Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @PintsandPanels. VQA wine assessment panel and is a wine educator. When not scribbling, Tracy enjoys oysters, all things pumpkin, cult television shows and bubbly from any region. Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee is a food and travel writer, photographer, producer and a chef. When Sara isn't working, reviewing or writing, she can be found laughing with family and friends or taking long walks with beagle Bailey. While some choose to omit the flower-powered creme de violette, others consider it essential to create the Aviation’s signature lavender hue. Muddle mint, ginger and honey syrup in a cocktail shaker. Make a reservation at Roe Seafood. lavender sprig for garnish (the venue uses a candied sprig), optional. “Lavender adds a floral, botanical taste and scent to drinks,” he says. Find her on Linkedin at When she’s not writing, she chases her passions for running, hiking, and all outdoor activities around the world. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @TheLiquortarian. Bring the mixture to a simmer on low heat, then add ½ cup peach liqueur. Add ½ cup sugar, 1 quart water, ¼ cup coriander, 1 cup fresh, pesticide-free lavender flowers (or 1 tablespoon dried), ½ tsp. In a flurry of Parisian triple crèmes, Napa cabs, and pinxtos in San Sebastian, a decade of toiling in television and talent management flew by. He is a cocktail bartender who loves creating new drinks. Susan Johnston Taylor is an Austin-based freelance writer who’s covered food and business for publications including The Boston Globe, Civil Eats, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Fresh Cup, and Pizza Today. Kevin Gibson is a Louisville, Ky.-based writer who writes about breweries, restaurants and the great city he calls home. Fresh squeezed lemon juice brings a tart component that works really well with gin, making the Lavender Bee’s Knees a nice crisp cocktail good for sipping on a late summer evening. Every #WineWednesday, Christine writes on her blog Blueberry Disaronno The Blueberry Disaronno is a rich purple drink made from Disaronno, blueberry syrup and club soda, and served over ice in a highball glass. He also a brand ambassador for Absyntheum Absinthe in Germany. Sarah Annese is a freelance writer based in New York City with a focus on craft beer. Today the website has a global readership numbering into the hundreds of thousands, and is a place where Cognac lovers can discover more about their passion, communicate with others of a similar interest, and purchase Cognac from the heart of the region to be delivered anywhere around the world. Trying to intersect culinary innovation with the art of distillation. Bar manager Greg Goins concocted the this vividly colored drink with a vodka base, lavender limeade, lavender bitters, crème de violet, and fresh lavender from nearby Farm Lot 59. And wow, is it full of flavor! Abigail is a member of the United States Bartenders Guild and a proud supporter of the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans. She has spent time living in Mendoza, Argentina where she was surrounded by wine, both personally and professionally. She doesn't love bell peppers, or red onions. His work has been featured in several magazines, and he recently wrote the cover story for Bar Business. Follow her @themisswhisky. With over 15 years of experience behind a bar, Matt is the of beer - if you like this, you may also like... Join him in his own personal journey of exploration and discovery on Untappd ( Lavender Collins. Displayed in a larger bowl glass to showcase cocktail’s aromas and colors, this cocktail is made with Batch 206 gin, tonic syrup, club soda, cucumber, and lavender. With his active participation in the United States Bartenders Guild, New York Chapter (USBGNY) he has spent the past four years developing and solidifying relationships in the industry, affording him the opportunity to work with many of the most respected names in the business. She recently moved to New York City to begin her career. Yes No No Preference. Follow her on instagram @emmacriswell. Follow him on Instagram @BlankGlass. Detailing the experience that goes into each libation and telling the stories that go into every glass, fuels a passion quenched only by words. He has two cats, which he loves too much and talks to far too often. The lavender here is introduced via bitters. Facebook She escaped the world