Parsley leaf is classed under the terpeniods. Mint Leaf (Ewe Minti) Mint leaf is referred to as Ewe Minti in Yoruba. It is a favorite herb. Yoruba – Ata Eiye Igbo – Ose Oyibo Hausa – Barkono Esan – Usira Benin – Isie LEAVES OF MORMODICA CHARANTIA Yoruba – Ejirin English – Balsam Pear LIME CITRUS AURANTIFOLIA Yoruba – Osan wewe Igbo – Epe it’s quite different from mint leaves but smell like mint. Parsley leaf has been confused with Scent Leaf (basil) in NiGeRiA. (2) (3) (4), Vegetable Seeds, Seedlings And Hybrid Suckers with picture / 100% Raw Organic Cocoa Butter And Cold Processed Coconut Oil!!! which leave is basil leaves in igbo language...I want to use it for medication. The botanical name of the plant is Ocimum gratissimum. Basil (Basil) The Basil herb is also known as Basil among the Yorubas. The kidney beans or Phaseolus vulgaris is known in yoruba language as awuje. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Agriculture / Which Leave Is Basil Leaves (9311 Views), Holy Basil (efirin) For Health And Healing / Basil Seedling For Sale / Chilli Pepper And Ugu Leaves, Which Is More Profitable In Farming? This is an herb with many nutritional or dietetic benefits and uses. Basil plant – Nchanwu in Igbo, Efirin in Yoruba; Mint leaf — Ewe minti Fenugreek – Eru in yoruba, hulba in Hausa Hibiscus plant – Zobo; Tamarind – tsamia African basil (Efirin) African basil has numerous benefits. Mint leaf is popularly called “Ewe mint” in the Yoruba language. Please I want to know Yoruba name for Aak leaf. Yoruba name for mint leaf. <3 ... [basil],paddy and wheat are examples of plants with reticulate leaf venation. Vegetable Seeds, Seedlings And Hybrid Suckers with picture. It is a most loved spice. 5. which leave is basil leaves in igbo language...I want to use it for medication.There is a particular leaf used in preparing Sunday stew in Igboland, we used to call it " Curry" as kids, it has this lovely sweet aroma.. Am not sure what the real name is. Yoruba people have spent the last centuries crafting the ideal Some herbs in yoruba language: Basil plant - Nchanwu in Yoruba. Ewedu leaf is the name people of Yoruba descent in Nigeria call it and Achingbara in Igbo, Rama in Hausa and Jute leaves in the English Language. Kindly bail me out. See How To Advertise. Reply. Ancient cure for long lasting and undiagnosed stubborn deceases (Permanent cure) 2. But the real name for parsley is Ewedu or Ayawyaw. All the names of herbs and plants in yoruba language. 19Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland. Based on this, Nigerians are faced with the situation when they need to know Yoruba herbs and their English names. Thanks The Basil herb is also known as Basil among the Yorubas. It is a very common and popular herb. Mint leaf is a valuable ingredient both in Nigerian cuisine and medicine that every Yoruba native is familiar with. it’s quite different from mint leaves but smell like mint. Moreover, plenty of communities in Africa, Asia, and Europe also use Yoruba as their primary language. fluted gourd , fluted pumpkin , ugu (in the Igbo language ), and ikong-ubong (in the Efik/Ibibio language ). I was shocked to know that tummeric is ata- ile called Ajo in my local language. Mint oil is Always utilized in gum, sweets, toothpaste, and some excellence items. TY. Chilli Pepper And Ugu Leaves, Which Is More Profitable In Farming? in Yoruba language of the Western African origin as "Oruko re rewa". 6. English names: Clove basil (Scent leaf) Botanical name: Ocimum gratissimum. READ ALSO: Yoruba traditional wedding clothes . The Yoruba Perception About Leaves (Ewe) and the H... Yoruba Medicine, Its Origin and More information. How would it be cayenne pepper in Yoruba? Replies. Mint leaf is known as Ewe Minti in Yoruba. Translations (0) Add Translation is a social media network for Nigerian Languages and Culture, where you can post, discover and share Nigerian videos, pictures, words, pronunciations & translations in Nigerian Languages (currently Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin, Yoruba) Thank you, you are awesome. For me, basil smells more like another scented vegetable that we call curry leaf in Nigeria. These are English (official language), Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo. Reply Delete. Barbara scent leaf does not smell like the common basil. Unknown 5 March 2019 at 15:57. Parsley leaf is popular in the western part of Africa, fondly and Locally known as “Ewedu” in the Yoruba language. The leaves is a can be utilized in new or dried in numerous dishes and implantations. a kwa language spoken by the yoruba people in southwestern nigeria syn yoruba aku Dictionary source hEnglish advanced version More English to English translation of Yoruba Overuse of this herb can also result in overheating. Okam to use its greenhouse, in which he planted seeds during the winter. Ayoola A K. ... PANDORO as in Yoruba language. The Nigerian Market is filled with products like tooth paste, chewing gum, breath fresheners, candyi.e peppermint and inhalers which have mint as … SICKNESS AND THEIR SOLUTION: CONTENTS: 1. BASIL LEAVES IS CALLED EFIRN IN YORUBA BASIL LEAVES EFIRIN. 4. Awesome Inc. theme. I think basil is a generic name for all scented vegetables.
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