For my bridge pickup the main adjustment is that the A string pole piece is the tallest, I like it that way for riffing about with power chords. Also the top is one piece, there is no join, it’s definitely a continuous slice of wood. Looks like you got a “distressed model” at no additional cost! I got a bargain through eBay of a used and slightly bruised Vintage V100 guitar. Now that I don't have it anymore, I do definitely miss mine. [amazon_carousel widget_type=”SearchAndAdd” width=”610″ height=”200″ title=”Find a Vintage V100 on Amazon” market_place=”” shuffle_products=”False” show_border=”False” keywords=”vintage v100″ browse_node=”” search_index=”MusicalInstruments” /]. I enjoy playing this guitar quite a lot with great versatile sounds from the pickups. Vintage V100 Les Paul ‘tribute’ electric guitar review. Switchable dummy coil for reduced hum and less glassy tone with overdrive sounds via the Thomas Blug ‘Bukka’ switch, (push-push action) on the second tone control. It’s easy to find near Peterborough Market in the city centre and they have an online store and blog etc. No electric faults either. Ad posted 8 days ago So if you’re hankering for a Les Paul a-like then I’d definitely give a Vintage V100 a go. Learn how your comment data is processed. Constructed using genuine tone woods, heavy duty, aged Wilkinson hardware, and authentic recipe pickups, Vintage ICON V100 Series guitars are imbued with character, charisma and cool. They couldn’t say that if it wasn’t true, I think these pickups will be staying in the guitar unless I have some test pickups come in that would be comparable in nature. The reverse-fitted neck double coil and out-of-phase center position wiring created one of the most recognizable guitar sounds of the genre – real ‘Black Magic’. Overall I think this guitar is a very fine player, it’s filling in the position of classic rock guitar in my modest collection. Mainly I would say if I cut the nut a little more and filed those fret ends to a more rounded profile I’d start to feel this guitar has more panache than it does right now. The V100™ is an original Vintage® ReIssued Series guitar, designed and created by … A pair of calibrated and matched Wilkinson pickups effortlessly capture all those iconic sounds, and the one piece hard maple neck and fingerboard gives easy access across the fretboard. Bridge: Tune-O-Matic This is a proper instrument and, irrespective of your stance on the whole ageing concept, the price of £299 compares favourably indeed with the Epiphone LP100. He told me, he was suprised about the quality and craftmanship of this guitars. hello, what do you mean when you say “adjusting a couple of frets with some files to remove fret buzz”. The Vintage Icon series of guitars is a very cool series of guitars. The Vintage V100 ICON SERIES electric guitar is a stylish, Single-Cut guitar, part of a specially-aged electric guitar range. On thomann page there is Ice Tea finish but it looks completely different. Top: Solid Carved Mahogany (GT/ WR/ TSB/ BB/ AW) Built on the 12 nm process, and based on the GV100 graphics processor, the card supports DirectX 12. Obviously, the V100’s neck feels a little different with binding, a slightly flatter radius and a shape that’s rounded with a little more taper (22.7mm at the 1st fret, 25.2mm by the 12th). It does indeed feel less refined or sophisticated than the Tokai LS85 I had (that cost lots more $£$). Now I’ve got the new machinehead and don’t have to tune up using a pair of pliers I have got round to changing the strings to a heavier gauge (I think it had some 9’s on, felt too much like little elastic bands). Controls: 2 x Volume/ 2 x Tone/ 3-Way Toggle. Regular price £419.00 Sale price £419.00 Sale. It’s main problems were that one of the machineheads (or tuners) was missing it’s tip. I’ve read in various places that these guitars are made in Vietnam, though there is hardly any sign of serial numbers, model or any manufacturing data anywhere on the guitar. Featuring color-over=color finishes, the V120MR works harmoniously to deliver a unified work of art with the no nonsense, tried and tested one pickup format that so many down to earth players will adore. The pots themselves seemed