of financial journalism after falling head over heels in love with whisky and started her site, Miss Whisky ( in 2011. Gorgeous Signature Cocktails In Every Color Of The Rainbow. She combines Taylor Fladgate LBV 2009, Remy Martin VSOP, Averna, cinnamon-orange Demerara syrup, lemon juice, and whole egg into a drink called the Eclipse, served up in a chilled rocks glass. Order … Recipe courtesy of Honey Salt, Las Vegas, Nevada. She served as the Brand Ambassador for Adirondack Distilling Company before spearheading a digital content and social media initiative for the Royal Wine Corporation. He is currently working on a book about his experiences in the wine business. He is also a published and produced playwright, as well as a screenwriter. She has authored several books, including cookbooks on Mexican and Korean cuisines. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes until mixture begins to thicken. James Reddicliffe is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of BK Beer Review, a blog that covers all things beer in the five boroughs. Strain over fresh ice and garnish with mint leaves and candied ginger. Matthew lives in New York City with his wife, and their two wonderful MacBooks. Sara Havens is a Louisville, Ky.-based freelance writer who pens the popular nightlife column The Bar Belle. Fried chicken and rosé Champagne will change your life! Phil Galewitz has been writing about the the craft brewing industry in the Mid-Atlantic states since 2011. Devon Is a writer and producer based in Nashville, TN. I also wish to work abroad and promote French wines and spirits and share our "savoir faire" and way of drink. Will Schragis has been busy trading jobs in as a Retail Buyer, Sommelier, Bartender, and Bourbon Distiller. He firmly believes that after cocktails, the best part of going to a bar are the stories. He combines the two in his website, Travel Distilled. Bubbly, flowery and sweet, great for a celebration. When she's not hunting for vintage glassware, you can find her mixing Daiquiris at home or scouring New York City for the best Martinis. Inspired by the classic British novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden elegantly blends lemon balm and lavender-infused Bombay Sapphire gin, Lillet Blanc, elderflower, celery bitters, and Prosecco. In addition to working closely on many of New York City's best cocktail programs, he has also consulted Las Ranitas, an eco-resort in Tulum, Mexico, as well as several other venues around the United States. Andrew McFetridge is a New York City-based writer and sommelier. Follow him at @messyepicure on Twitter and Instagram or at Recipe courtesy of The Light Horse, Alexandria, VA. Part of the restaurant’s Joint Chiefs cocktail menu that salutes every branch of the armed forces, this cocktail was created by partner (and retired Marine) Kevin Penn. Nickolaus Hines is a food and beverage writer based in New York. She blogs about living life intentionally ( and helps her artist husband, John Tebeau, explore bars for his Great Good Places series. For 15 years Eric Zillier has worked as a sommelier or wine director at some of New York's finest restaurants including Veritas, Alto and Gotham Bar and Grill. Born in New York with a lust for travel and to visit breweries, wineries and distilleries around the world. After juggling various ambassador roles in the USA, UK and Scandinavia, she eventually moved to London to work in marketing for various independent Scotch brands. Please follow her @winenshine. ½ oz Lillet Blanc. Amanda Montell is an NYU student, freelance writer, blogger, musical hobbyist and Brooklynite. Alicia Raeburn is a bartender and freelance travel and food writer. In addition to writing, he happily hosts wine themed events such as bridal showers, birthday parties, industry and private tasting events, wine dinners and corporate team building sessions. Bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve sugar. Today, he is able to blend his educational training and passion by working as a spirits advocate and educator, consultant, brand ambassador and journalist. Manny Gonzales is General Manager and Beverage Director at Foundry on Elm and Saloon in Davis Square, Somerville Massachusetts where he has created one of the most compressive whisk(e)y menus in the North East. Ashlie is interested in music, lifestyle, fashion, and travel. Lincoln enjoys all the major spirits - Bourbon, Whiskey, Rye and is never too