The a6600 offers Sony’s acclaimed Real Time Animal AF focusing technology. In fact, in a moment of distraction, you might mistakenly start to record images were it not for the counter in the top left corner of the screen. Overview Introduction. Tracking is more precise because the camera analyses data from the images it just took and the live view. It can record 4K up to 50/60p and offers slow motion capabilities up to 180fps in 1080p, although unfortunately you can’t control the exposure manually. Performance. For the first time, two mirrorless cameras (A9 and A9 II) gave me a better score for birds in flight. With a large telephoto lens, you’ll feel the need to add a grip extender, the optional battery pack or at the very least, a thumb rest. I’m also glad that Olympus has introduced a mid-sized 5x5 group. The advantage is this places stabilization in every lens attached to the camera, and is especially helpful for video shooting. It has the best autofocus system of any mirrorless camera we’ve tried to date and in fact, it outperformed the Nikon D500 in terms of AF speed and accuracy. Speaking of video, the camera can record 4K up to 30p and 102Mbps, or Cinema 4K at 24fps and 237Mbps (variable). All of these lenses are sharp and the AF is perfect. Animal portraiture and wildlife photography will never be the same, thanks to Sony's unique Real-time Eye AF for Animals feature. Animal portraiture and wildlife photography will never be the same, thanks to Sony's unique Real-time Eye AF for Animals feature. You have to rely on adapters and DSLR lenses, and if wildlife is your main interest, then it makes more sense to look for a DSLR body. Sony announced follow ups to two of their most popular (and top selling) camera models, these new releases are the Sony A6600 and the Sony A6100. Sony 70-350mm F4.5-6.3 Super telephoto lens: If you enjoy observing wildlife like bird-watching and safaris while traveling, I highly recommend you get the new Sony 70-350mm super telephoto lens that covers the telephoto focal length that aren't covered by any of the lens above. I got good results with the X-Pro2 since its AF system is the same as the one found on the X-T2. It also proved to be an excellent product concerning sharpness and AF motor. Although this results in a delay between what you see and what is actually happening, shooting at 20fps does help you to track fast moving subject more effectively because the frame rate is really smooth. It has an uncanny ability to lock onto and track moving subjects, which can be invaluable if you spend a lot of time shooting portraits, children or sports. There is also a mode called Pre-Shoot, which like Capture Pro on the E-M1 II, allows you to save pictures before fully pressing the shutter release button. It’s simply incredible the power that I hold in my hands for wildlife photography. This compact Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS lens (35mm equivalent of 52.5mm) is a leading Sony E-mount lens and can be termed as the best lens in the market for lowlight photography with a maximum aperture of f/1.8 coupled with Sony’s OSS image stabilization. Your email address will not be published. 2 This product is also known as ILCE-6600, ILCE-6600M, ILCE6600/B, ILCE6600M/B 3 ©2020 Sony Electronics Inc. Conclusion. So I picked the flagship APS-C Nikon D500 with the recent Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6 to see how much better the performance was in comparison to today’s flagship mirrorless cameras. Especially, if you are focused on capturing portraits, it has the potential to be your first prime lens! Below you can see a video taken in a recent trip to Scotland, all filmed hand-held with the Leica DG 200mm f2.8 lens and TC 1.4x. Get the best from Sony RAW files, and manage your productions more efficiently What's new, how it compares Check out how the a6600 stacks up against its closest competition here.