Many, while performing the foulest deeds, use the fairest words. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. —  Epictetus, 50-120 AD, Ancient Greek Stoic philosopher. - Plutarch —  Athenaeus, 2nd-3rd cent. —  Aristophanes, 445-386 BC, Ancient Greek comic playwright ‐ Thesmophoriazusae. BC, Ancient Greek epic poet. For whatever good you do, praise the gods not yourself. -Samuel Butler, A nation that spends more money on military weapons than on social programs is close to spiritual death. Your god does not give good luck to beauty. A fool will think you are an idiot if you talk sense to him. I want either a drop of luck or a bucket of brains. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Of all our possessions, wisdom alone is immortal. Laws are like spider’s webs: If some poor weak creature comes up against them, it is caught; but a big one can break through and get away. In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. —  Solon, 630-560 BC, Ancient Greek lawmaker & philosopher, —  Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 AD, Roman Emperor ‐ Meditations II,15, (quoted by Marcus Aurelius in “Τα εις εαυτόν”). There is not a man alive who has wholly escaped misfortune. Those who succeed don’t know how to behave correctly. Physical beauty is an animal trait, if there is no mind beneath. criticism. But what is pleasant is different from man to man. —  Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 AD, Roman Emperor ‐ Meditations VII, 3. —  Aristophanes, 445-386 BC, Ancient Greek comic playwright ‐ Peace. The art of life is more like the wrestler's art than the dancer's, in respect of this, that it should stand ready and firm to meet onsets which are sudden and unexpected. Men trust their ears less than their eyes. Medicine heals the body and wisdom removes the suffering from the souls. The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. But fortune controls how it ends. No one who is slack gains a good reputation; it is hard work that leads to excellence. Discover and share Greek Famous Quotes About War. —  Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 AD, Roman Emperor ‐ Meditations IV, 24. Learn to bear bravely the changes of fortune. His resolve is not to seem, but to be, the best. Man is naturally deceitful ever, in every way! Idols with their dresses and ornaments are beautiful but empty of heart. -Cicero Â, War is an invention of the human mind; and the human mind can also invent peace. Alexander III of Macedon, also known as Alexander the Great, lived from July 21, 356BC to June 10 or 11, 323BC.He was the son of Olympias and King Philip II of Macedon. The PC game Rome: Total War was created by The Creative Assembly and was published by Activision in its first version (2004) then by SEGA in its expansion packs Barbarian Invasions and Alexander (2005-2006).. Battle Speeches []. You should be either honest or pretend to be. —  Isokrates, 436-338 BC, Ancient Greek rhetorician. —  Democritus, 470-370 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Bacchae. They are worth less than the dirt beneath a toenail! -Groucho Marx Â, Two are needed to make peace; but to make war only one is enough. Goodness and truth are the same for all men. To the rational being only the irrational is unendurable, but the rational is endurable. Plato, 427-347 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher, Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian, Menander, 4th cent. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Temenidae, —  Homer, c. 800-750 BC, Ancient Greek Poet ‐ Odyssey XVII, —  Sophocles, 496-406 BC, Ancient tragic poet ‐ Antigone, Except for the one that gave birth to me, I hate the entire genus of women, —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Melanippe. Whoever knows about tragedy, knows about epics too. An aristocratic hand is without skills at the plough. Below are quotes in English from the Greek works of both philosophers. Men have made an idol of Fortune as an excuse for their own lack of willpower. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ The Suppliants. 20 Quotes From Ancient Greek Philosophers That Liberals Still Don’t Understand The Obama Media Is Back 'Savior of the Spring': Ex-Cuomo Aide Rips the Governor in a New Op-ed —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Ion. Character lies in polite and friendly speaking. Great men have the whole earth for their tomb. It is not for us to force the will of fortune. Skill and valour still count for something in war! —  Aesop, 620-560 BC, Ancient Greek fabulist. Enjoy the War Quotes. Welcome words on their lips, and murder in their hearts. Rather examine your own faults than those of the others. What’s the use of a muscular body to a coward? A demagogue must be neither an educated nor a honest man; he has to be ignorant and a rogue. Athens is the birthplace of democracy. —  Hesiod, 7th cent. Time will explain it all. The time limit forces you