Can live without aeration. Here is the list of 25 best freshwater aquarium fish to help you out. May only eat live food. Keep in species only tanks or with small. Many color varieties exist. Large, small, peaceful, easy and hard to keep tropical freshwater fishes. Leopard sailfin pleco, clown sailfin pleco. Not readily available in the aquarium trade. The Guppy is a popular breed among new aquarium enthusiasts, because it doesn’t need too much special knowledge, to care for it. The one who live in the salt water is called saltwater fish, while in the freshwater area lives the freshwater fish. This is because that if two are kept together, the larger fish will pick on the smaller fish. All guppies and mollies are hardy fish that tolerate lower oxygen levels and temperatures than most aquarium fish, give birth to live young, and readily breed in home tanks. This species mainly feeds on algae. A schooling fish (keep in groups). very peaceful and hardy, and works well with white clouds and neon tetras. A standard choice for "nano" tanks due to small adult size. There are many varieties as well as hybrids with other barbs. A small shell-dwelling cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. The Phantom tetra goes well with other tetras of similar size. It is best put with other large tetras or with fish of similar size or larger. Pages in category "Freshwater fish of Europe" The following 196 pages are in this category, out of 196 total. An alphabetic list with the scientific names of all known recent freshwater fish species is presented. Males may claim small territories and occasionally minor battles may occur. One of the more aggressive sunfishes. The information, content and material contained on the site is intended to be of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute professional/medical advice. This list gives some examples of the most common species found in home aquariums, Last edited on 18 November 2020, at 00:49, List of freshwater aquarium amphibian species, List of freshwater aquarium invertebrate species, List of freshwater aquarium plant species, List of marine aquarium invertebrate species, The Aquarium Wiki Encyclopaedia List of Freshwater aquarium fish,,,, "Everything You Need to Know About the Bristlenose Catfish", "Phractocephalus hemioliopterus (Red-tail Catfish)", "Hyphessobrycon megalopterus summary page", "Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi summary page",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Peaceful when small but should not be kept with other species at adulthood. Less aggressive with members of its own species than most pencilfish; males rarely spar. ©AquariumFishCity 2020 | Guide for Fishes and Aquarium Lovers. Now, we have made a list of the best tasting freshwater fish species for you. Its beauty stands out while its personality is friendly and easy-going towards other tank mates. fancy hybrids of this species and Symphysodon discus can also be found in trade. They generally need a ratio of 1 male to 2 females or more. There are many species of aquarium freshwater fish, including Catfish, Barb, Cyprinids, and others. The name "silver dollar" may also refer to, The red-bellied pacu is a close relative of the. Rarely breeds in captivity. Breeding pairs leap to deposit eggs on overhanging leaves; may jump out of uncovered tanks. The long colorful fins will catch the eyes of anyone having a peek in your tank. albino variation available. Territorial; keep in groups of 6+ to diffuse aggression between males. Keep in groups of 3 or more. Also known as Harlequin tetra or Harlequin barb. Very likely to jump out of the tank unless there are some floating aquatic plants. albino variation available. Several color morphs available. One of the best-known freshwater fish is Angelfish. They are best kept and bred in killifish-only aquaria. best kept alone or in groups of 5 or more. All are hardy, peaceful, and highly social; keep in groups. Requires space to swim; not suitable for nano tanks in spite of its small size. Hardy and tolerant. Difficult to keep with other green sunfishes, other sunfishes, or even other perciform fishes in general unless kept in very spacious aquaria or ponds. Like many fishes, more tolerant of distantly related species (i.e. One of the several fish sold under this name; there is also an albino variation. Wild type females are larger and much less red than males. From the above, it is clear that colorful fish species are not just for saltwater tanks. The oscar can be messy to look after as they love to dig up plants and scoop up rocks. this species may be confused with tiger barb due to similarities, This species is much larger than most other barbs. The Aquarium Wiki Encyclopaedia List of Freshwater aquarium fish; Sources. Freshwater fish come in a huge variety of shapes, colors and sizes. In the right lighting, this can actually look a bit intimidating. Most common variety is the Blue Paradise. IUCN SSC Freshwater Fish Specialist Group Chair: Richard Sneider Programme Officer: Ian Harrison IUCN SSC Red List Authority Coordinators: Jörg Freyhof (Europe, Africa, South West Asia and Middle East) and Rajeev Raghavan (Southern, Northern and Eastern Asia, Oceania) The IUCN SSC Freshwater Fish Specialist Group is a diverse group of experts, spread over 17 regions around the … Tropical Freshwater Fish 1. It is more comfortable in indirect light. All you need for it, is a simple freshwater tank, with multiple plants and substrate. Shirlie Sharpe. The blind tetra needs to be in a shoal in order to show peaceful behavior, and to prevent fin nipping. A schooling species (keep in groups). You can browse our Freshwater Fish profiles