Take a look at this guide to the Accademia’s features to see whether it’s right for you. That gives you all the ease of a K-cup with the quality of whole coffee beans. You can also make use of the energy-efficient internal heating element to pre-warm your cup. That’s not at all the way these types of machines work. The two complement each other almost perfectly, and you’ll be able to enjoy tons of great tasting coffee before needing to pause briefly to refill. But if that’s not a problem for you, the PrimaDonna XS packs a lot of features into its small form. But to get the most out of it, you’ll need to experiment with the settings. We recommend this model without hesitation – if you can afford it. Metal grinders are considered to be inferior to ceramic ones, simply because as they grind coffee, the metal heats up, which can leave your grounds with a burnt taste that can completely ruin the flavor of your coffee. As power coffee drinkers ourselves, we readily admit that we’re biased in favor of machines with big water reservoirs, so it probably comes as no surprise that this is one of the features we love about the Accademia. These are the Cadorna Prestige, Cadorna Milk, Cadorna Plus and Cadorna Style. Created by Italian coffee gurus Gaggia, the Accademia is a top-of-the-range super automatic espresso maker. The Gaggia Accademia 1003380 is an impressive and sleek espresso machine that can be utilized by baristas of all experience levels. The Accademia offers enough scope to tweak its recipes to keep even the most demanding coffee lover happy. The Gaggia Accademia will be as manual as you like, with a bypass doser for ground coffee and an independent steam wand for manual steaming. If that’s the world you’re coming from, a power drinker, or have lots of coffee drinkers in your household, then you’ll surely love this feature. If, for example, you want to change the amount of milk, watch the animation of milk going into the cup. Unlike most super automatics, the Accademia also allows you to choose between three different milk styles. The Accademia has three pre-set temperature levels. This is only marginally smaller than the tank featured in the company’s flagship model, the Anima Prestige. I got fooled by the overall 4 star reviews for this machine and made the huge mistake of buying it, just to confirm that everything said in the previous 1-star reviews is true and there are even more issues that I discovered that are not mentioned. Best Gaggia Espresso Machine for 2020. Gaggia Anima – Design and Build Gaggia has done a great job with the Anima. First up, the top of the handle of the carafe swivels around and turns into the spout. If you want your morning cappuccino before you rush out the door, slot in the carafe and press a button. Another interesting aspect about the Accademia’s grinder is that it’s better than the one in the Anima Prestige, which is the company’s flagship model. Earlier, we talked about the generously sized reservoir. Hopper & Bypass Doser Another option to feature is the Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine. Recommended for: Power drinkers, large households, novices, and experienced coffee purists. And work out how much you want to spend. Just add your ground coffee and you’re ready to go. Again then, this is the best of both worlds. The LCD display isn’t quite as swanky, and it doesn’t have a steam wand. So if you want your coffee at different times on different days of the week – no problem. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Also, since the Gaggia Babila Espresso Machine, which is our premium pick and this device are close in terms of pricing, similarities are bound to occur. If you need a machine that can stand up to a lot of traffic, while offering a variety of drink choices, and providing the versatility to accommodate a spectrum of users from coffee novices to aficionados, then the Gaggia Accademia is a superb choice. In our view, the following areas could be made better: If you’ve read multiple Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine reviews, then you already know it’s a great machine. To start with, it’s got a plastic dedicated milk carafe which attaches to the machine. The machine will take you through it step by step, with instructions on the LCD screen. For this purpose, we decided to review the Gaggia Accademia super-automatic espresso machine. There are no less than ten different settings, selected by a dial on the top of the machine. An animation will pop up on the screen showing the different features. If you like the Accademia’s style but want to spend a little less, it’s worth considering the Anima Prestige. Learn how your comment data is processed. As such, the cup warmer isn’t an absolute necessity, but its inclusion makes for another bit of polish that makes the model shine all the more brightly. Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Quick Start Guide. The final variable in your hands is the temperature. And you can choose whether or not to pre-infuse your coffee. Where drip-brew coffee makers are concerned, the water is run through the coffee grounds, and drips into the waiting coffee pot via gravity. The robust painted steel bodywork ensures the long life of the machine. We make an espresso, as well as a couple of the milkier drinks you can make. But super automatic espresso machines aren’t just about convenience. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And as you might expect with a space-saving model, the water tank is small – just 1.3 liters. Like other Gaggia machines it has a 15-bar pump. To begin with, its combination of steam wand and milk carafe is pretty unique. In part one we introduced the Cadorna line and it’s four models. The kind you have to leave your home, sit in a coffee shop and shell out lots of cash to drink. As an Amazon Associate, AG Ferrari earn from qualifying purchases by linking to Amazon.com. While not everyone will avail themselves of this feature, it’s an excellent addition that adds polish to an already exceptional model. In the tutorial on the right, Todd and Marc from WholeLatteLove.com demonstrate how to froth for latte art using the Accademia's frothing wand. Gaggia Accademia Coffee Machine. It’s got an extra 100 milliliters of capacity in its water reservoir and boasts an impressive 11 one-touch settings. Quality beans are the key to great espresso, and the Accademia has several features that ensure they’re handled with care. To make a good espresso, you need pressure, and pressure is measured in bars. Use the one-touch setting when you’re in a hurry, or the steam wand to create latte art when you’re not. Troubleshooting & Maintenance Step-by-step instructions for getting the most out of your machine. That way, you’re not losing heat as the coffee hits the cold cup. Note that the Accademia also features a handy bypass doser for those times when you’d rather use grounds than whole beans. In many models, the output doesn’t get as hot as some people would like.
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