Repair log – 2009 Gibson Goldtop Traditional Les Paul SN 00939030, made Nashville USA. This 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, AKA “Burst” was in need of a refret and a good setup. A light redress of the frets is enough to take out the wear in the frets. "We needed an acoustic guitar at short notice for a community concert and found God's Own Guitars online; Iain was incredibly easy to liaise with to select a guitar, and to agree hire and collection dates/times. I believe these became loose and subsequently lost years before. It’s an M20 made in 1961. Based … DENMARK STREET GUITARS RARE AND VINTAGE GUITARS AND AMPS. Michael Stevens is a renown Luthier working out of Alpine, Texas. The broken halves of the split will need realigning and gluing back together. but it suggested that the fingerboard had been removed at some point in its life. The break has occurred just underneath the top nut. After months of intensive restoration the guitar was finally restored and shipped off to its owner in the Midlands. A jig is made up to hold the guitar and headstock in place whilst the glue sets. Home News About Gallery Contact Proudly powered by Weebly. The first coat is applied – this is the base colour mixed with clear gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer. A shear break makes for a difficult repair because it is impossible to rejoin and glue the end grain of a section of wood to another end grain. Mal needed a guitar, so he bought the Gibson. Sorry to see this one go! Chandler Guitars - London John Hornby Skewes - Leeds Rare Bird Laboratory - Denver Gibson Guitars - Nashville. Steam is then pumped into the dovetail cavity and the neck removed. All in all the whole instrument was in a sorry state and on the verge of being discarded. Once the back is removed the simplistic ladder-brace system is revealed. Home; About; Instruments. A 3mm hole is drilled through into the dovetail cavity, the finish is scribed around the heel. We are Europe's leading specialists in new, used, vintage and rare guitars, basses, amplifiers & FX. These and discarded and a new bone nut and saddle are made and fitted. Established 25years ago, authorised Gibson and Taylor service centre, we repair all brands and types of guitars, everything from changing one string to getting your guitar to play the way you want, inc upgrades and customizations to make it your own. Gorgeous 1994 Gibson Hummingbird Ren Ferguson no: 46/100th Anniversary Limited Edition guitar in Vintage Cherry Sunburst Top with  Natural Cherry Back and Sides finishAbsolutely investor grade, with only some finish checking throughout the body, other than that it's absolutely mint! Current value range – £1,104 to £1,499 in excellent condition (but with original pickups) Purchased used for £1,000, Weight = 4.3Kg, 9.48lbs Epsom Store The UK's Biggest Guitar Store. This is an all Mahogany guitar: Mahogany soundboard, back, ribs and neck. The fingerboard extension is heated to release the glue. With the slight hump removed new M.O.P dots were inlayed the fingerboard was refretted. Headstock repair. Fixed Rates Most common services and repairs have a fixed rate listed in the sections below. Here’s a very old guitar on the workbench. The guitar neck has been reset at some point, but the fingerboard has not been glued back in place correctly as there is a crack between the fingerboard and body, as detected by this feeler gauge. Brazilian Mahogany and ebony inserts are made up and glued in oversized to be trimmed down to shape once dry. This gives the new bridge a flat and stable gluing area. We are Gibson Guitar Specialists ~ 12th Fret was established in Jan 2008 by James Collins, offering a professional guitar service & repair in the UK. Together they designed and made guitars for many named artists. The split had occurred when the guitar (in its case and packaging) was drop upright on its end. This little gem has some all too familiar problems; it has severe soundboard bellying, the neck is loose giving a high playing action. More info on The Harmony Guitar Company here…, The Harmony Guitar Company ceased trading in 1975 and sold the Harmony name. It’s had a hard life and had undergone some very strange repairs over the years. This also reveals some of the old repairs and doweled holes. Recently a 1963 Gibson Country & Western acoustic guitar was taken into the workshop for a Workbench Assessment. Becoming a Gibson Approved Service Centre in July 2010 offering Gibson Warranty services as well as genuine Gibson Parts. fujigen archtop masterfield mfa fp guitar gibson strings mint made in japan. I photographed the process as I went along. The join is assembled using hide glue and clamped. Hello, and Welcome to Monty's Guitars! I also work on related stringed instruments – banjos, mandolins, ukeleles, bouzoukis, basses and others. This didn’t look like Harmony spec. The bracing system is made up and glued into place piece by piece. Their footprints are still visible. The soundboard is ladder-braced with 5 lateral braces across its width. For guitars with regular tuners, I set the tuner's hole perpendicular to the string, pull the string through, and then do a hard perpendicular bend coming out of the hole, and then -- as others stated -- wind downward. We offer FREE next day delivery to mainland UK, full setup, Finance and a 14-day return policy. It’s a Gibson L1 made in 1926. Close inspection reveals a loose X brace on the bass side. Custom electric guitars, professional servicing, setups & repairs for all types of guitars. A few other jobs around the guitar are carried out i.e. In the years from 1945 – 1975 the Chicago firm had mass produced about ten million guitars. As previously mentioned owners are forever trying new ways to bring out the best tone in their Harmony guitars. Fret level, dress and polish £30. Two brothers, Ben and Lew Davis, started Selmer London back in 1929 when they secured an agency deal to sell saxophones supplied by the French company Selmer. £3,995.00 This is a great example of a late '60s Gibson J-50 before the company made the... View full product details → 1963 Fender Stratocaster - Olympic White £29,995.00 1963 Fender Stratocaster - Olympic White. With very little effort the bridge is removed. Fixed Rates Most common services and repairs have a fixed rate listed in the sections below. Please use the search field below. I’m happy to report that the repair went very well and the guitar is now back in action again. The neck is pulling up with the tension of the strings and a gap has appeared at the neck/body join. Owned from new since 2013. Basic guitar setup: £10 General clean up New strings (you provide them) Fretboard oiling (if rosewood and needed) Action adjustment Truss rod adjustment Intonation adjustment Pickup height adjustment. Home; About; Instruments. This is quite common when a neck is removed. June 2020 Page 2 Bench Rate Services or repairs which do not have a fixed rate will be billed at the bench rate of $78 per hour ($1.30 per minute) with a minimum charge of $15. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our James Crowe. Therefore, a thin pallet knife is slipped between the back and the end block to start the separation. Ft. Over 1,000 guitars. {{itemCount}} {{sku.Description}} Review Cart. Feline Guitars is a professional guitar repair workshop in Croydon serving customers in London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex the south East (and further afield too).. Our repair work is some of the best you will find around, combined with friendly honest advice & help and good customer service From re-stringing to set-ups, fret dressing, re-frets to complete rebuilds, we do the best work in town. So it is decided that the head veneer should be removed and replaced once the repair inserts have be added. Whilst it’s on the workbench I had an opportunity to give it a thorough workbench assessment and I did’t like what I saw. The new bridge design was based approximately on the same shape and dimensions as the old bridge. The company peaked between 1964 – 1965 selling 350,000 instruments, but low end foreign competition led to the company’s demise 10 years later.