⛄️, Hi do u soak the fruit in orange instead of alcohol an pour juice over when finished, it’s 1st Xmas cake an u think mini Xmas cakes will be good 1st try xx, Yes you soak in orange (or apple juice) instead then can also use this to feed the cake afterwards. Just to say I left out the nuts and kept the fruit the same .. perfect results ! Also would the recipe work in a muffin tin and if so would the holes need to be doubled lined and would the cooking time stay the same. When the cake has been iced it is essentially a sealed cake. Line the cake tins: Lightly grease base and sides. I would never have thought of baked bean tins – I’d probably have spent unnecessary money on little tins. Jan 10, 2013 - Chapssal Dduk is a Korean baked sweet rice cake recipe made with red beans temperature the same. Eggs are key in this recipe for binding all the fruit together. During the following months I will post more blogs showing the different decorating techniques. Hi Jules, I’ve just posted details of your mini Christmas cakes on my Stir up Sunday post. 19g dark brown sugar What a great idea! Excited to start already! How long do we have to leave it before icing them? Thank you for the inspiration and the genius bean tin lining info sheet – I’ve linked to it from my post so other people can use it too, hope that’s ok! I made christmas cake last year as part of my christmas pressie for everyone, but lost the recipe, will deff be trying out this one, thank you so much. Allow to set before slicing, about 30 minutes. Although he is no longer with us, his presence is felt in the talents he passed on to my sisters and me.He was the inspiration for starting my business. cocoa powder for the 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Last year I made them with the children I work with in a preschool. Do i need to store them in an air tight container while they dry prior to icing? I live in New Zealand and don’t have a clue if they are similar sizes to our tins. These should work with sponge cake. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! White bean coconut cake. My cakes are in the oven now! Thanks, I exchanged the alcohol with orange juice, and they went down so well I’ve been asked to do them again this year. Mix together. Although the cakes don’t rise too much the tin helps to protect the cake. Help and Hello, I have to bake 16 4″Christmas cakes for members of our church family. VALERIE PLEASE WHERE DID U GET THE 4INCH CAKE TIN LINERS IM USING LARGE FRUIT TINS LOVE THE IDEAS THANKS TO ALL. But they were so cute. http://www.lakeland.co.uk/content/xmas/images/step7.jpg then place a couple of rounds of paper just unside to act as a lid. kindest regards Lin. Cake decorating ideas with lots of cake tutorials, cake recipes and inspiration for beginners and the more experienced cake decorator. Feeding the cakes isn’t essential and as long as the cakes are kept in a cool dry place they’ll easily last a month. I’m not an experienced baker (yet – I’m working on it) and like to follow exact recipes/instructions. If making the 20cm cake does the cake tin have to be a deep 1? and go forward with a delicious baked bean and beef pie recipe instead! Top our Easy Lamb Cake with JET-PUFFED Marshmallows to make the face of the lamb and make the ears by dipping two marshmallow halves in colored sugar! But I’m thinking of doing it now! Just planning my lessons. 6. Keep checking with a skewer, and if it’s not cooked on the inside, but cooked on top cover with foil. ". Secure top half of pan and bake for 15-18 minutes, until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. While I have created thousands of different cakes, my true passion is wedding and anniversary cakes.I cannot explain the exhilaration I feel when someone shares their thoughts on how they want their cake to look. Hi Jules, October is a good time to bake your cake as it ‘matures’ nicely for Christmas. To hide the beans I substituted 3 Tbsp. Got the idea from @DomesticJules http://t.co/ufNydAJ3M4, Mini Christmas cakes cont. If you are going to cover the cake all in frosting this step isn’t as critical. Thanks so much for your quick reply, can’t wait to make them. I wish I could come to one of your classes to get some ideas as I am doing my PETLLS course at the moment and need to get some inspiration for my micro teach. As want to start making them this week but not send them