Lori: I know how you feel about dumplings :) You’ll have to add boxty to your must-try list next time you get to Ireland. Mariko: Thank you! Boxty (bacstaí or arán bocht tí in Irish meaning “poor-house bread” ) is a traditional Irish potato pancake. “Boxty in the Griddle” Traditionally, there are three different ways boxty can be made: in a hot pan, baked as a loaf in the oven, or boiled & shaped like a dumpling. :D, Hey Jenni, I don’t think I can quite compete with the list of verbs that you used for your biriyani, but I managed to get in quite a few all the same :). you truly have a niche for your blog, and i love it! gastroanthropologist: oh gosh, yes, this is perfect with fried bacon and/or fried in bacon fat instead of butter. Then squeeze them out, catching the liquid in a dish which must be allowed to stand so that the potato starch may settle. The Cast:You'll need spuds, flour, salt and butter, no more, no less.The spuds do need to be floury - the higher starch content will help to hold the dumplings together. Thanks and good luck! An excellent tutorial – you’ll be making the next round for sure! Boxty dumplings and cakes - since 1983! I know you’re going to be there … for a long, long while. Bella: why thank you, very kind of you to drop by and say so! jenn: It sure is one helluva dumpling alright :D Be sure to enjoy those spuds, now! They put lumps of bacon in their loafs in Fermanagh. You already know I voted for you, so I’m popping in to admire that gorgeous boxty again and to wish you all the best for the next round. Paul & Nan Farrelly have been making Drummully Boxty … Hi Spud, Excellent photographic tuition on Boiled Boxty. I’m eating some more as I type and it’s damn good stuff! Jeanne: the world record holder is indeed quite the dumpling – and while I wouldn’t try to make a dumpling of *that* size at home, the regular ones are quite do-able – you will have to give them a whirl sometime! Thanks for sharing this special post with us!! Looks delicious. Marisa: Butter absolutely makes everything better :) And if you like the pancake version, I think you’ll love this. Cornucopia on Wicklow St used to serve boxty in their breakfast menu. Boxty on the pan. Very nice work. Transfer the grated potato to a mixing bowl, add the cold mashed potato and mix until well combined. So I consider this a twofer. Wash and peel the raw potatoes and grate them onto a piece of cheesecloth. For a start, I’ll bet you didn’t know that there was even such a thing as a world potato dumpling record. Joanne: Was happy to stop by and read your canned pumpkin and pizza adventures :) And, y’know, I have often thought of boxty dumplings as giant gnocchi – similar in some ways though quite a different beast in others! I think we will need t-shirts. The boxty used in the Victioria Hall wrap, is crepe like. GREG, Weekend menu set, boo ya! The endresult looks so tasty though!! I’m sure you are going to move to the next round. A tasty healthy, low fat convenient and versatile meal solution. I might add a bit of fried bacon to go with the fried dumplings and fried egg. Thanks so much for stopping by (and for voting of course – much appreciated). and it looks yummy !! Just returned from holiday in Ireland, made 5 trips there and first time having Boxty ( Bricían restaurant & Boxty... Add shallots to the baking mix for a superb bonus tang and texture. Drumully Boxty dumplings are used by slimmers as part of their lifestyle choices. A warm potato salad with chickpeas, broccoli, feta and Middle Eastern flavour and a return to the blogwaves of La Spud - what's not to like? Lovely! So thanks for introducing a totally new potato food to me! The Crew:A ricer, a grater, a frying pan.I'm also going to assume that you have a pot, a bowl and a knife or two, 'k? Used the same procedure as Boxty Bread. It was a great step by step recipe. Pour off the potato liquid carefully; then scrape up the potato starch at the bottom of the dish and add to the potato mixture. From our family to yours - Traditional Irish Drummully Boxty Dumplings and Pan Boxty. Feast of St. Brigid, Virgin (Ireland) (NZ, Opt. and the bit about the world record holder for the largest potato dumpling! emily: Truth is the potatoes wouldn’t get to discolour quite as much as that if the cook wasn’t busy taking photographs at the same time! Am I the only one who giggled when I saw the word “boxty”? First time I see this !! Now, I guess you’ve made your Boxty Trifecta! But I like it…I’m thinking it would also go well with black pudding? In fact the boxty is made from very simple ingredients: finely grated, raw potatoes, flour, baking soda, milk or … The boxty place in templebar is pan boxty stuffed with savory fillings. We would like to add it to the Petitchef.com. There are a couple of different recipes, but all contain finely grated, raw potatoes served fried. A chief provider and curator of Catholic information on the web since 1996. Picture perfect indeed. There was just one teeny problem, though…. The happy result is that I can now present, for your delectation and the delectation of crazed boxty lovers everywhere, boiled boxty à la Spud. What a great project to be working on it looks incredible. Boxty Traditions. Thankfully, in the late 1850’s the potato returned to the Irish landscape & has been back ever since & with in the resurgence of traditional potato dishes, including boxty. Boxty can be described as a potato cake, or sometimes a pancake, an indication of the fact that there are many recipes and variations on a theme for the dish. GREG, PS A tutorial on frying an egg as perfect as your would have gotten my attention too. Knead for a good 3-4 minutes - this is important for the future coherence of your dumplings. It is a mid north west thing. You’ve got my vote! great work on the boxty. Also really groovin’ on the presentation (The Cast and The Crew etc) and that shot of the floating dumpling!
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