Drain, then tightly squeeze them by the fistful over the sink. Each wash will reduce life of the garment. That’s right, the front of the shirt actually causes a collar to sag more than a poor collar itself! Any "ring around the collar" is somewhat less visible on light blue shirts and on white/light coloured shirts with checks, stripes or some other pattern. Complete guide on how to Instantly get your shirt collar to stand up and look perfect all day? Even if your dress shirt did not come with collar stays, however, you can still buy them elsewhere for use in your dress shirt. By Justin Fenne r. April 29, 2016. But there’s good news: learning how to keep your shirt collar stiff is simple once you know the property strategy. Wear and tear is inevitable, but hand washing the shirt in a mild detergent, rinsing thoroughly and hanging to air dry will put the least amount of stress on the collar … 1) Washing is poison for you garment. Using a slotted spoon, transfer to the ice water to cool and repeat as needed. Or, how Mike Piazza’s dress shirt almost ate him alive. How to Keep Your Shirt Collar From Making Your Neck Disappear. But it doesn't have to be this way. If you do your own laundry and frequently experience curled collars, here are a few tips to help you resolve the issue. It makes all of the hard effort you put into looking your best seem pointless. Remove your shirt from the dryer while it is still slightly damp. You could try a shirt with a different fabric and se if it makes any difference for you. Hot water is key. Fast fix: how to mend worn shirt collars and cuffs Perfectly good shirts get thrown away when the collars and cuffs start to fray. 2) Avoid drying t-shirts on hangers or hanging them on ropes. posted by iviken at 5:03 PM on June 30, 2013 Following the tips listed above should give you a better idea of how to preserve your collars while keeping them nice and crisp in … Our expert guide will take you through the mending process step-by-step, leaving you with a shirt looking as good as new. By hand washing a men's dress shirt, you can preserve the shirt and the details on it -- like the collar corners -- for a much longer time. With the collar unfastened and flipped up, both sides of the collar will get a more thorough cleaning during the wash cycle. You work hard to keep your shirt clean and crisp, the color uniform, the appearance as good as it can be—and then, your collar rolls up on you. Here are our tips. How to Keep Collars From Curling. Using collar stays alone won’t solve the problem of the sagging shirt collar. Don’t let a bad shirt collar ruin your outfit. If for any reason you decide to re-press a worn dress shirt for a second wearing, it’s important to keep in mind that this can and probably will cause the dirt and oils in the collar to set and become permanent stains. Without a thorough cleaning, sweat and body oil can build up around the shirt collar and even stain it permanently. Dry them flat. The collars may even look clean at this stage but oils can appear invisible until heat is applied. Instead, the true cause of a sagging shirt collar is actually lies in the shirt’s placket. Hang the shirt … Try reducing wash cycles by using T-shirts which are anti-odour or stain-resistant. Sagging Shirt Collar Problem: The Placket. A stretched out shirt neck makes you look sloppy, but reversing fabric stretching isn't always feasible at home. Still, there are a few simple strategies that can shrink natural fibers and return a baggy, too-large shirt to somewhere closer to its original size. Learn how to stop your shirt collar from folding. Related: This Is The Best Way To Remove One Of The Toughest Shirt Stains Curled up shirt collars are annoying and can be embarrassing.