. We can help. . ALL Home Care Agency Policies and Procedures: - Administrative Policies - Client Care Policies - Personnel Policies. However, when not done properly, a policy and procedure manual could do … . Health » Agency 5. It also contains general guidance serving as the basis for policies and procedures that Home at Heart Care, Inc. may develop. Hygienic Measures in the Home              . Your resident care policies and procedures form the basis of a successful community where care and services are of the highest quality. Staffing & Staff Structure . By downloading and purchasing a! endobj Home and Community Care Policy Manual. 07/20. Transfer/Referral of Agency Clients            . MCN Healthcare's Home Health Policy and Procedure Manual provides over 400 policies and procedures addressing administration, emergency management, human resources, medical records, infection control, safety and security, equipment management, medication management, performance improvement, patient rights and responsibilities, waived testing as well as patient care. <> These are top notch (thanks to our team) – and you can’t beat our guarantee. Service Areas . Policy and Procedure Manual Section X Management of Human Resources PERSONNEL: DEFINITIONS POLICY X-4 Page 1 of 1 PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to standardize the terms used in the Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 9 0 obj 6. We offer the customized, state specific home health care policy and procedure manuals you need to successfully take your home health care agency through the process of state licensing and Medicaid, Private Duty or Medicare Accreditation with CHAP or ACHC. Organizational Structure . In Illinois for example, nursing agency policy and procedure manual is required to apply for a nursing agency registry license. This is a sample of typical Policies and Procedures a Senior Home Care Agency will require for employment. NT. Description. maintained to serve clients, health care providers, the Agency and third party payors, in accordance with legal, accrediting and regulatory requirements. Home Health Care Policy and Procedures We offer the customized, state specific home healthcare policies and procedures you need to successfully take your home health care Agency through the process of state licensing, Medicaid, and accreditation. Homemaker Services                    . <> Monitoring & Follow-up                 . ... Home Care Agencies and Home Care Registries (PDF) H. Resources. . stream Exploitation of Client’s Finances & Property             . The manual is divided into two sections: CHAP Core Operational Policies and Procedures and CHAP Home Health Operational Policies and Procedures W e know you will find it helpful as you prepare for CHAP accreditation, Medicare Continuous Risk Management                  . . Sections of the policy and procedure manual include administration, client care, governing and personnel, education and training, performance improvement, safety management, information management, and financials. <> Your home care policy and procedures for Georgia, will ensure that your staff is sticking to home care industry best practices, and is fully compliant. . The Home Care Bag will provide the basic equipment and supplies necessary to perform a standard home visit, and a method for transporting of such equipment. Care Plan-Service Plan                   . Companion/Sitter Services                       . Appendix D.1 SAMS Data Entry Requirements (PDF) G. Regulations and Citations. endobj NOTE: Policy and Procedure Manuals must be submitted AFTER the LHCSA application has been approved by the Public Health and Health Planning Council (PHHPC) and Department of Health. Written policies increase understanding and reduce the need for individual decisions already mandated as Company policy. Policies have been numbered to identify the manual name, section, policy number and page. Electronic Visit Verification                     . NURSING SUPERVISION . Home Care Agency Policies and Procedures for Virginia, 100% in compliance with the Virginia Regulations. Coordination of Client Transfer                   . The agency will provide attendant care services, homemaker services and/or companion care services to the client. 6. Communication – Internal & External                 . Client Service Certification             . Example: HH:2-043.1 The HH: represents the Home Health Manual The 2 represents Section Two The 043 represents policy 43 within the section .1 represents page 1 of that policy Skilled Services Home Health Agency Policies and Procedures for Virginia, 100% in compliance with the Virginia Regulations. Build a successful foundation with our Assisted Living Policy and Procedure Manual. Processes on discharge to other Care facilities/agencies which ensure that Service Users who are transferring are accompanied by sufficient information in order to minimise the disruption caused by the move and to help the receiving organisation to begin providing quality Care services as soon as possible. to Blood-borne Diseases              . If the Client Satisfaction Review              . Assaults                             . . Section Three:  Service Delivery & Client Care. Recruiting, Hiring & Rostering                . the delivery of behavioral health care for the members we serve. . If you're dissatisfied with any of our manuals for any reason, we'll give you your money back! Compliance with Agency Policies & Procedures             . Assessing Client Needs                   . Contracted Services . Provision of Information                  . If you are in a State that requires your home care business to be licensed, your agency will need to have specific Policy and Procedure Manuals in place. Advance Directives Information Sheet – U.S. Client’s Consent for Referral & Release of Information, Client/Consumer and Agency Responsibilities, Client Satisfaction Survey:  Direct Care Services, Client Satisfaction Survey:  Implemented Services, Communicating with Clients Who Have Disabilities, Competency Test for Care Aides (Written Questions), Competency Test for Care Aides (Answers & Composition), Competency Test for Care Aides (Practical Skills), Compliancy Agreement – Policies & Procedures, Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure of Information Statement, Consent to Release Child Abuse Clearance Report, Coordination of Client Transfer Checklist, Employee Compliancy Agreement:  Policies & Procedures, Employment Application for Home Care Workers, Financial Expenditures on Client’s Behalf, Incident Report – Post Exposure to Blood-borne Diseases, Incident Report – Post Exposure to Tuberculosis, Identity Theft Prevention Program & Addendums, Independent Contractor & Agency Agreement, Job Description  —  Live-In Home Care Aide, Job Description  —  Home Care Manager/Administrator, Job Description  —  Home Care Personal Care Attendant, Job Description —   Home Care Registered Nurse, Notification of Direct Care Worker Status – Agency Employee, Notification of Direct Care Worker Status – Non-Agency Worker, Personal or Private Vehicle Usage Mileage Record, Reduction of Services:  Client Notification, Service Information Handout for Clients/Consumers, All policies, procedures & forms are listed categorically & alphabetically. The state will review your healthcare policy and procedure manuals to assure you have passed the stringent test and that the requirements meet all of their standards. Administration. POLICY: The terms listed below should be interpreted as is indicated beside each term. . . It is up to you to have the correct and proper manuals that adhere to all State and Federal Guidelines. Operating/Service Hours . A well-written manual can improve your company by establishing clarity on guidelines, goals, and organizational knowledge, while enabling the team to focus on the company's growth and scale. Please contact us directly. Exposure Control Plan for Blood-borne Diseases                        . . Client/Consumer Protection              . Doc. 5. Employee Personal Property                    . Companion/Sitter Training                       . Clients with Infectious/Communicable Diseases             . Change in Scheduled Care: Client Notification                     .
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