to be half the diameter of any I’ve seen and installed myself which was a bit of a surprise again. It's basically a Gibson Les Paul guitar that's made in Korea using a pseudo name. The AFD Paradise model is a slightly "pimped" version of the standard V100 Series, which is even cheaper in price than the AFD - something, frankly, we find quite amazing, considering how good this one turned out to be! NEW – Distressed Gun Hill Blue Over Sunburst V120MRGHB – Available Nov. 2020, NEW – Distressed Black Over Sunburst V120MRBK – Available Nov. 2020, V100 Lemon Drop Left-handed LV100MRPGM – Hidden, Pickups: Wilkinson® Double Coil x 2 (N) MWVC (B)MWVC. This particular model features an aged Gold Top finish that is successful up to about five feet away. New Vintage V100T Reissued Series Electric Guitarflamed Thru Black *Had594. With many of the same features as the V52, the V62 comes with a higher output ‘overwound’ WVTB Wilkinson bridge pickup for extra bite! Took about half a minute to smooth it, indivisibly improved, but feels better now! Combine the two and you have one stunning guitar! Fingerboard: Rosewood, Scale: 24.75″/ 628mm, Frets: 22 Fender Telebration Telecasters – all 12 on one page. Specification. The cosmetic finish was very good on the guitar, all the blemishes were caused by the previous owner! If I think they are a bit bright I can always use the tone control on my amp! Pickups: 3 Wilkinson® Single Coils, Aged ivory, Tuners: Distressed Wilkinson® WJ55 E-Z-LOK™, Tuners: Wilkinson® WJ55D E-Z-LOK™ Distressed, Pickups: Wilkinson® Single Coil x 2 WVS (M) WVS, Pickups: 2 Wilkinson® Single Coils (N) WVS (M) WVS – 1 Wilkinson Double Coil (B) WVC, Pickups: Wilkinson® single coil x 2 (N) MWTN (B) MWTB Scratchplate: Black single ply, Pickups: 2 Wilkinson® Single Coils (N) WVTN Alnico (B) WVOB, Pickups: 2 Wilkinson® Single Coils (N) WVTN Alnico (B) WVTB Alnico, Pickups: Wilkinson® single coil x 2 (N) WVTN (B) WVTB, Bridge: Tune-O-Matic with Stop bar Tailpiece – Distressed, Controls: 2 Volume/2 Tone/3 Way Toggle Switch. So if you’re hankering for a Les Paul a-like then I’d definitely give a Vintage V100 a go. So if don’t mind having your instrument lose 50% of its value then buy an EPI. Vintage V100 models all feature solid mahogany bodies, maple caps with flamed maple veneers and necks with rosewood fretboards and perloid inlays. Vintage V100 has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. I’m happy with that now but I feel that the fret ends, whilst polished and smoothed nicely are a little bit square in profile for my taste. No gimmicks, just plug in and chew the grit! Truly a good guitar for the price. Hardware: Chrome (GT/ CS) Gold (TSB/ BB/ WR/ GDL) Everything else was fine such as other common mistreatment and accident areas such as the headstock ends, lower body edges, neck, strap pegs and pickup switch. New guitar and headstock designs, reviews of guitars, guitar designs and more. As with all guitars you can pick up several of the same model off a shop wall and they will all give a little different feeling, so it’s good to go to the store to buy if you can. I am a drummer who just spent months deciding between an EPI and a Gibson. I just bought a brand new Standard Iced Tea! Vintage V100 with wvc pickups are even cheaper and also close to the traditional Les Pauls PAF sound - £350-400. With these mass produced lower price bracket guitars you should be prepared to do a bit more work to make them fit your own preferences. The sides are painted so for you don’t see the end of the veneer. 22 Medium Jumbo profile frets add to comfort, accuracy and overall positive feel of the Vintage V100CS Nut: 43mm Graphtech NuBone for smooth and friction-free string bending and tuning. For instance I think I have a Tobacco Sunburst model but the top looks like a piece of wavy maple to me. £299; By Simon Bradley 01 November 2007. It is interesting that both used Gibsons and used EPIs sell for on average $200.00 less than they cost new. Neck Inlays: Pearloid Crown But just one correction, the mahogany isn’t one piece at all. This has broadened the tone and, as always, new strings just ring out and twang so much nicer. NEW – Aged Gloss Relic, Laguna Blue V6HMRLB – Available Nov. 2020, NEW – Aged Gloss Relic, 3 Toned Sunburst V6HMRSSB – Available Nov. 2020. I am very happy with the top and back and the mother of pearl inlay in the headstock is wonderfully refractive. Flame Maple Veneer (HB/ CS/  IT) This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Vintage V100 Icon Distressed Lemon Drop but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. So he “switched” this brands to Vintage. My local instrument dealer can´t afford the deals with Gibson and Fender. Vintage V100 3BB Boulevard Black Guitar W/Gold Hardware & 3 Humbucker Pickups. Body: Mahogany (see last pic) does not affect the guitar at all. The V6HMR has the appearance of a battle-hardened road warrior with an aged-gloss finish, but comes equipped with the added benefit of some modern embellishments. Reassuring weight. Vintage V100IT - Thomann UK New (Other) C $1,162.14. Vintage V100 paradise 2011 great condition apart from a small chip on the side of the head stock. V100 Lemon Drop V100MRPGM. What you see is a veneer (like they do with the flame tops). Specs PRICE: £429 ORIGIN: China TYPE: Single-cutaway, solidbody electric BODY: Mahogany with carved maple top NECK: Mahogany, glued-in SCALE LENGTH: 627mm (24.7”) NUT/WIDTH: Graph Tech NuBone XB/42.3mm FINGERBOARD: Single-bound Lignum Rosa, trapezoid inlays, 305mm (12”) … Talking to Mike, at Gemini Pickups, he spoke of the Vintage V100 sounds as being somewhere between those of a Les Paul and an SG rather than just a clone of it’s obvious influence – the Les Paul. Fundamentals of Electric Guitar Design, Part 1. Vintage®V100Series Body: Mahogany Top: Solid Carved Mahogany (GT/ WR/ TSB/ BB/ AW) Flame Maple Veneer (HB/ CS/ IT) Neck: Mahogany – Set Neck Fingerboard: Rosewood Scale: 24.75"/ 628mm Frets: 22 As with all guitars you can pick up several of the same model off a shop wall and they will all give a little different feeling, so it’s good to go to the store to buy if you can. Tuners: Wilkinson® Deluxe WJ44 Chrome (GT/ CS), Gold (TSB/ BB/ WR/ GDL) C $635.79. The Vintage V59 ICONs are capable of providing a multitude of musical tones from a simple array of pickups and controls, and often, the answer, when we are stuck for song writing inspiration or to complete that all so important lead line. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Vintage Guitars V100 Electric Guitar - Gold Top at Vintage V100 AFD Paradise. As you see in the picture the back also seems to be a single piece of mahogany! I managed to get a replacement machinehead from Peterborough Music, which is an excellent, friendly and helpful guitar shop. We provide a perfect opportunity to blend the value of Vintage guitars with the impeccible set up services provided by Richards Guitars. The Vintage V100 Reissued W90 is the perfect guitar if you like a bit of old-fashioned crunch in your riffs. Designed for business users, the 3000 V100 still looks great in the process. $649.00 $559.00 In Stock. Using Trev’s excellent range of pickups, tuners and hardware has taken Vintage electrics to the next level. Vintage Icon V100 review. Articulate pickups, but a bit brighter than Gibsons. Shop. I’ve also fixed up the guitar action a bit, lowering it and adjusting a couple of frets with some files to remove fret buzz. Wilkinson Hardware....good stuff? It was the plastic green snot type tuner and the plastic and had obviously been bashed / broken off at some point. Reverse polarity middle position pickup plus auto bypass of dummy coil in positions 2 and 4. Specifications Colour I’ve played this guitar quite a bit now and I’m happy it fills it’s role well. Body: Mahogany with Maple Cap. Shop. Pickups: V100TSB/BB/CS Wilkinson® Double Coil x 2 The guy says it's Ice Tea Sunburst and it has the V100 on the neck which I didn't see on other V100 models. Well, I have already played with that model. From United States +C $88.62 shipping. Vintage V100 front view. 1 product rating - Vintage Reissue V100-AW Arctic White LP Electric Guitar Wilkinson B-Stock. I haven't played an AFD myself. Let me know what you think of your V100! Working with acknowledged guitar industry guru Trevor Wilkinson, Vintage has created a fantastic line-up of Wilkinson-equipped Vintage