Line 18 is a Shanghai Metro line that has been under construction since May 12, 2016 with an expected completion date in 2020. It was pitch dark and freezing cold as I sat outside Songjiang Xincheng metro station at 5.45am on Monday morning, eating dumplings for breakfast. Line 14 will have a total length of 38.5km with 31 stations. This station is part of the southern extension of Line 8 and opened on July 5, 2009. It is 32.1 km long, with 25 stations. Passengers will be able to transfer to 12 existing and planned metro … CONSTRUCTION of Shanghai’s Metro Line 14, which will have 31 stations spread across five districts and connect 15 other lines, will begin early next month. With a total length of 38,514 km and 31 stations, Shanghai Metro’s Line 14 will connect Fengbang in the Jiading District in the west to Pudong District’s Jinqiao in the east. The line will use high capacity type A trains operating up to 100km/h. Shanghai metro line 14 will go from west to east part of the city, linking Fengbang and Guiqiao Road. It will be almost 40 kilometers long and since it is cutting through some of the most densely populated areas of Shanghai … How do you say Line 14, Shanghai Metro? Rapid transit or mass rapid transit (MRT), also known as heavy rail, metro, subway, tube, U-Bahn or underground, is a type of high-capacity public transport generally found in urban areas. Unlike buses or trams, rapid transit systems are electric railways that operate on an exclusive right-of-way, which cannot be accessed by pedestrians or other vehicles of any sort, and which is often grade separated in tunnels or on elevated railways. Within-system interchange to lines 3, 4, and 11 at, "Shanghai awards contract for first automated metro line". Stations of Shanghai Metro Line 14‎ (5 C) Media in category "Shanghai Metro Line 14" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Select from premium Tour Of Shanghai Metro Line 14 Construction Site of the highest quality. Find high-quality Tour Of Shanghai Metro Line 14 Construction Site stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. The terminus Huaqiao station will be an interchange metro station between Suzhou Rail Transit system and Shanghai metro system. Disney Resort. Qixin Road – Jinhai Road. It is colored grey on station maps. Shanghai is speeding up urban rail construction, with 16 urban railway transit lines currently in operation at a total length of 666 km. [4] The line is considering the use of a signal system jointly developed by Thales and Shanghai Electric to allow for fully automated driverless operation. Line 1 officially started construction on December 29, 2011. We will mention there the most important one for tourists. Phone: + 41 41 445 30 60 Currently, Lines 3, 4, 5 and an extension of Line 2 are under construction. This subway line is scheduled to operate at the end of 2020, passing West Railway Station and South Railway Station. The line runs entirely in Pudong New Area, starting from Longyang Road, via Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Huinan Town, ending at Dishui Lake in Nanhui New City. Hongxin Road. With a total length of 38,514 km and 31 stations, Shanghai Metro’s Line 14 will connect Fengbang in the Jiading District in the west to Pudong District’s Jinqiao in the east. The first 11.2 km section, from Nanhu to Nanning East railway station, began operation June 28, 2016. The line will start from Fengbang, Jiading District, via Zhenru, Jing'an Temple, Dashijie, Yuyuan Garden, Lujiazui to the center of Jinqiao Export Processing Zone. SML14.svg 177 × 354; 2 KB. It is located near the junction of Puxing Highway and Jiangyue Road. The station changed into its current name in October 2006 according to the new convention to name metro stations after famous streets or sights nearby rather than the vertical street neighbouring the station, making it easier for visitors to find these places. Line 15 of the Shanghai Metro is a metro line currently under construction in the city of Shanghai and scheduled to open in 2020. Hongmei Road. Shanghai South Railway Station: The original train station in Shanghai travels mostly south of the city, and is equipped with a lot of older but slower trains. