Perhaps the Whistle GO’s biggest selling point is its battery life. During outdoor tests, the Tailer wasn’t much more helpful than my eyes and ears, losing connection after my testing partner had been out of sight for two minutes. It sounds like it’s vital for you to have some added security while on vacation and neither of the RF trackers will do that. Overall, we were impressed with the Weenect 2 app and the training feature, though we’d love to see a longer battery life. Thanks for great review. And big companies are taking note. He had gifted to his girlfriend, finally he told me sadly after she (his girlfriend) escaped with another male cat. But if tracking range isn’t a priority and you want to save money, the Loc8tor system is the one to try. Track Your Cat Use a GPS tracking unit to learn more about your cat's movement. As long as the limited range is acceptable to you, Girafus presents itself as an interesting option. I work for Weenect and just wanted to let you know that we have a product specifically designed for Cats :, It has been rated 10/10 by a journalist from Norway who tested other products like Pod, being disapointed by them. The lightweight, splash-proof, second generation device offers improved battery life of up to a month. I hope it works and you get a commission – you deserve it! I tried harnessing, but he always gets off. When your cat leaves home it starts up again. Were the trackers easy to put on and secure enough to stay attached to a collar? That means you always know your pet's exact location. With a radio frequency tracker, you’ll be 100% reliant on your sitter’s ability to notice if your cat’s gone out of sight and use the tracking system on his or her own. Loc8tor Pet Tracker | Tracking Cat Collar | Pet Tracking System | RF Tracking & Activity Monitor. Really great article. Many of my cats got out of the yard but thankfully all but one returned fairly soon. The test : -fixture of device to animal. Plus there is no SIM card or cell coverage that is needed. I bought the Whistle Go from your Amazon link. Your field tests were exactly what I needed. These trackers connect to an app in your phone, through which you can create safe zones, watch your cat’s activity over time, view your cat’s real-time location on a map, and, with some trackers, gain insights into your cat’s health. I have a neighbor that lets her cat outside, who has a bell on his collar. RF trackers feature a radio transmitter that attaches to your cat and a receiver that you’ll carry. @All rights reserved Since all Cat trackers needs a collar, its important to understand that your cat needs … Now she just appears (often from over the fence) when we activate the unit. A healthy pet is a happy pet. I have been using my tractive GPS tracker for several months and it is perfect. These questions will help you decide if your cat needs a GPS tracker, RF tracker, or a small-range device that relies on Bluetooth. Does he roam far away or are you confident that he’ll stay within the yard? -countries it can be used in, … Hi, I would like to know which one Trackimo? A good tracker for your kitty should be comfortable and lightweight, so your furry friend doesn’t even realize it’s there. Also factor in the network provider that the tracker uses. My cat wanders off and sometimes it may take days for him to come home, I tend to get worried he might get hurt or just leave us totally. The Findster Duo+ is an interesting addition to the GPS cat tracker market. Once we established a connection, the Tractive worked well, mapping the tracker within a couple dozen feet of its actual location. Sometimes I can turn my back for a split second and she jumps the fence. Is he an indoor-only cat but tends to hide in the closet? Unlike most GPS trackers, the Findster works everywhere, from city streets to the wilderness. Learn how your comment data is processed. The tracker was developed in partnership with the SFSPCA to introduce a community-supported way to find lost pets and reunite them with their owners. The cat monitoring collar uses GPS & GLONASS for tracking and works in over 170 countries. Yes! -technology used, That said, since this article was written, I’ve discovered another tracker that combines multiple technologies to give you alerts when your cat leaves the safe zone while also being able to provide the nuanced locating information of an RF tracker. Bluetooth trackers will help you find your cat when she’s hiding under the bed or playing on the deck, but if your cat gets lost, a Bluetooth tracker isn’t usually much more helpful than your own pair of eyes.
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