Is this my imagination or the result of scientifically verifiable causes, like rain? 64. All Rights Reserved. The clue to what is politically effective is to be found not so much in verifiable good or bad effects flowing from political acts as in whether the incumbent can continue indefinitely to convey the impression of knowing what is to be done (Edelman 1964, 76-77, emph. Examples of Verifiable in a sentence Note: Verifiable documentary proof for all above requirements is a mandatory requirement, noncompliance will lead to disqualification. 🔊 3. veritable. She was a veritable garden of indecision. 🔉, 2. The chief definite periods of materialism are the pre-Socratic and the post-Aristotelian in Greece, the 18th century in France, and in Germany the, 9th century from about 1850 to 1880. Some schools seek a verifiable doctor’s note to excuse an absence. 2. How to use verifiable in a sentence is shown in this page. 🔊 As I watched my brother drink beer after beer, I realized he was a veritable sponge. Because of this verifiable symbolic. 1. Four years of hard work and verifiable accomplishment in high school are negated by a hour multiple … It is crucial that all documents presented are authentic and easily verifiable. Its germinal thought may not have been new, but, if not new, it had at least needed rediscovery from the beginning. she/he cannot provide verifiable reference we do not offer them work. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Review the list of Secure and Verifiable Documents under O.C.G.A. verifiably verification verifications verificiation verified Example sentences for: verifiable How can you use “verifiable” in a sentence? ‘there is not a single verifiable fact’ ‘The bottom line is that the dollar has lost all concrete, dependable, verifiable support.’ ‘Under New Jersey law, there need not be any verifiable evidence of injury.’ ‘Financial support for a site often depends on verifiable visitor numbers.’ We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. In a verifiable manner.Origin From verifiable +‎ -ly. This is not a romantic notion but verifiable fact. verifiable disarmament to the lifting of sanctions. The meaning of such a sentence … Examples of verifiable in a sentence: 1. The following axiom seems A2: A sentence is verifiable only if the chain of sentence references … Veritable sentence examples. This is not a romantic notion, but verifiable fact. In addition Dental Update offers you 25 hours of verifiable CPD from peer-reviewed articles either from the journal or the Dental Update web site. The numbers of Jews slaughtered was verifiable from railroad records showing the payments per person made by the Gestapo for transport to the camps. Something that is verifiable can be proved to be true or genuine. Physical science is at home only in the experimental, the verifiable. But in our case X is Q itself. They do not represent the opinions of In the German poem this is a veritable "Isle of Maidens," where no man ever enters, and where it is perpetual spring. Debt obligations of the borrower must not exceed 40 to 42% of his or her personal verifiable income (including the 80% of rent). Examples of Veritable in a sentence When the unruly students were left unattended, they turned the classroom into a veritable circus. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Check the meaning of verifiable. These cookies do not store any personal information.
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