Located in Stanley, IA. Fan: 1 - 0.33 hp AEROVENT 1240-DW | 12" (Axial) arranged in Parallel * Actual airflow differs from desired airflow by more than 5% at the desired depth. Top Features: Axial Dryers | Split Plenum 1. That one is $980 if you are looking for something cheaper. Fan motor was replaced in 2019. Sukup Single Fan & Heater Dryers can also be operated in batch mode. 3500 RPM motors used in Sukup Axial Fans have been specially engineered for Sukup’s high performance blades; All Sukup Fans are available as 50 hz and other voltages to match worldwide requirements; Two-year warranty on components; Sukup Centrifugal Fans & Heaters. NEW in 2012. Learn more. Serial number is 64549. Sukup manufactures a full line of axial fans and heaters for aerating and drying grain. An inlet endplate is secured across the inlet end of the main body and has an inlet opening therein circumscribed by an adjacent venturi-shaped flange integrally formed in the inlet endplate so as to extend toward the outlet end. Ends from. Sukup also offers 38” and 44” low speed axial fans for roof dryers and other shallow grain depth applications. Sukup high performance axial fans are ideal for lower static pressures found in aeration or in-bin drying. Sukup Axial Fan 14 in 1 12 HP 230v still in box. Learn More. Sensing the moisture content, rather than temperature, gives a more accurate measure of drying progress and results in more consistent final moisture content. Located in Stanley, IA. The 3500 RPM motors used in Sukup Axial Fans have been specially engineered for Sukup’s high-performance blades. Sukup 28" axial fan and heater with transition. Sukup uses low speed (1750 RPM) fans, quieter than the average axial fan, while maintaining high levels of airflow and efficiency. Jul 28, 2016 10:00 CT (16:00 BST) Date Format. Both methods are performed efficiently and economically by Sukup Grain Dryers. PRODUCT SEARCH. Payment not accepted at pick up. 1-800-319-2475 ... Had a unload capacity ranging from 1000-4500 BPH. Mounting square is 16" X 16" The products are divided within each supplier as well as our own Sukup products. Axial Fan, Centrifugal Fans & Heaters. It has been Models include 9400, 1800, 48, 60, 600, U1012, 6x40, 6x34, 450, … Airflows for Low Speed Axial Fans - m3/min. Sukup Split-Plenum Axial-Fan Dryers are available in two different fan configurations, 2/3-1/3 Split, or 50/50 Split 2/3-1/3 Split dryers are the more popular and economic style; they are easy to recognize because the top fan is always larger diameter than the bottom fan This gives more accurate measurements during the grain drying progress for greater consistency in the end moisture content. Sukup grain dryers include true moisture sensing, rather than temperature sensing. It contains parts listings, and a few part pictures. Sukup engineers designed a cast aluminum blade to give more airflow from the electricity consumed. If a part you are looking for is not shown, please call us. Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans & Heaters. Venue Address. Sukup double inlet centrifugal fans are quieter than an axial fan Capable of handling vacuum cooling and pressure heating at the same time without losing performance Sukup fans are well-known within the agricultural industry for their high airflow, efficient operation and excellent reliability If you do not find the manual/guide you need, you are always welcome to contact our service department, who is always ready to assist you with your inquiry. Browse our inventory of new and used SUKUP Farm Equipment For Sale near you at TractorHouse.com. Additional Info: Has had a fire - specs below and there is a brochure from Sukup in the service logs. Grain Guard. In House Training On Operation Sukup Dual Fan and Heater Grain Dryers allow you the choice of full-heat drying or heat/cool drying. Nut Processing & Packaging Equipment Surplus to Golden Peanut. Serial number is 64549. Service Department +45 76 83 73 18 / service@sukup-eu.com Fans are the key to successful drying or aeration systems, which is why Sukup puts great effort into designing and manufacturing the best fans possible. Sukup Axial Fan W/Transition Tube, 2 HP Single Phase Motor . Sukup Axial Fans provide maximum airflow at lower static pressures found in aeration or in-bin drying. Full-heat drying combined with slow in-bin cooling, or dryeration, provides the most efficient method to dry while giving the best grain quality. GSI & Farm Fans Parts for Fans & Heaters brought to you by Midwest Ag Systems. Sukup fan is not available but I do have a Butler fan that would bolt up to blow air. Sukup thoroughly tests all fans and heaters prior to shipping and backs their fans with a two-year warranty on components. Fans & Heaters. QuadraTouch Pro Controls w/ Smart Loop Technology 2. Sukup Axial Fans give the highest airflows at a low cost. 20% - 15% Corn: 1500 Bu/Hr. Static Moisture Sampling 3. The fan is the key to a successful drying or aeration system.
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