We draw on data from a study of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong to demonstrate how ‘dwelling’ in the language of participants’ ‘ek-sistence’ supported us in a process of thematic analysis. While the importance of being reflexive is acknowledged within social science research, the difficulties, practicalities and methods of doing it are rarely addressed. JTTs References: Braun, V., Clarke, V., 2019, Reflecting on reflexive thematic analysis, Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 11:2, 589-597 Esta capacidad, llamada reflexividad, les permitió ejercer agencia y alcanzar mejores resultados relacionales. Groupers used music as a shared reference when exercising with other people. A total of 23 participants (N = 23) took part in the 3-part mixed methods survey. Results Methods. All rights reserved. Methods Alternatively, some commentators claim that female athletes’ use of digital media contributes to patriarchal practices in sport, where through self-promotion and image building they do little to advance representations of women’s sport. Reasons for the pre-eminence of methods are discussed briefly and their consequences considered. Design Por tanto, esta investigación buscó analizar desde un enfoque cualitativo y queer-feminista las representaciones sociales en torno a la pareja en un grupo de nueve jóvenes gays de Lima Metropolitana (M edad = 22.56). Exercise provided a relief from both psychiatric symptoms and associated low mood, however in some cases engaging in exercise exaggerated manic symptoms and led to acts of aggression. POS Loneliness is associated with negative outcomes, including increased mortality and is common among people with mental health problems. Relatedly, women engaged in the constructions of counter-normative intoxication practices by introducing men to drugs and by smoking cannabis with them. ICA OJM Yet when physical posters of the denunciations appeared in the nation’s capital, a counter-denunciation arose against the anonymous authors of the Tumblr page, and a broader debate emerged about the appropriateness of these tactics. JPEE Wider issues concerned women’s social and economic dependency on their husbands which led to fears about transgressing social and cultural norms by speaking out. OJST The approach presented is similar to Grounded Theory - in that it is inductive, content-driven, and searches for themes within textual data - and is complementary to Grounded Theory on many levels. The theoretical approach of the analysis was taken from Braun and Clarke ... Braun, Virginia, and Victoria Clarke. Defendo que esta manobra analítica não é nem útil nem necessária, e sintetizo suas consequências nas análises sobre política de escala. Interviewees also used intoxicants to attenuate anger, sorrow, and depression, but only women reported using drugs to ameliorate emotional turmoil due to relationship problems. A thematic analysis resulted in four themes: fear of disclosing weight-cutting concerns; eating like a powerlifter; culture of regulation; and the female body vs. the powerlifter body. Ss were interviewed and answered an open-ended question asking them for their sources of enjoyment during the most competitive phase of their skating careers. We also aim to promote understanding of the divergences in philosophy and procedure among different approaches to thematic analysis - this lecture 'unpacks' some of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4voVhTiVydc, th conducting empirical research using story completion on a wide variety of topics and producing guidance on the implementation of the story completion as a qualitative research technique - read more here: https://www.psych.auckland.ac.nz/en/about/story-completion/about-story-completion.html. Inpatients considered staff crucial to facilitate exercise, however access, education and inconsistent attitudes limit provision. Introduction. JBBS Thematic Analysis. IJCNS Canine osteoarthritis is a common, painful condition that is typically managed in a general practice setting. Hence, researchers define PBS as “the scientific study of behavior change, using the principles of behavior, to evoke or elicit a targeted behavioral change” (Furman and Lepper, 2018, p. 104) in people with challenging behaviors. Participants shared extensive personal experiences of how cannabis was used for social, conformity, and enhancement motives. Literature reviewed for this paper ranges from 1927 - 2014. JSSM La reflexividad afín al caos se presenta aquí como un opuesto conceptual y una alternativa a otros modelos de pensamiento reflexivo que no están abiertos a la debilidad epistemológica de la emergencia, la complejidad, la incertidumbre y la impredecibilidad. T… Conclusion The analysis contributes both to the qualitative literature about generic research participation and to a germinal literature exploring qualitative health research participation. Methods First, we found that strategic planning is needed, with a coherent implementation agenda and planned reflection on activities. These findings advance theoretical understanding of the barriers and enablers of nutritional adherence amongst elite-level athletes in high-performance sport and present a number of significant implications for athlete support personnel seeking to enhance performance in demanding sporting contexts. It calls for reflexive design practices challenging dominant regimes and shaping alternative design spaces. Unlike other approaches to thematic analysis that emphasize the reliability and accuracy of coding, a "reflexive" approach sees codes and themes as interpretive stories; they are a product of the data, the analytic process, and the researcher's theoretical assumptions, ... A key aspect of reflexive thematic analysis is critical reflection on the researcher's role in knowledge production, ... We analyzed the notes by conducting reflexive thematic analysis (TA), ... We analyzed the notes by conducting reflexive thematic analysis (TA) [3]. Acoust Speech Signal Process Newslett IEEE, Arguing and thinking: A rhetorical approach to social psychology, Explaining and Arguing: The Social Organization of Accounts, An In-depth Study of Former Elite Figure Skaters: II. Then write till it doesn’t’: athlete voice and the lived realities of one female professional athlete, Weight on the bar vs. weight on the scale: A qualitative exploration of disordered eating in competitive female powerlifters, Representaciones de las relaciones de pareja en hombres jóvenes gays de Lima, Retrospective and concurrent perspectives of the transition into senior professional female football within the United Kingdom, From national to sector level biometric systems: the case of Ghana, Modes of Informed Caring: Perspectives of Health Professionals Who Are Mothers of Adult Children with Schizophrenia Modes of Informed Caring: Perspectives of Health Professionals Who Are Mothers of Adult Children with Schizophrenia, Everyday experiences of post-diagnosis life