... e ton of eggs in Morrowind I'm glad to see you working on the new food models - they are simply awesome and much needed. The root itself has a red-and-brown color, tipped with several dark-green leaves. Violet Coprinus is a mushroom with a tall and slender stem with a distinctive violet-blue colour. Depending on the blooming stage of the plant, two different ingredients can be harvested: The coda flower is the fruiting body, which can be easily recognized by its blue cup-shaped blossom with yellow inflorescence. Buy like 200 ash yams and bloat (his stock refills every time you try to buy from him) and use the master alchemy apparatus in Caldera mages guild, and create fortify intelligence potions. Ash Yam as Ingredients by Candlepin ***** **REQUIRES DRAGONBORN** DESCRIPTION ===== This is a very simple mod that changes ash yams from a food to an alchemical ingredient to be more in-line with Elder Scrolls lore (Morrowind). This diversity has inspired me to follow the traces of Hardin the Herbalist and Aurane Frernis and compile my own report of Morrowinds unique flora. Saltrice is another of the tasty and nutritious foodstuffs with modest magical properties raised as export crops by Morrowind's farmers and plantation owners. [_/su_spoiler] Verena’s Manor (TR Add-on) If you’ve got this mod loaded, consider timing your release of Arnamir and Verena so they never meet each other, and they’ll both get a sad ending. Gold Kanet is a flowering plant commonly found in the Ascadian Isles and on Azura's Coast. Ash Yams fortify Strength and Intelligence, increase resistance to disease, or used in Detect Key potions. Very special thanks to the staff of the Imperial Library, Imperial City, Cyrodiil Province for the wealth of knowledge stored there. Spiny Lloramor is a cactus like green plant with brown-coloured tops which can grow to a remarkable size. Whether that smell comes from Ralyn himself or from equipment he carries, I could – understandably – not research. [_/su_spoiler] Verena’s Manor (TR Add-on) If you’ve got this mod loaded, consider timing your release of Arnamir and Verena so they never meet each other, and they’ll both get a sad ending. I also wish to note that the alchemical and magickal effects of the plants are not sorted in any particular order. Ash yams in Morrowind also had a resist disease effect, so Immersive Ingestibles reproduces that as well. ... you can purchase the Ash Yams, close the trade window and re-open it, and then sell them back those same Ash Yams. No significant plotline spoilers) ... bought my usual 100 netch leather and 100 ash yams… Potions made of this ingredient can restore willpower and grant levitation. You will need to load it ALSO, and AFTER the main plug-in. If the negative side effects can be minimized, this would make a good ingredient for a salad. The Sweetpulp can, depending on usage, either paralyze or grant resistance to paralyzation. Its other effects are water breathing and drain fatigue. Just because something is, doesn't mean it must be. Welcome to MORROWIND, the third (sort of) Elder Scrolls video game. 1 Cooking 2 Locations 3 Trivia 4 Appearances Ash Yams can be combined with Garlic and Horker Meat at a cooking pot to create Horker and Ash Yam Stew. Ash Yams Its properties are similar to the effects of Meadow Rye, namely fortify and restore speed, damage health and drain speed. The immature state of the fruiting body of the Draggle-Tail plant of the Bitter Coast is called the Ampoule Pod. It is easiliy recognizable with its lush green leaves and the yellow spike. There are several other plants on the Morrowind mainland like sand kwoom, long-legged velks and dell'arco spae, but I was unable to obtain samples of them for a thorough description and analysis of their magickal properties. Alchemical Recipe's of Aurane Frernis It also drains magicka and speed. The Saltrice plants are also common in the Province Elsweyr, where it is cultivated in combination with Sugarcane. All rights reserved. (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Safe Potion Recipe FAQ (PC) Ash Yam . The Lloramor Spines grant spell absorption, invisibility and detect enchantment, but are poisonous. Players can also find ash yams on the farm, giving them a unique food item. Ash Yams grow commonly in the Ascadian Isles and is a favored vegetable by its inhabitants. Kwama Egg. outside the Mournhold Temple sells Netch leather and one other ingredient with Fortify Intelligence (ash yams, I think). There are also barrels, containing 5 Ash Yams each. A calming tea with modest magical properties is brewed from its thick, bitter-tasting root. Ash Yam. Ash yams and dreugh wax are the more abundant of the four, therefore the most likely choice. Health restoration and fortify willpower are its positive effects, wrong use can result in paralyzation and dumbness (damage intelligence). Filed Under: Misc. So you can create a Fortify Intelligence potion and then create a better potion of the same thing. Marshmerrow is an important crop of the farms and plantations of the Ascadian Isles, but it also grows wild in the Grazelands and on Azura's Coast. Beneficial alchemical effects are resist fire and light, while malicious effects are a drain of agility and endurance. It grows in dark, damp locations. Ash Yam grows commonly in the Ascadian Isles and is a favoured vegetable. The healer(?) Guar Hide. The native comberry brandy is called Greef, while the wine is called Shein.
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