home for at least a month! Aug 19, 2019 - This AMAZING Instant Pot Baked Beans recipe uses dry beans, and there's no soaking required. i made them in muffin tins and cupcake pattty pans straight ones tho, both worked well, as well as they large cake.. i wont know how that tastes till Christmas.. just need to decorate them now. Once the cake has been cut then keep on a sealed box like tupperware. Have all the ingredients, 3 bean tins ready, 3 more ‘bean meals’ planned and ready to buy the final tin! I’ll let you know if this is the year for mini cakes – I like the idea of making some for my son’s teacher and letting him loose on decorating (perhaps the old school rock hard icing sugar type though for novelty factor!) lesson 1 – Shop/weigh/soak fruit/line tins (leave fruit in bowls covered in cling film ok for 2 weeks?) gets a half sized cake all to himself (he’s the only one on our house who eats fruit cake). 1/4 cup oil. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jules, Hi Jules, I’ve just been browsing my ‘stir-up’ Sunday blog posts to see whether I’ve got enough motivation to make something this year. 2 and 1/2 teaspoons baking powder. It’s not essential to feed the cakes. Would you recommend I just use the same weight in fruit as a replacement? Thanks Is a Tupperware box ok for storing the cakes in once they’re iced? Hattie. Great blog – Thanks :-) With icing they still last well. For over 25 years I have been working in the baking industry, 20+ years of which have been dedicated to making and decorating cakes (ie, graduation, birthday, and special occasion cakes). If the eggs are on the small side it won’t provide enough structure to hold the cake. I did these small cakes for my daughter’s wedding cake in 2006 and used baked bean tins. Cake can be refrigerated, wrapped in plastic, up to … http://nipitinthebud.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/its-stir-up-sunday-2/. By checking this box and submitting my email, I confirm that I am 13 years or older. In theory you can marzipan the cake as soon as it has cooled. Please can you advise me as to how i can adapt this method to suit a sponge recipe. You can feed/mature it until beginning of December. The first and possibly most important part of a Christmas Cake is the soaking of the fruit at the beginning. All Rights Reserved. Thanks. See more ideas about christmas cake, christmas cake decorations, cake. Can I still use but fill as if mini size? When almost added, whisk in some flour to stop it curdling. Made with only 3 ingredients, royal icing is a classic for a reason— it’s simple to make, easy to use, and is the first step in making a cake (be it a Christmas Cake or otherwise!) It is the center of a piece of a chocolate buttercream candy or other creams, the gooey juice that gushes out of a chocolate-covered cherry, the center for pecan logs, fruit cordials, candy corn and creams, to name a few. BAKED BY BEANSTheresa, WICell: 262-365-1450Office: 920-488-6204E-mail: bakedbybeans@gmail.com Business hours are 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.Baked by Beans is fully licensed, insured, and registered. This is my plan Substute most of the oil for applesauce (I used 1/4 cup oil and 3/4 cup applesauce). Thanks Anna. Idea from @DomesticJules http://t.co/ufNydAJ3M4 http://t.co/KVtjisVKoG, Hi, this might be a stupid question but I’d seen this idea before and we don’t use a lot of tins so started storing them a about a month ago but have stored standard size (400g) rather than mini size. A quick and easy salad. I hope your cakes that you make go well. Baked by … Hello, just about to make the mini Christmas cakes and was wondering if you bake them on a tray or directly on the oven shelf? They would make lovely presents too. Cool for 5 minutes in the pan, then remove. I agree wholeheartedly with the time taken to prepare the amount of tins as they are rather fiddly – but the result is well worth the effort! You can achieve this by using foil up the sides of the tin. cake cups hold well in the freezer for up to a few weeks if you don't plan on eating them right away, or all at once. My very best Vanilla Cake - stays moist 4 days! It doesn’t matter too much if there’s gaps. To eliminate even more sugar (and the fat from the pork) I used a 16 oz. Baked Bean + Mayo Salad | Summer side. Sweet. zest of 1/12 orange Just wondering though, how many weeks