either by scientific name or by common name. Formerly considered conspecific with the spotted sunfish. Like all pencilfish, it is timid, eats small foods, enjoys live/frozen foods, can be bred in captivity, and cannot compete with aggressive fish. The neon tetra is sensitive towards water quality. This is also an aggressive fish and does best in a species-only setup. recreational fisheries. Males do spectacular displays with their expanded dorsal and anal fins. A "neon" form is available; both males and females are bright red. A consistent pH level between 6.8 and 7.5 and a constant temperature of 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for most species. Without question, Oscar Fish deserve a place on our list of colorful freshwater fish. List of Tropical Aquarium Fish . The bristlenose genus has at least 59 identified species and many others yet to be named. Similar to odessa barb but requires somewhat more space. A small shell-dwelling cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. Several color varieties have been bred. Sensitive to water quality. The oscar prefers to be with members of its own species, but this is not a necessity for its well being. This page lists all of New Zealand's freshwater fish species. Males defend small territories. Other rare and protected fish. It needs a cave, and will feed when the aquarium light is out. They usually dwell at the lake bottoms and streams and are a bit harder to catch. lutino variety can also be found in the aquarium trade, sold as feeder fish; the gold variety known as "rosy red" is very common (the image is of the "rosy red" strain). best kept either alone, or in groups of 5 or more individuals. It will school with similarly sized and tempered fish. A list all of New Zealand's freshwater fish species. US), Numerous color and fin pattern varieties. Coldwater fish species: The third category of freshwater fish is the coolwater species category. Can only be fed live or frozen foods. Requires a very large tank. How to keep, breed, choose tank mates. With the right tank mates that are not small enough to be eaten, they will be peaceful and great in community tanks that are at least 55 gallons. A List of the Best Freshwater Fish for Beginners, From Popular Community Fish to Unique Tropical Fish When it’s time to get some new fish for the fish tank – whether you’re a brand-new fish keeper or a long-time aquarist – it can be difficult to decide which critters to purchase for your tank. Cambodian log sucker, false Siamese algae eater, This species may be sold as Siamese algae eater. However, just the opposite is true: Angelfish should not be kept with fish that may nip and annoy it such as some large tetras. Not a true goby, a gudgeon. Angelfish should be kept alone, or kept with three or more. 1.1 1) Flowerhorn Cichlid. has different varieties including long-fin, albino, golden, etc. A schooling species. Threadfins have very tiny mouths and cannot compete well with other fish for food. Often confused with the pygmy gourami, but larger. The pH levels and temperature are also significant factors in managing a healthy aquarium environment for your freshwater fish. As you can tell, there are lots of colorful freshwater fish available that you can easily get from your local fish stores or pet stores. The cave tetra is the blind cave form of the Mexican tetra. The current Red List publication shows that there are declining populations in 17% of Europe’s freshwater fish and lamprey species, but for 76% of species the population trend is … They are called Kissing Gouramis because the seem to pucker their lips outwards. Peaceful and dwells at the top of the tank in schools. Killifish of all species breed in captivity but are short-lived by nature; many species live for 1 year and breeding may be triggered by changes in water or temperature. One of the most common fish for new aquarists. Does not breed in captivity. This fish is very prone to diseases, and can grow larger than most tetra species. Firewood catfish, (planiceps) shovelnose catfish. Welcome. Difficult to breed in captivity, most halfbeaks sold are wild-caught. Among the less aggressive of the sunfishes. Needs generous amounts of plants. Let’s dive into our top 7 list of the best colorful fish to add to your freshwater tank! 1 Best Colorful Freshwater Fish. Many color and tail pattern varieties exist. Updated 04/08/17. Shy but territorial. We’re always learning, figuring stuff out, taking advantage of the enormous smarts of our friends and our on-line community, and trying to give some of that back in turn. North America is the best source of this fish. Also known as the Queen loach. Pin Share 1. We’ve provided a look into 42 species of freshwater fish—including largemouth bass, walleye, catfish, crappie, northern pike, trout, and more! Many can adapt to a simple environment that requires only daily feeding and occasional cleaning. Aquarium freshwater fish are ideal as pets, research subjects, and decoration. Hunts and eats small shrimp. 31.4 cm (12.4 in) at maturity, 37 centimetres (15 in) maximum length. A peaceful algae eater. We have added the Betta to our list of best freshwater fish for beginners because they are one of the most stunning tropical fish you can keep. Likely the most aggressive sunfish. With that in mind, here's an overview of the freshwater fish that are generally acknowledged to be good table fare: Bluegill (Bream) Bluegills are found in most North American waters and are often the first fish that young anglers catch. This tetra prefers low to moderate lighting. More invasive and non-native fish. They will eat a mixed diet comprised of a variety of pellets and live foods.