electric guitars and basses. On Sale On Sale Vintage V100 3CSB Cherry Sunburst Guitar 3 Humbuckers Push/Pull Splits. I have recently come into possession of a new electric guitar for my wall. NEW – Distressed Black Over Sunburst V100MRBK – Available Nov. 2020, NEW – Distressed Gold Top V100MRGT – Available Nov. 2020. I’m going to do that and I’ll let you know if it gets there. Buy It Now. NEW – Flamed Tobacco Burst V59MRSB – Available Nov. 2020, NEW – Distressed Black V59MRBK – Available Nov. 2020. These fantastic V6 Icon guitars, fully equipped with Wilkinson tuners, hardware and pickups look like they’ve been played for decades with all the marks, wear and tear to prove it. With its classic looks the V52MRBS gives you exactly what you expect – killer tones and superb playability. For the pickups I’ve lowered them a little bit in their mounts but heightened some of the pole pieces to fit my chord work. Though I have no issues with the workings of the volumes and tones, they are as good as any other analogue controls I’ve used on a passive guitar before. Electric Guitar Headstock Designs; unveiling the new Stonelake range. Hi Roberto, there were a couple of places on the neck where when you held a note there was a slight buzz caused by the fret higher up the neck being a little high. Lenovo continues in the IBM ThinkPad tradition with their new Lenovo 3000 V100 laptop. I’ve had the control plates off the back, when I was sandpapering etc, the electronics seemed tidy with 500k pots. Our Verdict. Shares. I definitely feel it’s noticeably notchy compared to my other guitars so I might have to get my files out again to make them less square and more round. The reverse-fitted neck double coil and out-of-phase center position wiring created one of the most recognizable guitar sounds of the genre – real ‘Black Magic’. The new machinehead is also a Wilkinson, matching design, but I asked for chrome, forgetting I had a gold set! Neck: Mahogany – Set Neck The ten principles of guitar design, Part 8, Details. In the case of the EPI it is approximately 40-50% of the original value. Really good. The GV100 graphics processor is a large chip with a die area of 815 mm² and 21,100 million transistors. We check out the Vintage v100 WR Singlecut today! With its classic looks, genuine tone woods, and Wilkinson designed hardware and pickups, the Vintage VS6 delivers everything from blues to heavy rock in spades. So I was happy to bag this bargain. Vintage V100 ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Wine Red V100WR. The pickups are supposed to be of a design imparted by the original Gibson PAF designer Seth Lover to Mr Trev Wilkinson of Vintage. Thomas’ secret weapon – a ‘No treble loss’ condenser in the volume pot circuit. Average Score: 5.0 (5/5 based on 1 review) 1 user review: 100 %: Value For Money : 12/25/2008. Pros Great tone. Also I find the neck position is brighter and more usable, to me, than those neck positions in the Tokai LS85 (Japanese) and Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Korean) models I have owned previously. I used to own just a regular Icon V100 (LP style honeyburst). Vintage has carved quite a market in the UK, and overseas, for its range of knock-offs, replicas, copies - call 'em what you will. It's a very inexpensive instrument but it will contain most of the same tone that any other Gibson Les Paul guitar what have. The V100™ 'Lemon Drop™' is an original Vintage® ReIssued Series guitar, designed and created by Trev Wilkinson and the UK Vintage design team. Vintage v100 za ljevaka But I can't find this type of finish anywhere. Coming with an array of quality features, you'll soon be caressing the beautiful mahogany neck as you sail through licks in style. The Vintage V100 guitar is a knock off Gibson Les Paul guitar. Another thing I had to do was file a scratchy little plastic node off the pickup selector switch! The Vintage® ICON Series™ V100 'Lemon Drop' has become a classic in its own right, alongside the innovative Vintage® ICON Series™ Thomas Blug Signature V6 which featured another ‘Wilkinson-first’ wiring system that recreates this world renown guitarist’s treasured 1961 double cutaway guitar. An accurately-carved gently