far from his next drink. Cover and let set for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. Combine 16 oz IPA style beer and 1 cup sugar in a saucepan. Follow him @supercasz. Sip and Savour is a marketable and straightforward name that easily resonates among cocktail drinkers. You can find him in one of Berlin dark, smoky bars, unless it’s summer - when he’ll be more likely lounging on the canal with an extra hoppy IPA. Mark Marnell, is a semi-retired Chemist who left the corporate life for a far more rewarding endeavor, Beer Journalism. The Prince at Upstairs at The Gwen , Chicago, Illinois Nodding to its bold purple color and paying homage to a pop icon, The Prince mixes Rhine Hall mango brandy, Clement Creole liqueur, lime cordial, orange bitters, lavender bitters and butterfly tea extract in a coupe glass with a fresh lavender garnish. Since 2006, Pamela has been working throughout NYC and currently can be found shaking things up at The Dead Rabbit in the Financial District. He shares those stories via his Bar Time Stories Podcast. Award Winner! Make a reservation at Upstairs at The Gwen, Make a reservation at The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen, Nice Pear: 15 Primo Pear Cocktails To Toast The Fall Season, Mint Condition: 17 Peppermint Cocktails to Sip This Holiday Season, Pear Cocktails: 9 ‘Pearfect’ Sips to Celebrate the Season. Make a reservation at Herb & Wood. His motto is Cheers, Beers and New Frontiers! Chris Wertz is a veteran of the beverage business for more than 20 years. I'm a french Norman who is passionate about wines & spirits. His Twitter handle is @corkzillasf. Follow her: @elsamixalot. She has earned honors from her industry peers such as winning Tyku's 2011 Sake challenge, selected as one of the 20 Diageo World Class 2012 Contestants, a finalist in Pama's 2011 Beyond the Glass. Web : She has written for Gothamist, Serious Eats, Time Out New York and Tasting Table. Bitten by the hospitality bug in high school and continuing through college, he used his skills to move ahead when others may have thrown in the towel – literally. I turned my career into it because I really believe in it. Follow her on Twitter @PamGovinda. She shares her love for all things food and drink related on her blog, limerence + liquor. almond, greek yogurt, honey, lavender, blueberries, honey, greek yogurt and 4 more. Abigail Deirdre Gullo first fell into bartending when she learned to make a Manhattan (sweet) for her beloved grandfather at the age of 7. Alwynne Gwilt is a Canadian with a Welsh name who lives in England and finds herself frequently jaunting to Scotland and Ireland to learn and write about whisky. It’s a gin-based cocktail that gets its lavender hue from crème de violette. HDC Lavender Vodka carries a subtle floral fragrance with undertones of vanilla, mint, and woody notes. To give you inspiration and spark your creativity, here are some common approaches to cocktail names. Did you know that a tequini is a martini made with tequila instead of dry gin. Ashlie Head is a recent graduate of Florida State University with a degree in English: Editing, Writing, and Media. Dy Godsey is a published mixologist, consultant and bartender currently working in Wisconsin. Tony Sachs has been writing about spirits and cocktails since 2007. He lives in Washington D.C. and South Florida. Lavender & Lemon at FARM at Carneros, Napa, California “The lavender in the bitters has calming properties and adds a beautiful, subtle herbal undertone to the palate,” says Victoria Levin, director of project management at Blau + Associates. Make a reservation at Farmhouse. Tim has been tending bar in New York City since 2003. I was in Champagne this year to achieve a Vocational Bachelor's Degree in International Trade of Wines and Spirits, and now in NYC to do an internship for an importer. Her previously published work and blog can be viewed at With clarity found from sampling different varieties, she began to mock girlfriends sipping Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. t: @andrewtobia i: @andrew1tobia. As a Freelance Writer, Hudson Valley NY Craft Beer Columnist and Beer Blogger, he is discovering the rest of his life, one sip at a time. All rights reserved. Bring it to a boil, remove it from the heat and let cool. She is also wine, spirits, food and travel writer with a taste for Muscadet, and a penchant for curry.
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