They made it to a ranger station. Subscribers receive access to the website and print magazine. Unlike black bears, which could once be found all across America, grizzlies lived only in the West. Best of all: They spotted a group of bears that came to the lake for a drink. Night of the Grizzlies-The best selling and original book on grizzly bear attacks. It was the garbage in the park that had turned the grizzlies into killers. [9]:44, Seasonal residents at Kelly's Camp had reported seeing an "emaciated and scrawny" grizzly bear that was unusually aggressive for food foraging among their garbage in June 1967; the bear had moved on to Trout Lake by August. Find the audio read-aloud in your Resources tab.Â. [3], Several park rangers had previously filed a report after observing on August 9 that bears were feeding on garbage generated by the Granite Park Chalet and campers; this was possibly a deliberate attempt to attract tourists,[3] as the main attraction at the Chalet were the grizzlies. They threw on their boots and ran, praying the grizzly wouldn’t chase after them. Softcover. Rangers were ordered to track down the two grizzlies and euthanize them—kill them painlessly. They hiked several miles up to Trout Lake, one of the glittering lakes set among Glacier’s thick forests and rugged mountains. The boys recognized their lighter-colored fur and the hump between their shoulders. Mountain lions snuck through the trees. The article describes a night in 1967 when two grizzly bears attacked humans—and the changes that resulted from those attacks. Ideas about grizzlies—and humans—would never be the same. Night of the Grizzlies (Signet) Jack Olsen. R.1, R.2, R.3, R.4, W.2, W.3, SL.1, SL.2, L.6, R.4.1, R.4.2, R.4.3, R.4.4, W.4.2, W.4.3, SL.4.1, SL.4.2, L.4.6, R.5.1, R.5.2, R.5.3, R.5.4, W.5.2, W.5.3, SL.5.1, SL.5.2, L.5.6, R.6.1, R.6.2, R.6.3, R.6.4, W.6.2, W.6.3, SL.6.1, SL.6.2, L.6.6, 4.1a, c; 4.3a, b; 4.5a; 4.6a, c, g, h; 4.7b, c, d, f, g; 4.9d; 4.10a, b, c, d; 4.11; 4.12a, b. On August 13, the world woke up to shocking news from Glacier. Grizzlies’ claws can grow up to 4 inches long. John and Steve made it out of the wilderness that night. Grizzlies have lived in North America for about 50,000 years—far longer than humans have. Check out Storyworks At Home for our favorite stories and tools to kick off your year. Directed by Adam Pitman. For more than half a century, grizzly bears roamed free in the nati But they weren’t frightened. Best of all: They spotted a group of bears that came to the lake for a drink. One was a mother bear. Two weeks later, they’d realize that they had been lucky to escape with their lives. Their front paws can crack a skull. Her front paw was badly torn, likely from broken glass. Helgeson was camping with her boyfriend Roy Ducat approximately 1⁄4 mile (0.40 km) away from the Chalet; both Helgeson and Ducat were employed by the Glacier Park Lodge. [2], The night of August 12–13 was marked by lightning, which led some to speculate the bears were agitated by the stormy weather. 17 people found this helpful Overall 5 out of 5 stars. The night of Saturday, August 12th, lightning lit the skies of Glacier National Park. The frightened campers stayed in the trees for more than two hours and ran to the nearest ranger station at dawn, where they reported the attack. The boys knew something about this bear seemed unusual—and dangerous. What John and Steve didn’t know was that Glacier was in the middle of a grizzly crisis. Each group had its own languages, customs, and beliefs. In total, four bears were shot and killed by Monday, August 14;[7] the first two, which had become habituated to rummage through the Granite Park Chalet trash, were killed on August 13. But few creatures inspired awe like the grizzly. John and Steve made it out of the wilderness that night. They set up their campsite and feasted on the trout they caught in the lake. The boys were out on the lake, playing around on a big pile of floating logs. But the real problem wasn’t the bears. Download our Learning Journey Slideshow below for a ready-made digital slide deck that combines the article, video, and interactive questions. [5]:50 However future events would show grizzly attacks to become more common, as Olson explains, because of increased human presence in wilderness areas and decreased habitat for bears to live in, reaching a critical tipping point in the summer of 1967. You are being redirecting to Scholastic's authentication page... For more support materials, visit our Help Center. This was the skinny bear that John and Steve had seen at Trout Lake. Afterward, have students select one of their reflections to share aloud with the class. It was what happened the next evening that filled them with terror. Glacier’s leaders scrambled to give an answer. Access this article and hundreds more like it with a subscription to Storyworks magazine. Two 14-year-old boys, Steve Ashlock and John Cook, were enjoying a fishing trip in Montana’s Glacier National Park. All animals were protected by law. This is why John and Steve didn’t feel afraid on that July evening when they spotted grizzly bears. A skinny grizzly was devouring a loaf of their bread. It was July 1967. Used. We’ll send you