Burning firewood to warm your home or to cook a meal is one of life's most basic activities. Enjoying a fire is always a cold weather classic. Want to learn how to season firewood? In the backcountry, never leave a fire unattended. How to Season Firewood. Certain wood types are going to take a little bit longer to season than others. Storing firewood correctly can protect your wood and create a reserve during cold seasons. When it comes to seasoning firewood, things can get a bit tricky. After cutting your firewood, you should pile it up to allow it to season. For more information or a quote, just give us a call at (865) 654-6822. Choose The Right Equipment - Using a sharp splitting axe or hydraulic wood splitter will make processing the firewood faster and easer. Let us start by having a look at how long it takes wood to season. Stage 3 Stack it. Dry and hot weather conditions speed up the seasoning procedure. The time it takes for firewood to season can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on a number of variables such as the starting moisture content of the wood, how well the wood is stacked and covered, and the climate. 5. In cold, moist conditions, the seasoning process can slow down, halt, or even reverse in extreme cases. Due to the high moisture content, it doesn't burn as efficiently as drier firewood. The art of firewood isn't cut and dry, here's how to make your wood dry thoroughly to burn well. The Best Generator: How To Select That Fit For You, How to Season Firewood – Tips to Make Your Firewood Dry Quickly, Best Corded Electric Chainsaw: How to Make You Unique, Best Stihl Chainsaw Ever Made: Reviews and Top Picks. Cut your firewood to an appropriate length that will fit in your fireplace or stove. There are a couple of ways to determine if your firewood is well seasoned. This allows the lower layers of wood to properly season without the worry of the wood going bad. But if you’re looking for an excuse to fire up the chainsaw, it might be a great time to start gathering logs to burn this winter. So, the less time you have to season your firewood, the smaller the pieces you should cut. The sun will naturally suck up the moisture from the wood until it dries. When you buy kiln dried firewood wholesale from us, you get clean, pest-free and dry wood that is professionally packaged and ready to sell. Thinning out a crowded area will allow more sun and nutrients for the remaining trees. This exposes more wood to … Dry firewood burns hotter, easier and safer than wet wood. I have compiled an in depth list of the top 3 ways to season or dry your firewood FAST. We just bought a full face cord of firewood, all oak, pre-split, advertised as being dry & aged for 2 years. If your wood meets these criteria, it is a sign that it is seasoned and ready to use in the wood-burning stove. On the other hand, hardwoods like oak take a more extended period of up to 12 months to season. Overall, if you need any post related to firewood, feel free to browse through our site. When firewood is first chopped down, it usually contains roughly 40-60% water. Or even better, allow the wood to season one full year before use. So Ash does take less time to season and, if you try hard enough, you can probably get it to burn when green. Each fragment has a larger surface area that accelerates the seasoning process. Small firewood pieces take less time to dry. If you buy or cut your wood green, you will need to dry it in order for it to burn more efficiently and safely. Most racks are fairly inexpensive or can be built at home with a few simple tools. Split It - Splitting the firewood allows the air to reach all sides of the wood, speeding up the amount of time needed to dry the wood. You cannot risk the harsh winter weather approaching without enough seasoned firewood to keep you warm. Hey there Bob, Alder is certainly not the best firewood out there, but it still does the job. 9. It is divided into three simple stages. How To Season Firewood Seasoned firewood burns easier, is more efficient, and produces less creosote in your stovepipe or chimney. How to Season Your Own Firewood… The key to seasoning wood fast and successfully is to maximise the potential for the sun and wind to dry it out naturally. Bigger firewood pieces will need more time to season. It is best to take advantage of the heat in spring or summer to prepare the firewood to use to keep warm in fall. You can simply move the wood in the shade till the sun comes out again. Plan Ahead - Seasoning firewood takes time. 9. Your email address will not be published. While it may be tempting to grab the closest log regardless of its condition or origin and throw it into the fireplace, choosing the right piece of wood will make your night in front of the fire warmer, cleaner and safer. Better yet, you can use a hydraulic wood splitter to split your wood. They type of firewood you gather will determine the time it takes for it to season. Firewood measurements such as a cord, face cord or rick can be confusing. Most racks are fairly inexpensive or can be built at home with a few simple tools. Pine is an example of a softwood. For optimal burning, firewood should be dried, or “seasoned,” until its moisture content is less than 20 percent. So here are a few signs that will show you whether the process is complete. Instructional video covering the various methods to allow seasoned firewood to dry , ready for the next winter Seasoning is best done during summer when the temperatures are hot and dry. Although it seems like a great and less strenuous idea, it is best to season your wood for Grade A results. As a reminder, we may receive a small share of the sale. If you're choosing from trees on a wooded lot, cut down the trees that are crowding other trees from growing. Build a storage shed over your firewood to keep it covered and protected from wet weather conditions. 