should I keep feeding the cakes before covering with marzipan and icing? We have made 2 batches of these with Brownies last night, sent them home to be cooked and will ice and marzipan next week. I’ve converted them. Am I going to convert you to Christmas Cakes too? https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/best-baked-beans-recipes Personally I think it works best with alcohol like sherry, brandy or whisky. Erica Allen. I’d love to see photos of them. We’ve outlined everything you will need to have the most successful day of decorating. Fits on trays 24 inch x 16 inch. I can bake but am useless at being creative! Happy baking Copyright  © Baked By Beans  |  All Rights Reserved, Personalize your taste with a custom designed cake. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Hattie. jar of home-canned black beans in place of the baked beans with pork. Many thanks ? I then tie the corners with string. Many thanks. I think they’re a lovely idea to give to teachers. Evenly spread about 3/4 cup frosting over the cake and then pipe a small rim of frosting around the edge of the cake to create a barrier for the cranberry compote. 244 ratings 4.7 out of 5 star rating. Sorry for all the questions but this is my first time making them :0)). It would be lovely to make little cake presents this year so thanks for sharing such a fab recipe (and I’ll look forward to seeing how you decorate them too :o), I actually prefer the idea of cooking these mini cakes than I do of making just one large cake. Seasons Greetings from Downunder. She writes about cooking, baking, desserts, and cake decorating. Hi Jules, I have been looking for a mini Christmas cake recipe that does not use alcohol to make with groups of children at school and Cubs. Hi Jules, I got 20 4″ round cake boards for £4.99 from eBay, seller cake-decs. Hi There! Get a square of paper and gather all four corners above the cake and tie the corners together with string – a bit like how the purple present is wrapped here: http://www.inhabitots.com/green-gift-wrap-idea-bobo-wrapping-scarves/. My husband's favorite semi-homemade recipe. Aug 23, 2019 - I know. By providing my email address to Jelly Belly and checking this box, I also confirm that I expressly consent to Jelly Belly contacting me via email with marketing and advertising email messages. Time wise I’d predict 2.5-3hrs. I have heard about the cakes being made in a muffin tin but couldn’t be sure on the cooking times. Put cherries and other dried fruits plus zest in bowl and soak in sherry overnight. Make sure they are wrapped in greaseproof paper & foil and stored in a tin. Thanks. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing recipe. Good luck in your new role. I see the children every 2 weeks. I know that you used the empty tins to bake a fruit cake in, but do you think that this method could be used to cook a vanilla sponge in? Will incorporate shopping/costing/recycling/labelling/local foods into this project and hopefully fun! A Christmas Cake that hasn’t been stuffed to the gills with alcohol is deemed as substandard in this house. This year I’d like to attempt it but here you don’t say about “feeding” the cake….. how do I do this? The sewing related contribution was very minor, and only added the finishing touch. I’ve got neighbours who want me to bake for them, and wondered how to adjust quantities for small cakes – this is brilliant! We’ll soak and bake them next week and decorate them on our Christmas activity morning in December. Using ground will change the texture of the cake. As we struggle to eat a normal sized Christmas Cake betweeen the 2 of us, Pen reminded me that cakes can be cooked in small baked bean tins. Hi, if you’ve used a lighter sugar it will alter the colour a bit. Hi our brownies have just enjoyed making these. Only when it comes out clean is the cake cooked. :-), what a fabulous idea. See more ideas about jelly bean cake, jelly beans, bean cakes. I was reminded of the year I was pregnant with my son and I shared this post instead, full of intention to make mini cakes, but never actually got round to it. I’d like to follow your recipe but split half the amount between 6 bean cans, and make half a standard size cake with the other half. 2 teaspoons vanilla. I make hampers every year and don’t usually add Christmas cakes as I’m not a great cake maker. Am looking forward