updates on digital features and tips here throughout the year. Shelving menu. Some people in the park were even using garbage to lure grizzlies closer to humans on purpose. Night of the Grizzlies: 2 deaths in Glacier National Park led to changes in bear management From the An earthquake, the Confederate fountain, Greg Gianforte.Here are 17 stories from 2017. series Workers would dump leftover food into an outdoor pit. Jack Olsen's true account, traces the causes of the tragic night in August 1967 when two separate and unrelated campers, a distance apart, were savagely mangled and killed by enraged bears. (If teaching remotely, share your screen as you show it.) The first people arrived more than 12,000 years ago. For years, rangers and park leaders had known trash was a problem. Tens of thousands of the bears were shot and poisoned. Directed by Joseph Pevney. Sadly, it took the tragedy to get us to realize "we, people and our practices" were the root of the bear problem. Shelve Night of the Grizzlies. Want to hear this story read aloud by a Storyworks writer? Click here! Most lived in the northern wilderness of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. On the Glacier National Park website students can visit the park from home, looking at the park’s webcams, reading blogs by park rangers, and checking out digital versions of park exhibits. Cans of spaghetti and chili were torn apart. "[11], Olsen's book examines the most plausible explanation of the unlikely dual attacks[12] since no fatal grizzly attack had ever been recorded in the park's 57-year history prior to that night. They hoped the bear would leave. As a result, two women had died. "Night of the Grizzlies" is a great tale and although written by Olsen nearly 45 years ago, is only slightly outdated. Their jaws can chomp through metal and bone. The boys spent the night in a cabin. They will eat almost anything but prefer roots and berries. Ducat was awakened by Helgeson, who whispered a bear was nearby and they should stay as still as possible; despite this, the bear approached them and mauled them both. Guests would then crowd onto a balcony. Yet, the young campers proved unphased. On the evening of Aug. 9, 1967, only four days before the infamous Night of the Grizzlies, Shea, Gildart and two other rangers were visiting Granite Park Chalet. They’d arrived the day before. In the 57 years that had passed since the park’s opening, no grizzlies had ever killed a human within the park. Ask them to read the article a second time and discuss or write their answers to the close-reading questions and critical-thinking questions (available in your, Distribute or assign the Cause and Effect Skill Builder (available in yourÂ, Alternatively, distribute or assign the Choice Board (available in yourÂ. We are all doing much better, but issues still arise, like the rangers shooting the griz sow and cubs up morning star way a few years ago. NATIONAL PARKS ASSOCIATION (THEN); ACCENT ALASKA.COM/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO (NOW). Find it in your Resources tab! Aggressive bears would be moved to remote parts of the park. Rangers cleaned up the trails and campgrounds. Shop now. Based on the terrifying true events. The boys left Glacier with what little camping gear they could save. They knew that grizzlies usually stayed away from humans. The man was not surprised. By the time John and Steve were growing up in Montana, fewer than 1,000 grizzlies remained in the lower 48 states. It was garbage. More specifically, it was the garbage that people were leaving all over the park—leftover food at campsites, wrappers and broken bottles on trails. Have students partake in a virtual “silent conversation.” Create a shared Google Doc with memorable quotes from the article. But they weren’t frightened. Today, such practices are banned. When they returned to their campsite the next morning, the grizzly was gone. They are North America’s biggest and most powerful animal. How was it possible that in a single night, two grizzlies had become killers? They ordered rangers to find the two grizzlies and euthanize them—kill them painlessly. Suddenly, a strange sound caught their attention. If a grizzly was seen near a trail, the trail would be closed. During this time, bears can lose 15-30 percent of their body weight. But at least two were grizzlies. Cans of spaghetti and chili were torn apart. Or maybe lightning had spooked the bears. With Clint Walker, Martha Hyer, Keenan Wynn, Nancy Kulp. The last bear was killed at the Chalet; she was a sow with two cubs, and was blamed for Helgeson's death because of the presence of blood on her claws. The boys were out on the lake, horsing around on a big pile of floating logs. But Steve and John quickly escaped the honking cars, crowds of hikers, and trash-covered trails. Have students do a short research project on grizzly bears. They hoped the bear would leave. Grizzly bears in Glacier National Park killed two young women and severely mauled one man. They looked over at their campsite. From: The Book Garden (Bountiful, UT, U.S.A.) Seller Rating: Add to Basket US$ 24.00. Invite students to visit this website, which gives information about a variety of endangered