Hope this helps. This means that the tube of Cushion Grip must be heated in a glass of warm water before applying it to the denture. In simple terms, a thermoplastic material becomes soft when heated and then hardens fast when cooled. The potential risk of denture cream zinc poisoning has finally been acknowledged by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Susan we are all stunned at the price they are asking now. Jim. Merck has discontinued for 'business' reasons. I would like to know why ‘Cushion Grip’ was so readily available at any Walgreen’s and CVS pharmacies, and can no longer be found at these locations? Why is it no longer available to the general public? I just got newer plates and needed to buy some went to 4 stores Walmart, CVS, Walgreens & Rite Aid. I simply cannot afford to purchase this product every one and a half days. Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive Cushion Grip. I just hope that Cushion Grip will return to the stores one of these days soon, at a reasonable price for all of us. Some say the taste when you first apply is not very good. I have used this product since I was age 26. Hell I’ll save my money and just put it towards implants for my mouth. I use this product and it is very hard to find. I know this has made the price go sky high, but this is the only product that seems to work for me too. She said she used to buy it for $5 to $7 per 1 Oz tube. I have been using Cushion Grip for close to 25 years and have no problem with my plates, top or bottom. I will try that next. 44 product ratings - NIB CUSHION GRIP Thermoplastic denture adhesive 1oz Hard To Find old formula. Chicken was fine as it was quite tender. My denture rocked some when trying to eat dinner last night. When I let off the pressure, it stopped and isn’t burning at all. Thanks. now i see it at over $100 per 1 ounce tube. In order to continue using cushion grip it can be purchased through amazon.com at an outrageous price… Greed! Barbara you’re right. The main reason the prices have become outrageous is because it is no longer being produced. Cushion Grip, known for its ability to hold dentures securely four times longer than ordinary dental cream adhesives, is manufactured at USpharma’s state-of-the-art facility in Florida using thermoplastic polymers that are heat activated and 100% waterproof. I did find that there is no zinc in Cushion Grip from what I’ve read, which is good to know. My main discovery is, I will still have to use Polident Strips to completely hold my lower denture in while eating certain foods. Showing 1-10 of 15 answers. Thank U 4 your Time, I would like to know why cvs is having problems getting cushion grip? I want to be able to eat foods I like again. Today is 4-9-2015 Wow stunned at the prices. Klein's Switch Drive Handle allows you to easily alternate between a power tool and hand tool minimizing the number of tools and saving space.The patented Quick Release mechanism secures any 1/4'' hex shaft to quickly convert an impact rated accessory to the most rugged, long lasting, powerful hand tool in your bag. What is left at Amazon and ebay costs an arm and a leg! Jim. CUSHION GRIP® Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive Thank you for your interest in Merck’s former consumer products. used it for 20 to 30 years. I removed Cushion Grip, which was quite easy. Denture Reline Kits from Perma Laboratories, ProSoft Denture Liner, Perma Soft Denture Reliner, PERK Denture Repair Kits with Denture Teeth. Great product. Amazon prices are outrageous! It is by far the best denture adhesive on the market, so I guess as anything, supply & demand make it more marketable by buying it in bulk! I have been using this product for over a year and it is the only thing that works for me on my dentures. Once applied stays the same way and doesn’t change until you replace it with a new one, which I haven’t had to do yet. I am not able to find cushion grip anywhere. Sorry for the late response. I finally pried my denture loose, but it left the denture with it all uneven and very difficult to remove. I used to go and buy up every tube they had. Hope this helps. I saw for one tube that it was like 159.00 a tube and to buy it in bulk over 600.00 some odd dollars. The lowest I found was about $60.00 for a 1oz. Why has the production of Cushion Grip been discontinued and what can be used to replace it. Somehow the year 2011 has now gone forward to 2015 without (so far as I can determine) a return of CUSHION GRIP to the marketplace. I did what she told me, and this time, it worked better. What’s the Difference between Home Denture Reline Kits and Denture Adhesives. Don’t know what they are thinking these days. Improved for longer lasting performance. So, I'm seeing a lot of sellers have bought up Cushion Grip and are INSANELY GOUGING the prices! i live in wooster,ohio can u please tell me where to buy this product? I couldn’t eat them at all! 919 sold. The FDA also writes that it is considering issuing a communication on its website to warn consumers and health care providers about the possible risk of neurological injuries from excessive use of zinc-containing denture cream. I know I will no longer be using the product. Once trimmed stays that way for good. 2-8-2016. To my eye, this is one of the tamer grip … Copy this link into the address bar and you can find Cushion Grip there to make your purchase. Good news is, another pharmaceutical company just brought it back. Cushion Grip Why Denture Wearers Use ProSoft and Perma Soft Denture Reline Kits since Cushion Grip has been Discontinued Perma Laboratories has been in business for over 30 years.Making dentures fit since 1986! my supply is running out!! Don’t feel that’s very fair, but I guess we don’t have much of a choice in the matter if we want the product. had round 1 last night with Cushion Grip. That is embarrassing when you are eating in public. What are the ingredients in Cushion Grip? and why the price on line is double the store cost . I’ve been using this for years and now can’t find it anywhere! Couldn’t believe there wasn’t any. Switch from a drill to a handle in a snap! My daughter now has plates, within 2 weeks, she used Cushion Grip to help ease the pain by the 2nd day. I went back several times. Sorry. I am very unhappy with this new product.In one to two days it softens and crumbles.Thank You. The test will be tonight when I eat at a pot luck dinner. And no, I haven’t been taken over by any scab organizations, just connecting everyone with the only place I know where to get this product, Amazon. Don’t you think that over 100.00 dollars for a tube of this product is a little much? I still use Cushion Grip, and if you still wish to buy it, here is the link to Amazon.com so you can purchase Cushion Grip. Comes with two applications one is plenty fro upper or lower denture. Perma Laboratories has a A+ BBB Rating and is FDA Registered as required. Verified Purchase Required fields are marked *. IOt’s the only thing I’ve ever bn able 2 use that didn’t gag me Well about 6mos ago I got a new set of teeth and when I went 2 my local drug store (the only place I was able 2 find your product) I was told that I could no long buy it. order it…… Ellen Nixon, Ellen, Here is the statement that I found concerning the sale: Why can I not find Cushion Grip in any stores? Sonya, Good luck and thanks for the comment. Before I started using it, I had problems with my upper plate falling down right in the middle of a speech or training classes, which was my job. I can longer find it in any of my local drug stores anymore either, and have only been able to find it on Amazon.com. I would still buy if I could find it again, CJ, http://amzn.to/eKR81k Here’s to your great health. ( DENTURE GRIP IS THE BEST ) Best wishes to all and many Blessing !!! I’m still searching for somewhere else for us to buy it, but no luck so far. Since the company that made this product was sold to another company I guess they have not continued its production to help lower the costs to us. DenSureFit: The Ideal Cushion Grip Replacement. Bummer!!! Super product for the person who cannot afford a reline job from the dentist. Fortunately, the ideal Cushion Grip replacement is now on the market, and we are … JoAnn since Merck was sold to Bayer, maybe it will come back to CVS soon at that price. The leaves got under and caused it to come loose. I discovered, the longer I bit down, the more it burned.