to tasting it. The only down fall is this year I’ve been asked not to add the nuts. pinch mixed spice feature A CREEPY Gremlins Cake! https://en.christinesrecipes.com/2014/02/baked-red-bean-coconut-cake.html Whisk butter and sugar for 5 min till light and fluffy. I got mine from Cake Craft Shop though their p&p can be high https://www.cakecraftshop.co.uk/shop/5/18/209/ also try eBay. John. Makes a lovely present for anyone living on their own, or put into a small hamper along with some other treats x, These look great! Let me know how you get on. Hi, I’m hoping to use this recipe with a group of parents but we will be using orange juice rather than alcohol, will we need to soak the fruit in the juice the night before? The Spruce / Leah Maroney. https://thebestcakerecipes.com/cake-decorating-for-beginners This lesson plan looks great. Part 3 – How to decorate a baked bean tin Christmas cake. I did lower the temperature a tad for last half hour. 42g sultanas It’s from a 2005 edition of Prima magazine and produces a lovely moist fruit cake. So far I’ve marzipaned 4 of the cakes ready to use in a demo next week. Please contact me for usage permission. Add hamburger meat and onions. perfect for after school club we’ve collected the tins already which is great because we have recycled too which ticks the eco schools box ! Hi Jules – my minis are in the oven as I type, have been looking forward to trying this. Preheat oven to 150°c. Hi Anna, the tins measure approximately 75mm in diameter 55mm in height. Will these cakes be ok with 2 weeks in between each lesson and can you advice on my queries at each stage.. I love the idea of making them in pre-school. Baked beans combine with apples and bacon for a great side or main dish. This is why fruit cakes are often double wrapped to allow them to cook properly. Just substitute the nuts with more dried fruit. I love this blog…. The things I do for my art. Drain off excess grease. :). We have been using this method at the school I work for 8 years or so to enable 60 + Year 6 children to make an individual Christmas cake to take home as a gift at the end of term. How many times should I do this (don’t want it TOO boozy) and how much brandy each time? How can I calculate the correct cooking time? Ok , thanks for replying so quickly, I will let you know how I get on with them! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hi Lianna, yes you will still need to soak the fruit in the orange juice. These look great, but I don’t quite understand what you mean in step 3 above by “Wrap tin in a double thickness of brown paper (or parchment) and tie with piece of string… If you want the top of the cake to brown a bit more untie the string, so the top of paper is open”? please suggest. Put it this way, it took me an hour just to line and fill 6 tins. https://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=1627900 If you could only pick one, what is your favorit… Wedding Cake inherits much of its power from its Girl Scout Cookies parent, crossed with Cherry Pie, bringing a sophisticated twist from its OG and Durban Poison x Granddaddy Purple heritage. I’m impressed how many you made for your daughter’s wedding. I had no brandy so have used Port instead and they taste fine. No you’re not too late. This recipe also makes a 8 inch (20 cm) round cake or a 7 in (18 cm) square one just bake for 3.5-4 hours instead. I don’t have the nutritional info for this cake. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit. WOW – that was a speedy response! I don’t recommend storing them in a sealed container. Is it possible to use amaretto instead of brandy etc? You feed the cake just to improve the flavour. Cake Decorating Classes Online! Tasting Cups- 12oz-4 Pack Choose 4 of our … Given I’m banned from Hubs’ whisky collection after last year’s expensive whisky Christmas Pudding incident I decided to use sloe gin as we seem to have quite a few forgotten vintages hiding under the stairs. Many Thanks, Place rice flour, glutinous rice flour and icing sugar into mixing bowl (20sec/sp 3-6). As an avid fan of baked beans (look they are a good source of fibre and one of your 5-a-day) I knew it would be easy to amass the tins. Whisk in eggs slowly. Looking forward to seeing your decorating ideas. John November 10, 2020. Last night during my WI guest speaking slot I mentioned baking Xmas cakes in baked bean tins.