7. Never use wood … You may be tempted to purchase a ready to use a stack of seasoned firewood. Rather, stack your wood in the open sun where it is in contact with as much sunlight as it can get throughout the day. Here are a few tips to help you get your firewood seasoned in no time. Burning wood that hasn’t been seasoned, will cause a very smoky fire if it burns at all, and if you’re using a fireplace or wood burning stove, creosote will build up and can cause a fire. Use The Sun - The sun is a natural kiln for firewood. Firewood seasons more quickly when stacked outside in the open air. Before you can begin burning firewood, it is pertinent to be patient. It takes time for wood to fully dry, but there are a few tricks I will tell you about below that can speed up the firewood drying process. 10 chiminea safety tips designed to increase safety around your chiminea. For many, it is hard to tell whether the seasoning process is complete. 10. Seasoning firewood is quite an easy process. Six to twelve months may sound like a pretty long time, so I guess you are now wondering how to season firewood quickly. 4. One of the biggest benefits of cutting and drying your own firewood is that it allows you to cut the wood to the optimal size for your stove or fireplace. There is still a surefire fastest way to season firewood. Cover It - Using a tarp, firewood storage shed, or firewood cover will keep rain and snow off your firewood stack. For some, this is merely getting to a wood supplier and purchasing a stack of logs. Watch for sparks flying from the fire that may land on nearby pieces of firewood or other combustible material, such as pine needles, grass, twigs and dry leaves. As common as wood sheds are, they are not such a good idea. Firewood can suck up moisture from the ground when in contact with it. Use stones, bricks, or a plastic sheet to keep the wood off the ground. An even better way to stack your wood is it crosses each piece differently in a way that allows air to flow in between the firewood. Keep It Off The Ground - Keeping the wood elevated off the ground reduces the amount of moisture the wood soaks up from the earth and also decreases the amount of bugs and fungus on the wood. Knockout Firewood offers the highest quality commercial firewood & wholesale firewood logs. 2. Firewood that is placed indoors will not season properly and there is always the risk of termites entering your home. Sycamore Firewood Seasoning. An indoor storage area will double that time needed to season the firewood. 2. Now you are aware of the approximate time you will need to season your firewood. Well, there are some perks associated with sycamore. Split your firewood into smaller pieces for a quicker seasoning process. Learn how to fix and remove a busted or stuck fireplace damper. The process of seasoning firewood does require some time, usually about 1 year, and good storage is essential. Unseasoned firewood can also be very frustrating to use. To help our firewood to season we stack it on a concrete base which aids in keeping the logs moisture free. If you have a newer, high-efficiency wood burning stove, then burning well-cured wood is a must. 3. Drying and seasoning firewood How to dry or season firewood. Properly storing firewood and seasoned wood results in firewood wood that burns cleaner, produces less smoke and creosote and yields more heat more efficiently. Cut your firewood to an appropriate length that will fit in your fireplace or stove. Do it yourself chimney damper repair options. Softwoods will take approximately six months to complete season. That means you produce less heat and more condensates in the … Learning how to season firewood is simple. As a reminder, we may receive a small share of the sale. Cut your firewood in spring or early summer so it gets at least 6-9 months to dry out; if you cut it in autumn or winter, it won’t be dry enough to use until the following year. Splitting firewood helps it dry quicker. Click here for more information. This is why it's important to "season" your firewood before burning it. You will also learn the signs of completely seasoned wood. After cutting your firewood, you should pile it up to allow it to season. That's pretty much true -- it can take nine months to a year for some firewood to properly dry or "cure." Different types of wood will take different amounts of time. For the best quality fire, you will need to use utterly seasoned firewood. In fact, many people (including myself) have completely eliminated their monthly heating bill by burning firewood. When you stack your firewood, make sure that you do the following: When you stack your firewood, keep it off the ground. Generally harder, hotter burning woods like gum take longer to season than softer, cooler burning wood like white pine. As fuel prices rise, the cost of heating a home can be a strain on your budget. (And any time is a good time for chainsaw maintenance!). Sometimes firewood can be a lot a work. You have to strategically locate your stacking area to help season your firewood quickly. Avoid shady areas. The climate is a fundamental factor to consider when determining the time it will take to season your firewood. So, how does sycamore stack up to the competition? It is a genius idea until you come across unseasoned firewood, giving one hell of a hard time. 6. October 8, 2020 By woodcutter Leave a Comment, Last Updated on October 8, 2020 by woodcutter. Larger firewood pieces have a smaller surface area and take longer to season. Ash is no different from any other firewood; for optimum combustion performance it should have a moisture content between 12% and 20%. Some firewood suppliers can be unscrupulous and sell timber as ‘seasoned’ even when it doesn’t quite make the grade, so in these instances, a moisture metre can be invaluable. Learn more on how to store firewood. Contains building ideas and design plans. A clean burning wood burning stove. Use harp tools to make the process easier. While the temperatures outside continue to heat up, firewood is probably the last thing on your mind. Required fields are marked *, The Wood Cutter is brought to you by DotSurfer publishing family in partnership with RANKLYZ.