to quickly assess the pros and cons while quickly coming to a decision. Indulge yourself, drink, consider the day-to-day life and leave the rest to chance. Do not reproach a man with his misfortunes, fearing lest Nemesis may overtake you. Previously we have harped about Romes infrastructure and Romes army. — Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Iphigeneia in Tauris Boldness The noble deeds are known and emulated by those who have a natural inclination to these things. AD, Ancient Greek writer from Egypt, Hippocrates, 460-370 BC, Ancient Greek physician, the “Father of Medicine”, Diphilos of Sifnos, c. 7th cent. BC, Ancient Greek dramatist (New Comedy), Heraclitus, 544-484 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, 384-322 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher, Aesop, 620-560 BC, Ancient Greek fabulist, Democritus, 470-370 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher, Isokrates, 436-338 BC, Ancient Greek rhetorician, Epictetus, 50-120 AD, Ancient Greek Stoic philosopher, Thales of Miletus, 643-548 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristophanes, 445-386 BC, Ancient Greek comic playwright, Diogenes, 410-323 BC, Ancient Greek Cynic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 AD, Roman Emperor, Herodotus, 480-420 BC, Ancient Greek historian, the “ father of History”, Solon, 630-560 BC, Ancient Greek lawmaker & philosopher, Demosthenes, 384-322 BC, Ancient Athenian & statesman orator, Plutarch, 47-120 AD, Ancient Greek historian, Pittacus of Mytilene, 650-570 BC, one of the 7 sages of Ancient Greece, Socrates, 469-399 BC, Ancient Geek Philosopher, Aeschylus, 525-456 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian, Thucydides, 460-394 BC, Ancient Greek historian, Agathon, 450-400 BC, Ancient Greek tragic poet, Chilon of Sparta, 6th cent. Ponderquotes is the go to place for all the information in the world you may need or which may interest you. How can I, alone, save myself without brother, without father, without friends? It is crazy to want what is impossible. Democritus said that the noble, uneducated people are like alabaster vases filled with vinegar. But we will not exchange with them our virtue for their wealth. —  Homer, c. 800-750 BC, Ancient Greek Poet ‐ Iliad X, —  Homer, c. 800-750 BC, Ancient Greek Poet ‐ Iliad II. The Greeks have imparted wisdom to the world. For what a man wishes to be true, he generally believes to be true. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Aeolus. Don’t be suspicious towards everybody, but be aware and secure. That which has become habitual becomes as it were natural. One who thinks right is better than myriads who think wrong. BC, Ancient Greek poet ‐ Works and Days -40. For me, one equals ten thousand if he is really good. It is harder to fight against pleasure than against anger. That which is used, gets stronger. —  Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 AD, Roman Emperor ‐ Meditations III, 5. This is a person, who has a healthy body, is dowered with peace of mind and cultivates his talents. If you do not want many things, the few will seem many. I think death is nothing more than the separation of two things from one another: soul and body. Love that only which happens to you and is spun with the thread of your destiny. I hold my own mind and think apart from other men. —  Alexander the Great, 356-323 BC, King of Macedon, —  Julius Caesar, 101-14 BC, Roman general & Consul. Within is the fountain of the good, and it will ever bubble up, if you wilt ever dig. The continent man is not he who avoids pleasure, but having tasted it, is not carried to excess. BC, Ancient Greek epic poet. BC, Ancient Greek dramatist (New Comedy), —  Heraclitus, 544-484 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher. Your very silence is as good as a confession. -Jean Le Rond D ‘Alembert Â, I can’t believe I’m awarded. I believed that it was necessary to drive tanks and win wars. Sickness and health are neighbors with a common wall. —  Aristophanes, 445-386 BC, Ancient Greek comic playwright ‐ Clouds. Hope as a mortal, be frugal as an immortal. In men, the worse things are more than the good things. -Arthur Neville Chamberlain Â, In war as in love, to finish you need to see yourself up close. Be not unwilling in what you do, neither selfish nor unadvised nor obstinate; let not over-refinement deck out your thought; be not wordy nor a busybody. —  Demosthenes, 384-322 BC, Ancient Athenian & statesman orator. -Alphonse de Lamartine Â, War is the art of destroying men, politics is the art of deceiving them. “War grows out of desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow man.” ― Napoleon Hill “The folly of war is that it can have no natural end except in the extinction an entire people.” ― Joyce Carol Oates “There is only one way to win a war which has begun: To … But beyond impressive architecture and grand military traditions, some eminent Romans also