arched body … Also there were fairly large gouges on the back of the guitar body. With many of the same features as the V52, the V62 comes with a higher output of “overwound” WVTB Wilkinson bridge pickup for extra bite! Featuring an ingeniously designed drop shoulder and offset heel to provide improved access to the upper frets, giving the VS6 an edgier, more streamlined appearance. NEW – Firenza Red Distressed V6MRFR – Available Nov. 2020, NEW – Ventura Green Distressed V6MRVG – Available Nov. 2020. With classic looks and aged Wilkinson Double Coil x 2 (N) MWVC (B)MWVC pickups for meaty double coil tone, each with its own volume and tone controls, 3-way pickup selector and Tune-O-Matic bridge layout. Absolutely! It captures a pretty good, fuller 50s-style vibe. Offering an extraordinarily high level of specification, the build quality and constructional detail of the Vintage V100 includes a solid mahogany body and neck mated in true ‘set neck’ fashion for maximum tone-enhancing rigidity. I’ve said current specs because, the above don’t seem to tally with my own example. $649.00 $549.00 In Stock. I prefer it’s distorted and overdriven bridge sounds to that of my hand made Parts-a-caster with humbucker. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. First of all I must point out that THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE from Vintage guitars and JHS in general. Vintage V100 | Full Specifications: Body: Solid body, Neck construction: Glued, Number of frets: 22, Number of pickups: 2, Number of Finished in classic Distressed Ash Blonde the V62 plays as good as it looks. The Vintage ReIssued Series V100WR is a guitar that screams attitude. I took a small/fine toothed file and rubbed the too tall fret a little, checked again and did this until it was all OK. After that you can go over and check all the frets you’ve filed are nicely polished for smooth playing. cant even see it from the front. Also because the back was badly scratched I decided to sand it down, I kept going, and going, and going and got to the mahogany, it was originally a pretty uniform brown gravy colour. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Vintage V100 but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy … NEW – Distressed Black V62MRBK – Available Nov. 2020. Vintage V100 Reissued W90, Gloss Black w/ Gold Hardware - Pure vintage goodness. I have only ever heard good things about them, and the Lemon Drop and the AFD. They’ve been through the mill but they’re cool and ready for the next gig. Issue #11. It’s hard to say exactly what that difference is but I think it’s probably a lot of small differences adding up. We have no technical specifications for this product ... Vintage Reissued V100 user reviews. An ingeniously designed Wilkinson WTB bridge with unique compensating brass saddles provides rock solid tone, whilst alleviating those old-style intonation issues. Build quality is a bit variable, especially fretwork, but you can take it for a setup at this price. Vintage V100 Icon Distressed Lemon Drop has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. Useful review – thanks. Whereas with the the Gibson, it is maybe 10%. If it doesn’t that may be more my fault than the guitar’s though! Jimmy67's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) 5. Check out the range of classic finishes available on the V100 and we’re sure you’ll agree that this is an irresistible package of attitude, power and tone! The Tesla V100 PCIe 16 GB is a professional graphics card by NVIDIA, launched in June 2017. I’ve read that someone else did this on their V100. cash on collection from littlehampton sorry will not post so pl £230. The V100 series Les Paul guitar collection provides an array of Les Paul styles for players on a … I’ve owned a couple of Les Paul type guitars in the past and I didn’t have one at this time, so I wanted something with some beef available to me to play rock and distorted sounds upon. That’s a bit of a surprise and a shame it was covered so thickly with the treacle coloured varnish. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Hi Uwe, I have been pleasantly surprised by the V100.
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