© 2020. When moisture is removed from firewood, the heating efficiency of the wood increases. To do this, you need to make sure you choose the right spot for your store, chop it correctly and stack it efficiently. The old farm adage was "cut in spring, burn in winter." It's hard to start, smokes a lot and uses the heat generated by the fire to evaporate the water in the wood, leaving less heat for your home. The finest wood usually cut between 15 – 20 inches. While you may not always have the luxury of choosing what wood to use, some types of seasoned firewoodwill provide better results. A mobile wood rack is a good idea in dynamic, unpredictable weather conditions. Stack wood in a single row, out of the shade, with enough space between the pieces to allow air to pass through. To get the most heat out of your firewood, follow these steps to make sure the firewood is seasoned and ready for use. Your wood will season quicker when stacked and exposed to the sun’s heat. 8. Firewood should be seasoned for at least 6 months before checking its moisture content. Be sure to give the wood plenty of time to dry and season. How to speed-season firewood? You can use it all season long if you want to, but many folks who burn wood like to utilize it in particular during the “shoulder season” – when you don’t want too hot of a fire; when, for example, Douglas Fir would bring too much heat. Your email address will not be published. Seasoning firewood takes time. Spring is also a good time to start prepping your wood for use in fall. We hope you love the products and ideas we recommend! Seasoning firewood is a process that takes time. Seasoning firewood is another term for removing all moisture from the firewood. Generally speaking you'll want to go with the following: cut the wood 3-4 inches shorter than the width of … Chose a place that is outside, away from buildings where the air blows freely. Softwoods take less time to season, but they burn for a short time and produce not as much heat. For example, oak is a very good choice for wood burning furnaces, because it's dense and it burns hot. By allowing your firewood to dry out and season, it creates drier wood that's easier to burn. How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sprinkler System? 8. Splitting wood into smaller pieces will hasten the seasoning process. Firewood can be a great alternative heat source to lower your monthly heating bill. How to Season Firewood If your primary heat source or cooking source is a wood burning stove, then you need to make sure you know how to season your firewood. Read this first! Wood should be as dry as possible for burning; otherwise a lot of the heat in the firebox is used to heat up and evaporate the water in the wood. For others, this is a more difficult task that requires chopping down a tree or two. There is green wood and then there is seasoned wood that has become wet. You will need to get the wood you want o season. Dry wind will blow out moisture through the wood’s split ends. November 6, 2011 5:28 PM Subscribe. It is efficient to use an axe or saw to chop your firewood. Stack It - Stacking the firewood in rows or in a criss cross pattern allows the air to flow across the wood removing any unwanted moisture. Tips and ideas for building a firewood crib to store and season your firewood so it's dry and ready to burn. So our best advice is to ignore that old rhyme. Using firewood is a brilliant way to save money and still keep the home warm during winter. Despite burning for more extended and producing more heat, hardwoods like oak and acorn take longer to season. Your wood needs plenty of sunlight and free-blowing air; a shed will only get in the way. Words: Nadene Hall 1. You must split your firewood well ahead to allow enough time to season. Outside, the firewood is exposed to rain or snow. You need to use a storage rack to keep the firewood from lying directly on the ground. Seasoning firewood plays an essential role in the quality of fire made by the wood. The best place to season your firewood is outside in the sunlight. Make use of the relevant tips and guidelines alluded to above for the best results. It’s a year-round task because firewood requires anywhere from six months to two years dry out. Privacy Policy     Advertising Policy     Share This Site     About Me     Additional Resources. Think Positive - Gathering firewood can be a family function that not only gives you great exercise but can teach responsibility. Chimney Damper Repair - Fix A Broken Damper. Choose The Right Equipment - Using a sharp splitting axe or hydraulic wood splitter will make processing the firewood faster and easer. Looking to buy a new wood stove that's perfect for your home? Use the suns heat to evaporate the moisture from the wood. Moist weather conditions will reverse the seasoning process you are trying to get done. Information on the best wood stoves from a variety of different manufactures. This post will not only teach you how to season firewood, but it will also give you priceless nuggets on seasoning quickly. Pick A Good Location - Choose a location near your home or wood furnace to stack and season the wood. Also, seasoned firewood is not as heavy, and seasoned wood prevents creosote buildup in your chimney. 