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map or click on one of the station names below. [2] On November 29, 2014, construction began on a section in Pudong New Area. Running west-east, the line will mainly serve Kunshan city center and connecting it to Suzhou Industrial Park in the west and nearby metropolitan Shanghai in the east via a transfer to Line 11 of the Shanghai Metro. Which metro line you live on evidently makes a huge difference in how long it takes to get … Line 12. After completion, there will be 27 Metro lines covering 1,154 kilometers, including Line 14, 15 and 18 under construction, in Shanghai. Donglan Road. Shanghai Subway Line 10. Line 2 started construction in 2012 and was completed on December 28, 2017. Line 14 will be the newest line, crossing Shanghai’s downtown area from east to west, with a total length of 38.5 km and 31 underground stations. I had set myself the challenge of visiting every Shanghai Metro Station in one day, and was thinking this was not the most glamorous of beginnings.After a few minutes … Most of Shanghai's old city centre can be reached via the handy red line. The Shanghai Metro is a rapid transit rail network in Shanghai, operating urban and suburban transit services to 14 of its 16 municipal districts and to Huaqiao Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. The first phase will be 36.13 km (22.45 mi) long and run from South Changjiang Road station to Hangtou with 26 stations. The planned 44.6 km (27.7 mi) line with 30 stations will start from Changbei Road, Baoshan District, via Longyang Road to Hangtou Town, Pudong District. The line is colored violet on system maps. The east-west line will be the city’s last biggest subway network to pass through the downtown area. It will start from Fengbang town in Jiading District, and terminate in Jinqiao town in Pudong New Area. Its length will be 39.1 kilometres (24.3 mi), [2] and passengers will be able to transfer to 13 existing and planned metro lines. The line started construction on November 27, 2018 and is scheduled to be completed by 2023. Nanning Metro or Nanning Nanning Rail Transit (NNRT) is a rapid transit system in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Extending in the north-south direction, Shanghai metro line 15 will transport between Gucun Park and Zizhu High-tech zone via 30 stations, covering around 40 kilometers (25 miles). Shanghai Subway - 14 Shanghai Metro Lines Shanghai now has almost 14 metro lines operating, which make the subway transportation very convenient for local people and visitors. Lingzhao Xincun is a station on Line 8 of the Shanghai Metro. The second phase is planned to extend the line northwest 7 km (4.3 mi) and add five new stations. Speaking as someone whose work required taking the Shanghai metro 4 or more times a day, your apartment’s quality of line can undoubtedly have a significant impact on your quality of life. Xiuyan Road. Once open, in 2020, it will connect Fengbang in the Jiading District (west) with Jinqiao in the Pudong District (east). By XING YI in Shanghai | | Updated: 2020-07-07 14:43 Share. Line 16 is a rapid transit line serving the south-eastern suburban areas of Shanghai. It was originally designated as Line 21 and was planned as the south part of Line 11. The line is colored aqua on system maps. Located at the intersection of Jinsui Road and Chuanqiao Road in Pudong, the station will serve as the eastern terminus of the line and is scheduled to open with the rest of Line 14 in 2020. Shenzhen Metro Line 1, runs West–East from Airport East to Luohu. Zhongning Road Station Under Construction Shanghai.jpeg 4,032 × 3,024; 1.4 … Line S1 of Suzhou Rail Transit an under construction intercity subway line. Gudai Road. Currently, the city has 17 lines adding up to 673 kilometers. Schindler China provides escalators for the extension of the world’s longest subway system. The line opened for passenger trial operations on March 31, 2018. A joint venture between Thales and Shanghai Electric known as Thales SEC Transport (TST) has received a new signalling contract for Line 14 of the Shanghai Metro. It has seen substantial growth, significantly during the years leading up to the Expo 2010, and is still expanding quickly, with its most recent expansions having opened in December 2018. The construction is part of Shanghai metro’s '20 by 2020' plan, which aims to add six more lines to the current 14 in the next four years. Century Avenue is a major Shanghai Metro interchange station named after Century Avenue, which runs above the station. ADD MAP PICTURE. Hard seats … The first metro line built in 1993 coincidentally runs through the oldest parts of the city. Disney Resort – North Jiading. Line 1 is shown as green on maps, however the band on both