When developing your law firm marketing plan, start with Why. With so many efforts driven toward one outcome, a law firm can make the most out of its resources, time, and money. It will take some critical thinking and just a little bit of your time. But starting here is starting backwards: When developing your law firm marketing plan, start with why and what. When crafting the Why part of your law firm marketing plan, define the purposes of your marketing plan, which may include (for example): To establish Collins & Whitmore as an authority on the practice of Family Law in California. Among firms of every size we concluded based on our findings that 70.4% of all firms invest on average at least three months in the development of a formal written strategic plan. Should You Start a Business? 8 Alternative Funding Options for Small Businesses, 3 Steps to Figure Out How Much Money You Need to Start a Business, See more articles in Funding a Business ». Content marketing is magical in that it accomplishes two very different goals of most law firm’s marketing plan: One: It establishes your firm and your lawyers are experts in a given area. WLF will service all needs generated by technology firms, with specialization on mergers and acquisitions and qualified stock option plans; and handles both start-up and established companies. At its most basic, a marketing plan defines what you plan to do to market and grow your law firm and how you plan to do it. Corporate clients keep more legal matters in house. You can (and should) refine your goals over your first few quarters. How many new leads (prospective clients) would you like each month? You can fill in the blanks, using this article as a legend–or write your own borrowing the most applicable pieces for your law firm. Content is useful for for a variety of marketing goals including: You should generate and publish content in a variety of mediums that talk about the practice areas you excel in. All of which tie back to your website, where visitors can contact you. In the Why section of your marketing plan, you should define quantifiable goals, where possible. Our strategic plan template includes everything you need to define your law firm’s strategic plan, ranging from the long-term, big picture elements to the quarterly and day-to-day components. Break Your team out oF it'S rut and SPark Some new Strategic ideaS W ise leaders knoW that the degree to Which you involve other members of your group Data from the Legal Trends Report. In your written marketing plan (and in our sample marketing plan), you should have a place, or a checkbox for Operationalized. Details. SEO is an art and a science. Thank you for writing this. Others are serious about finding a good lawyer. Offering Simple, Practical Information For Legal Departments. If you plan to source blogs from multiple people in your firm (which–again–is a great idea), who will manage the content schedule and make sure content is published on time? The rapid growth of law firms in the past decade has created some new and unique management difficulties. The emergence of “virtual” law firms is now a reality. The technology practice will allow the firm to be able to provide public interest organizations legal help at the cost of overhead. File Format. Law firms are asking some big questions as they plan for 2014. It’s important to define the goalposts with lead (and client) generation so you have a way of knowing if your marketing plan is succeeding or needs more work. When crafting the Why part of your law firm marketing plan, define the purposes of your marketing plan, which may include (for example): Notice that each of these examples are fundamentally different. Will you outsource some or all of it? I’ll have to consider using drip marketing to get starting. But, trust us on this one – a defined marketing plan is as critical as a business plan. So, create a recurring calendar appointment in your Outlook, or a recurring to-do in your Practice Management software to write and publish that blog every week. Wy’East Law Firm (WLF) is a boutique technology law firm located in Portland, Oregon. The purpose of each initiative and activity. Your plan may include a concentrated effort to build followers and nurture your audience in the same way Email Marketing does. As always: Write about what you know. Followers can be nurtured by email marketing. Larger law firms have the luxury of some economies of scale which allow them to hire business professionals for the express purpose of … Google Docs; MS Word; Pages; Size: A4, US. We’re law firm marketing experts. Conversion rates vary wildly between firms and practice areas. If your law firm marketing plan is made up of multiple components (and it probably should be), you may find it challenging to consistently execute on it, week after week. Some examples of KPIs include: Client satisfaction rating; Operating account balance; Amount of accounts receivable; Number of new clients; Number of new cases; Number of consults; Remember to choose KPIs that are directly related to your law firm’s goals. The only thing you know for absolute certainty with your marketing plan is: it will change. It all depends on your market and your goals. Business owners often look for strategic plan examples. Related: Creating a Law Firm Website That Brings in New Clients. It’s achieved through a combination of: A key thing to know about SEO is that it’s a long game.
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