with dementia: A co-produced photography study, Could it be osteoarthritis? Idiopathic epilepsy is a common neurological condition in dogs. Results AER OJMH The findings suggest a strong influence from developments in music technology on the use of music in exercise, with important implications for exercise facility managers who wish to make their premises appealing across the lifespan. JMF ABB See if a colourful and simple qualitative software tool can help you apply Reflexive Thematic Analysis! This paper interrogates these ideas, adopting a postfeminist sensibility and collaborative research approach to examine the online self-representations of a female athlete and blogger. Their book describes how to analyze qualitative data in a systematic and rigorous way. Participants’ reasons for seeking drug-induced enhancement reflect sociocultural factors within Nigeria and some West African countries, such as employment scarcity and the championing of sporting prowess. In this article, the authors analyze participants' accounts of why they took part in a repeat-interview study exploring newly diagnosed patients' perceptions of diabetes service provision in Lothian, Scotland. OJDer Reflexive thematic analysis of these interviews produced four key themes by which participants considered the ethics of in-game actions: 1) Game Boundaries; 2) Consequences for Play; 3) Player Sensibilities; and 4) Virtuality. Critical approaches (usually some version of discourse analysis) understand and analyse language as something that is constitutive, rather than reflective, of our social and psychological words, as a form of social action. Informed by a constructivist paradigm that places players' everyday ethical negotiations at the forefront of the analysis, this study utilises a novel set of game-related moral vignettes in a series of 20 in-depth interviews with players. ... As TA authors, we are not neutral evaluators; the mapping no doubt reflects our training in psychology and our research values (e.g. Each theme represents a "central organising concept" describing a meaningful pattern in the data, ... Reflexive thematic analysis (TA) was chosen for analysis, ... A thematic framework was then developed and discussed with author US with illustrative examples for clarification and refinement. Here we draw on Braun and Clarke’s (2006) framework and apply it in a systematic manner to describe and explain the process of analysis within the context of learning and teaching research. This study aims to build upon the emerging literature by qualitatively exploring participants’ experiences of a web-based intervention for BN and BED. participants by follow up.From a qualitative Thematic analysis has been poorly branded, yet widely used in qualitative research (Braun & Clarke, 2006), and has been rarely appreciated in the same way as grounded theory, ethnography, or phenomenology.Braun and Clarke (2006) argued that thematic analysis should be a foundational method for qualitative analysis, as it provides core skills for conducting many other forms of qualitative analysis. OJINM CUS Genetic algorithms have been developed for decades by researchers in academia and perform well in engineering applications, yet their uptake in industry remains limited. OJPM OJTR Dicho marco abre el espacio para una discusión interdisciplinar de lo que esta forma de reflexividad podría posiblemente añadir a la teoría e investigación social, con el objetivo crítico de hacerla más relevante al desarrollo y desafíos sociales e intelectuales contemporáneos. WJV Chapters follow the sequence of activities in the analysis process and also include discussions of mixed methods, choosing the most appropriate software, and how to write up and present the results. AiM BLR In recent years, biometric systems have been deployed at the national and sector levels or both. OJOG Poor adherence to nutritional guidance by athletes may compromise their health and performance. initiative and two implemented the Daily Mile initiative. The usefulness of findings depends on researchers improving their research skills and practices. The findings suggest that prescription drugs are being strategically and instrumentally deployed by users to enhance different domains of social life. ... Data were analysed using Reflexive Thematic Analysis [26, ... A reflexive thematic analysis was used based on an inductive approach, ... With a postfeminist standpoint in mind, the primary authors were interested in instances where Maclaren wrote about her selfrepresentations, vulnerability, voice and power, and how this was shaped by her experiences of the culture of professional golf. Highlighting how practice-based IPE improved patient care and safety created a clear rationale for implementation. OJNeph WJM Strategies to change the sedentary ‘culture’ within secure wards should involve both staff and patients. This, combined with a fear of leaving their dog unsupervised, had social implications in some instances and lead to increased use of the Internet and online groups for peer support. 43-55. To read the full-text of this research, you can request a copy directly from the authors. Drawing on the Behaviour Change Wheel (BCW), recommendations include the need to 1) train and educate sports nutritionists in human behaviour, 2) update regulations for sports nutrition profession practice to acknowledge the skills required to support athletes' emotional wellbeing, 3), educate coaches on the sensitivity of body weight and composition and develop guidelines for monitoring athletes' body weight and composition in sport, 4) persuade influential leaders to develop culture guidelines that shift the performance-narrative of high-performance (i.e., environmental restructuring). ABC JFRM up (eight months later). This is at odds with the motivation of a portion of the genetic algorithms community of removing humans from the loop. Conclusion. This research demonstrates that veterinary surgeons and owners want dogs with clinical signs of osteoarthritis to be happy and comfortable, but that ineffective communication and lack of trust in the consulting room may be a barrier. Our findings lead us to argue for education of physicians and allied professionals to strengthen patient-centered care delivery to women with a focus on building in training supports that include critically informed, social justice foundations. Drawing principally on Braun and Clarke’s (2013; 2006) work, the chapter outlines when the use of this method is suitable and makes practical suggestions about how to plan and conduct TA research. Results confirmed known problems associated with an underutilized site that provides AMPC The, To understand how people make sense of the restrictions and rules related to COVID-19 lockdown, and the navigation, negotiation, compliance with, and potential breaking of restrictions. study, a mixed methods research approach is taken to examine the IJOHNS Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3(2), 77-101.