animals. In the days that followed, this was the question that echoed across Glacier’s forests and lakes. Have students read “How to Save a Baby Orangutan” from our October/November 2019 issue. "Night of the Grizzlies" is a great tale and although written by Olsen nearly 45 years ago, is only slightly outdated. [3], One theory postulated the bears were attracted by odors associated with menstruation, and brochures were circulated to warn menstruating women from entering bear territory. Some grizzlies had lost their natural fear of humans. Focus on the “All About Grizzlies” chart on page 8. Follow up by asking why Steve and John were lucky. They can also listen to the Author Read-Aloud. Late Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning) Grizzlies GM/Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Zach Kleiman spoke with media on a … In fact, the bears are highly intelligent, with excellent memories. But it is unusual for a grizzly to use its deadly powers on a human. If appropriate, invite them to describe a special animal that is native to their countries of origin. Nearly all the rest were chased from the habitats where they had lived for thousands of years. The bear was emaciated and was also found to have glass in its gums. They set up their campsite and fished. One was a mother bear that had been seen with her two cubs at the Granite Park garbage pit. Actually, it was the garbage that people were leaving all over the park. They were behaving aggressively. They wanted to see grizzlies up close. iStockPhoto/Getty Images (berries); (all other images). After a terrifying 4-mile hike through the darkness, they arrived at a ranger station. Garbage pits like those at Granite Park were closed. The text weaves together narrative and informational passages. 880 Ratings. But the rangers had bigger problems to deal with, like the wildfires that were burning in some areas of the park. Finally, Glacier’s leaders were forced to face the truth: It was not heat or fires or lightning that had caused the grizzlies to turn violent. Like John and Steve, they walked the winding trails and looked out across the jewel-like lakes. The article mentions Native American peoples: the Cheyenne and the Hopi. Want to hear this story read aloud by a Storyworks writer? Each evening at a hotel called the Granite Park Chalet, workers would dump leftover food from the dining room into an outdoor pit. That’s faster than any Olympic sprinter.Â, Invite students to browse through the article, looking at the pictures, captions, map, and sidebar. In fact, they felt lucky to see one of Earth’s most amazing creatures in the wild. It can also permanently change the animal’s habits and relationship to the natural environment. Grizzlies can run up to 35 miles per hour. A skinny grizzly was devouring a loaf of their bread. In the coming decades, as thousands of people moved out West, many killed grizzlies whenever possible. No anecdotal evidence was provided to substantiate the theory, and a 1991 study demonstrated that "[n]o bear showed appreciable interest in menstrual odors regardless of the bear's age, sex, reproductive status, or the time of year. Before students read the article, have them watch this fascinating video about the work being done in Glacier to help understand grizzly bears. Bears use them to snatch salmon, dig for food, and make their dens. It also includes a map and a sidebar with details about grizzlies. We have new and used copies available, in 5 editions - starting at $14.20. They waited until the bear was distracted by a pan of trout they had prepared for dinner. Night of the Grizzlies (1969) is a book by Jack Olsen which details events surrounding the night of August 13, 1967,[1] when two young women were separately attacked and killed in Glacier National Park, Montana, by grizzly bears. One camper awoke with the bear sniffing her sleeping bag, but remained still and the bear moved on; when the bear was investigating Koons, Koons woke and screamed; the other four campers were able to escape by climbing trees, but the zipper on Koons's sleeping bag was stuck and the bear dragged her approximately 300 feet (91 m) away from the campsite. Then show the video “. They knew that grizzlies usually stayed away from humans. Grizzlies do have fearsome powers. Convert currency. So, here ya go! In Glacier’s 57-year history, there had never been a single deadly grizzly bear attack. Yet no action was taken. They’d arrived the day before, excited for three days of cooking over a campfire and sleeping under the stars. Although she was eventually found alive 400 feet (120 m) from their original campsite, she later died of her wounds at the Chalet. They looked over at their campsite. They felt lucky to see these amazing creatures. The Night of the Grizzlies is a really great story, and an important story, told by two masterful storytellers. Unlike black bears, which could once be found all across America, grizzlies lived only in the West. I’m very glad to hear that the result of that terrible night was much better management by the Parks. Steve and John understood that grizzlies could be dangerous, and the boys kept their distance.
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