Roland FP 30 vs Kawai ES110. In our awesomeness score Yamaha P71 ranks #1 out of 121 and Roland FP-30 ranks #15 out of 121. It boasts a streamlined, inuitive interface, as well as Roland's industry-leading sound and feel. If you not playing classical works - I don't think you will really need 3 pedals. Roland has created a digital piano that will stand the test of time and beat quite difficult to match for other companies. They are both really good digital pianos and you can’t go wrong with either. The sound is terrific and the sound bank and internal rhythms are characteristic. The only alternative that I had considered with the fp30 was the kawai es110 which was closer to a grand but I enjoyed playing the fp30 more than the es110. It is a powerful instrument, with more capabilities than I will realize for a while. Roland FP-60 vs Yamaha P-515 (Full Review) Yamaha P-515 Yamaha is known for making some of the best pianos in the business, whether acoustic or digital, and the P-515 is a primary competitor of the Roland FP-60, being placed in the same price bracket. Includes KDP 700 Stand and KSC 700 Pedal Assembly. The Roland FP-30, or the Yamaha P-125, which one better suits your needs?. The 2019 Winter NAMM trade show saw the release of Roland’s FP-10, an 88-key digital piano with a low street price of $499. In the case of piano, you want an action that is suitable for the energy output of the player. Roland. Roland FP30 Digital Piano, Complete Roland. Digital pianos offer weighted keys, as well as built-in speakers, and internal computers. Compare Roland FP-10 88-Key Digital Piano vs Roland FP-30 Digital Piano Black vs Roland FP-60-BK 88-Key Digital Piano Black vs Roland FP-90 Digital Piano Black The Korg B2 wasn’t the only model that I checked out. The FP-30 is the latest “intermediate” addition to the FP-seires, which is known for its compact yet powerful keyboards suitable for home as well as stage use.. As the Key action is one of the most important features we are all looking in a piano, let's discuss on the actions of FP30, ES110, P115, Casio, Korg, Kurzweill and other entry-level DPs under $700. The Roland FP-10 is the first entry in the series and lands well under the $1,000 price range. Learn more about this alternative for the FP-30 by reading our full review of the Yamaha P-125. There has been quite some amazing development in the digital piano industry in 2019. (The new GO:PIANO88 may also fit that market but it is not as close to the PX-S1000 as the FP-10.) The FP30 has met and exceeded all of my expectations so far. Close. But their similar price points left … 2. Roland FP 30 also has ivory key surface, it absorbs moisture from fingers, thus improves playability. Tableau comparatif des fonctionnalités des piano Roland FP 10 et de son grand frère le Roland FP30. ... Roland FP10 Digital Piano. Moreover, the FP-30 it’s one of the few Roland digital pianos that you can buy for under 1000$. $1,299.00) Write a Review Availability: On order . It's in the top 3 bestselling digital pianos and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Kawai ES110 or Korg D1. Yet another weighted digital keyboard around the same price point as the FP-10 is the Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano. My name is Stu Harrison. Roland pretty much invented the under-a-grand, under-30-Pounds digital piano a quarter-century ago when the manufacturer introduced the EP-7. The Roland FP-10 is the first entry-level piano to beat the Yamaha P-45 in my opinion. The Roland FP30 represents the ultimate combination of affordability and authentic piano experience. Roland FP10 vs Roland FP30. Quick view. Action is pretty importand, but I want the best sound. Roland VS Yamaha Digital Piano Yamaha P – 125 Digital Piano The Yamaha P – 125 digital piano comes with a deluxe sustain pedal, furniture bench, black bundle with Yamaha L – 125 stand, instructional book, Austin bazaar instructional DVD, online lessons, and polishing cloth. Roland FP10: Roland FP10 is the most recent addition to Roland’s FP versatile line of advanced pianos. Roland FP30 vs Kawai ES110 Admin / March 28, 2019 / No Comments Having a piano at home is nice so player can practice more and master their skill faster but, not all pianos out there are made for the right user, making us have to select them carefully. These two cost around the same price and are competing head to head on the market right now. The other great competitor is the piano keyboard Kawai ES110.