The lavender known as ‘Provence’ lavender (Lavandula x intermedia ‘Provence’) is a type of English lavender hybrid known as lavandin. Often associated with the French fields of Provence, lavender is now popular all over the world. English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is probably the most famous and familiar types of lavender. These nationality-based categories are more confusing than helpful. This is a very long flowering type, drought tolerant, frost tolerant and easy care. This is a warm-region lavender, hardy in Zones 8 to 11. just beautiful!! In areas of the country where French lavender isn’t hardy, grow it in containers that you can overwinter indoors. Also known as Fringed Lavender, this species is most often grown in pots or tubs and can be pruned into topiary shapes. There are over 450 Lavender varieties and finding the best Lavender plant for your needs might be a daunting task. Dried French lavender flowers make nice additions to dried floral bouquets. Privacy Policy. Spanish lavender has showier than French lavender and their leaves are not scalloped but straight like English lavender. Details L. stoechas is a bushy, upright evergreen shrub, to 60cm high and 40cm wide. If you have a sheltered area where snow collects, the deep snow is only 0 degrees celsius which is often warmer than the air temperatures in the winter. There is lots more information and recipes online for these uses. When purchasing French lavender, you need to buy using the botanical name, because there’s another plant known as French lavender that is also from Spain—Lavandula stoechas. It has distinctive flowers with reflexed petals that stand upright. It is taller and more showy than the 'Munstead', and is a pretty lavender in the garden. Lavender is best grown in neatly clipped hedges, in pots, in a herb circle, knot garden or courtyard.Coastal gardens, rocky slopes and planter boxes are all good environments for lavender. We got a few of these showy paler leaved plants with pale flowers. This plant gives the longest stems of any we have gown and gives spectacular 2 feet+ dried stems with mid purple flowers. English lavender varieties include Hidcote, Lady and Munstead French Lavender. So much so that English lavender is commercially grown for its fragrance (varieties such as Hidcote, Mundstead and Vera are most popular) although some English and French hybrid lavenders (Lavandula x imtermedia) are also grown commercially, particularly Lavender Grosso. 'Munstead' is easily the most cold hardy, easiest to find and has with paler purple flowers. With more than 450 kinds of lavender to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the best ones for your garden. Fall in love with the rich fragrance of English lavender. There are five main varieties, which all have common traits typical of lavender plants, though some have different climate requirements, and some have interesting or unusual aesthetics. Meet the Lavenders. Read how easy lavender is to add to your garden decor. Purple Haze Lavender Farm in Sequim, Washington grows and sells many lavender varieties, including English, French Lavendins and Spanish types. This French lavender is not native to France but to drier Spain, Greece and North Africa; due to its widespread cultivation in the region of Provence, however, it has become decidedly French. Bring plants indoors before frost arrives. The dentata part of the name is a Latin way of referring to teeth, which describes the edges of the leaves—they look like something took a bite out of them. French Lavender. Skeffling (author) from Wiarton, Ontario, Canada on March 15, 2012: Remember high and dry! French lavender is a wonderful landscape plant, bringing a strong … Jun 3, 2019 - Did you know there are different lavender varieties, such as French, English and Spanish lavender? Move plants outside in spring when all danger of frost has passed. I'd highly recommend trying them in milder climates and micro-climates as the aroma is amazing! Get our best gardening advice and outdoor ideas delivered straight to your inbox. A plant in a pot would experience a Zone 4 winter which means the English lavenders are the only ones to survive. Angustifolias are the traditional English garden lavender varieties. I think it is every bit as strong as the flower smell. Good luck, you will love it. It is the cold hardiest long stemmed lavender we have here, hardy to at least Zone 4. Even before it flowers, you can go out and touch the leaves then smell your hand. Bring garden-fresh flavors to the dinner table by cooking with lavender. Water just enough to keep plants alive. May 13, 2018 - Learn a little about the differences between French Lavender vs English lavender including a few of my favorite varieties. Lavender keeps garden pests away, makes attractive borders and you can make beautiful crafts with them. my favourite way to plant lavender is to plant a ton of it all in one block or as a border! I hope the information is helpful on hardiness on common Lavenders in Zone 5. 'Grosso' is the cold hardiest and we have 4 year old plants in our 4 year old lavender plantation. A sachet of lavender can keep insects at bay in the linen closet and garden, and insomnia away in the bedroom! The darker the calyx, the most stu… It had very dark blue petals, so makes a wonderful dried bud variety especially for pot pourri where it can been seen once dried as it keeps it's deep colour as well as a gentle sweet lavender aroma. Grow lavandin for richly hued and scented flowers or French lavender for a clean smelling hedge. Don't miss HGTV in your favorite social media feeds. The three Lavandin X varieties most readily available in Ontario are 'Grosso', 'Provence' and 'Fred Boutin'. Soil – ordinary, well drained Foliage – evergreen Both the above types have many varieties bred and selected for many qualities and uses. French lavender (Lavandula stoechas) is an aromatic shrub native to Spain. True French lavender lacks the rich perfume of English lavender, but does have a pleasant, clean aroma. 'Fred Boutin" is the next most hardy. It is grown in Provence, France in the commercial lavender fields. The English lavender varieties we offer are variants of the species L. angustifolia. These are primarily dried sachet buds, dried stem flowers, culinary buds, essential oil extraction and some for simple beauty in the garden. French lavender: Lavandula dentata.