boasted fascinating philosophical notions. —  Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 AD, Roman Emperor ‐ Meditations XI, 14. The purpose of all war is peace. We all came naked and we shall depart naked. Words give wings to the mind and make a man soar to heaven. —  Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 AD, Roman Emperor ‐ Meditations VIII, 59. The simplicity behind this tip makes it very accessible. Wisdom is the best of all things, ignorance is the worst. In ancient Greek with translation. We should guard against bad men lest they seize the opportunity. You have entered an incorrect email address! That man is wise who can say what he wants in a minimum of words. Now begins a river of words and a trickling of sense. Ignorance is bold, knowledge is reserved. You are a little soul, carrying a corpse. Famous French Quotes about Life in French With English Translation. Who dares not speak his free thoughts behaves like a slave. Those who have the courage to conquer it are made free and those who are conquered by it are made to suffer until they have the courage to defeat it, or death takes them.” ~ Alexander “Out of life, comes death; and out of death, life. Read also: words of wisdom funny one liners. —  Hesiod, 7th cent. Of all men’s miseries the bitterest is this: to know so much and to have no power. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Phoenissae. For most men, war is the end of loneliness. Of moral states to be avoided there are three kinds: malice, incontinence, bestiality. Men exist for the sake of one another. The unlucky man will be bitten even by a sheep. —  Thales of Miletus, 643-548 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher, —  Aristophanes, 445-386 BC, Ancient Greek comic playwright ‐ Knights. The character of the state reflects the character of its governors. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Iphigeneia at Aulis. Surely to die with glory is a blessing for the mortals. If you want to improve your performance and that of … —  Aristophanes, 445-386 BC, Ancient Greek comic playwright ‐ Plutus. Nothing bad will happen to you by distrusting your enemies. —  Aeschylus, 525-456 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Libation bearers. —  Aeschylus, 525-456 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Award of the Arms, —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Phoenician women. -Francisco de Quevedo Â, I hope you enjoyed reading these ancient greek quotes on war. But when a man speeds toward his own ruin, god gives him help. No boaster he, but with a hand which sees the thing to do. From wisdom come these three: good thinking, speaking well and doing what is right. It is magnanimous to bear offense calmly. -Baudouin I Â, The wonderful thing about war is that each assassin chief has his flags blessed and solemnly invokes God before he sets out to exterminate his neighbor. —  Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 AD, Roman Emperor ‐ Meditations V, 17. It is difficult to know yourself; it is easy to give advice to others. So without further ado, let us take a gander at 25 incredible Ancient Roman quotes you should know uttered by the crème de la crème of friends, Romans, and countrymen. This info base was established in late 2018 and aims to impact 100s of thousands of people's lives over the next few years with innovative and life changing content. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Iphigeneia in Tauris. —  Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 AD, Roman Emperor ‐ Meditations VII, 67. Virtue consists not in avoiding wrong-doing, but in having no want for it. What is the mind and heart for the man, is Greece for the whole world. It is a royal privilege to do good and be ill spoken of. How sweet is life when fortune is not envious. As they say, it's better not to be busy doing too many things, if you want to be in good mood. Dishonest gain has short pleasures and long sorrows. Amazon, in Greek mythology, member of a race of women warriors. -F.E. No one is free if he cannot subdue himself. It is better to think before doing something than to repent later. —  Aristophanes, 445-386 BC, Ancient Greek comic playwright ‐ Lysistrata. For often evil men are rich, and good men poor. May 18, 2017 - Greeks have a word and quote for everything. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Cresphontes, —  Menander, 4th cent. Do not kick against the pricks, you will hurt yourself. BC, Ancient Greek poet ‐ Works and Days -320. The envious man torments himself like an enemy. —  Hesiod, 7th cent. Fierce desire for one thing blinds the soul to other things. —  Aeschylus, 525-456 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐  Seven against Thebes. It doesn’t have to be 2 minut… God is not to be feared, death is not to be expected and what is good is easy to get and what is terrible is easy to endure.
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