1. Some types of wood like oak or larger cuts of wood can take a year or more to dry. How do you season firewood? Chiminea Safety Tips - Enjoying An Outdoor Fireplace, Best Wood Stoves - Popular Choices And Reviews, Firewood Measurements - Firewood Cord Calculator. How do I know my Firewood is dry? Outside, the wood is exposed to dry air and the sun’s heat to help it season faster. But that doesn’t mean you should! Seasoned firewood must be odorless, clean, hard, having cracked at the ends, mold-free or fungi-free, appear growth rings, and light in color. It is best to build only temporary storage for the rain and snow. It takes an average of roughly 6 to 12 months to season your firewood thoroughly. Be sure that your firewood is stacked safely, that it will not crumble down and possibly endanger others. Now that you know how to season firewood quickly, it will even take less time to get your wood ready. There are two kinds of wet wood. So, the less time you have to season your firewood, the smaller the pieces you should cut. Wood that is green is freshly cut from a live tree. Remember, it is only the best quality wood that gives the best quality of fire. W-SHTAO 20cm Round Edge Steel Garden Pruning Wire... 1pcs Garden Kneelers Work Cloth Anti Dirty... CALIDAKA Nut Gatherer Pecan Picker Garden Rolling... Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0 AH Battery and Charger Included 20262, Craftsman 41AY4216791 S165 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw-16-Inch Bar and Automatic Chain Oiler-Carrying Case Included, Liberty Red, BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch, Tool Only (LCS1020B), Best Chainsaw Reviews: Top Picks & Unbiased Guide, Best Oregon Chainsaws Amazingly Aggressive for Homeowner, The Best Chainsaws For Home Use and Professionals. Bigger firewood pieces will need more time to season. Don’t leave firewood or any other combustible material unattended closer than 3 feet from your woodstove or screened fireplace. The rack can be placed in a convenient location and allow the wood to season properly. Stack your wood in neat rows. Seasoning firewood isn’t difficult; it just requires storage space, a bit of preparation and, above all, patience. We hope you love the products and ideas we recommend! But you should season oak for at least a year before using it. Drying time varies with the cut; 2-foot pieces (a standard firewood length) will dry in about six months, while 4-footers may take a year. Discusses placement from your home and how to build the perfect backyard fire. The period it will take for your wood to season ultimately depends on three critical factors. If you live in a rainy area, open-air storage like a barn or shed is another option, but ensure that the wood gets quality airflow. Stacking wood in the sunlight will allow the wood to dry much faster than a cool shady spot. Before you run out and cut down a tree it's important to understand the difference between dry, seasoned firewood and wet, unseasoned firewood. To help save money and keep your home warm, burning firewood could be an option. 5 Ways To Improve Your Firewood. It doesn’t matter if it is soft or hard wood, they both need to be seasoned until the moisture content is between 8 and 18%. Firewood develops cracks, called checks, as it dries. Unseasoned firewood has a high moisture content that can increase the amount of creosote that builds up inside the chimney, possibly causing a fire. Pine trees are examples of such. Placing it directly on the ground will cause it to suck up the earth’s moisture and lengthen the seasoning time. Firewood can provide warmth all winter long and a roaring fireplace can create a cozy setting. Late winter and early spring are ideal times to cut and store wood for the following year. Harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, and hail will require you to cover your wood temporarily. Also, Dry woods have the bare spot and loose bark that can be removed easily. Plan to gather and season your wood well ahead, before it is time to use it. Return from How To Season Firewood to Storing Firewood, Return from How to Season Firewood to Firewood Home Page. If you heat your home with wood, then having access to seasoned firewood is essential for a hot and clean-burning fire. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today – how to properly season firewood. Consider A Storage Rack - A firewood storage rack can be purchased or made at home.The rack can be placed in a convenient location and allow the wood to season properly. So, how exactly do you season it? Good news.....it's really not that difficult if you follow a few basic guidelines. You can build or purchase a storage rack to stack your firewood safely. We will now move on to the seasoning process itself. It allows air and heat to reach even the center of the wood piece. This is a crucial factor that affects the seasoning time of wood. Just think about the extra money you will save by not giving it to the local fuel supply company. Use this free firewood calculator to determine exactly how much firewood you have. It is hard to start to smokes a lot and produces little heat. Consider A Storage Rack - A firewood storage rack can be purchased or made at home. Cut your wood early in the spring if you want to use it in the fall.