sides of the trains is coloured red. Shanghai Metro Line 17 runs between Hongqiao Railway Station in Minhang District and Oriental Land in Qingpu District. You can arrive at the main airports, railway stations, bus terminals, top popular attractions, etc., which will make your Shanghai visit very … [6]. You could go to/depart from Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1 by the Subway Line 10 (Identification Color: light purple). Construction begun in early 2009, and the line opened on 29 December 2013. CLOSE. It is the most heavily used metro line on the Shenzhen Metro serving an average of 960,000 people daily. Guiqiao Road is a station under construction on the future Line 14 of the Shanghai Metro. Line 14 of the Shanghai Metro is a metro line under construction and scheduled to open in 2020. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Line 14, Shanghai Metro on pronouncekiwi. The system opened on November 24, 2012, with major expansion plans still ongoing, including a connection to neighboring Shaoxing which is building its own metro. The Shanghai Metro is the … It came into operation on April 8, 2010. The system is projected to carry over 5 million passengers per day. Its length will be approximately 39 km, with 31 stations. Line 15 will interchange with lines 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. This station, known as Shimen No. The metro system is also integrated with other forms of public transport in Shanghai. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet., Phone: +41 41 445 32 32 Line 1 begun construction on 1 June 2012 and was opened on December 26, 2016. The second phase was completed at the end of 2014, providing interchanges to Lines 2, 7, 11, 13 and 18. Currently, there are more than 200 kilometers of subway under construction and by the end of 2020, the network will span 804 kilometers in total, making it one of the fastest-growing subway systems in the world. Qixin Road. Line 1 is the main north-south line of the Shanghai Metro which allows passengers to interchange with lines 2 and 8 at People’s Square, line 3 at Shanghai South Railway Station, line 4 at Shanghai Indoor Stadium and line 5 at Xinzhuang. The first driverless metro train for Shanghai Metro’s Line 14 has rolled off the assembly line in CRRC Nanjing Puzhen. Dabaishu is a station on the Shanghai Metro Line 3. Inauguration was in May 1993. Hefei Urban Rail Transit abbreviated Hefei Metro is a rapid transit system in Hefei, China. Luoshan Road Line 16. It was opened on November 25, 2003 and despite its name was the fourth line to open. Line 14 of the Shanghai Metro is a metro line under construction and scheduled to open in 2020. Shanghai Metro Line 14 is an east-west extension line with a total of 31 stations across five administrative districts of the city – Jiading, Putuo, Jing'an, Huangpu and Pudong, and will be connected with 13 other lines. Shanghai Metro Line 14. by Alex Linder. It is the largest component of the Shanghai metropolitan rail transit network, together with the Shanghai maglev train, the Zhangjiang Tram, the Songjiang Tram and the China Railway-operated commuter rail services to Jinshan. Line 18 is a Shanghai Metro line that has been under construction since May 12, 2016 with an expected completion date in 2020. [5]. This is the very first project in Shanghai where all escalators will be equipped with external rollers in combination with Schindler’s innovative digital solution, Schindler Ahead, to provide predictive maintenance. When Shanghai subway line … It is the 17th city in China to operate a rapid transit system. Line 11 is one of the 17 lines of the Shanghai Metro. The Metro opened for commercial operation in December 2015. The line connects the southernmost station of Line 1, Xinzhuang with the Minhang Development Zone in Minhang and Fengxian Xincheng in Fengxian, both in the suburbs of Shanghai. Located at the intersection of South Pudong Road and Pudong Avenue in Pudong, the station is scheduled to open with the rest of Line 14 in 2020. It is currently the only interchange on the Shanghai Metro network to serve four lines, and the first four-line interchange metro or subway station in mainland China. With the total length of around 39 kilometers (25 miles) via 31 stations, it will put into service in the end of 2020. As such the line will use high capacity 8 car A size trains similar to Lines 1 and 2. Kangxin Highway. Line number 1
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