful interaction with another human being. When I switched buses, a nicely dressed girl asked me if I was from Colorado. I had gotten her up and out of the bed to the bedside commode (bedside toilet) and while trying to get her back in bed she demanded I get my hands off of her, she took a step back away from me, ripped off her gown and was completely naked, grabbed the commode and started attempting to swing it at me while accusing me of making racial slurs towards her. Had a client shove a metal jagged end of a broomstick that he snapped in half right into his abdomen then start screaming and digging into it with his fingers. I'm still not completely sure where they were during all of it. He had raped a younger sister with some of his toys. Then she would talk about the baby growing inside her belly. Either way here are some psychiatry jokes. Maybe three years later I took a bus to interview for a graduate psych program. However, as far as the potential for awkward situations goes, going to the doc's can be comedy gold. ... Want more creepy stories? stories of yesterday soy story mental illness depression it's kind of a funny story psychiatric ward hospital identity mental health 77 notes Nov 29th, 2015 Open in app The doctor believed that the young man felt like he was in safe environment for the first time in his life and his mind was allowing him to re-remember past trauma.”. It was like a scene from a horror movie, it went on for a good 20 minutes and I couldn't figure out why the hell the nurses weren't doing their checks and why this kid was still pacing without being found. The first one had no pictures on the walls, and the second had about three abstract paintings, and 2 illustrations that reminded me of the Silence Of The Lambs movie poster (eerie, I know). My mom told me this story from her time at a neuropsychiatric ward while she was in grad school. I would have to say a tie exists between the two most troubling patients that I encountered while doing my co-op. I bugged one of the nurses to tell me why she was covered in burns. Everyone hears stories about psychiatric hospitals and I fell for them too. He would mutilate himself for sexual pleasure. Had another patient who cycled through almost 100 foster homes in their youth. Don’t fuck with spice.”, “I worked in the dental clinic of a psychiatric hospital for a bit and I’ll never forget a patient named Terry. A few weeks ago I went to see a psychiatrist. ", "During the night, the workers go through rooms every fifteen minutes, shine a flashlight in your goddamn face, and record if you are awake or anything out of the ordinary. Anyone upset about the doctors ending Charlie Gard’s life haven’t seen real brain damage. He had an IQ in the normal range, just a unique form of brain damage. In the psych ward, you get to a point where everything is funny because you are desperate for a distraction from your own thoughts and emotions.
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