Released in 2020 alongside the lower-end EOS R6, Canon’s EOS R5 is the flagship of the RF lineup. That said, under ideal conditions, the A7r IV should slightly out-resolve the R5 in pure photo resolution and I hope to add a direct comparison here in the future. Did not notice much of a difference in AF performance. The mods need to give RD a vacation again. So the R5 with a lens that makes up 1 stop costs over $6000 less. Review of the Canon EOS R5. At the time of launch, the D850 was easily the best, most well rounded camera ever made. I would argue they look sharper than my A7RIII.". Above: Next the R5 on the left with the original EOS R on the right which again also represents the 5D IV DSLR. There’s actually surprisingly few gotchas. I reviewed the Canon EOS R5, a full frame 45Mp mirrorless camera two weeks ago, with photograph examples last week. Hope it’s not just a “first look” impression. Is anyone else experiencing this?Is there any adjustment; I have not found one. Crucially it not only delivers a step-up in quality over existing EOS R mirrorless cameras, but a transformative upgrade in speed and overall handling. The files from the R5 are perfectly competitive for post processing. What a great milc camera.. Congratulations Canon. Speaking of which...confirming the first part of this review: the only thing I can say is that yes, it looks / feels solid and well built. @RyanBoston - "I’ve been with Sony and Canon for years", that's a bit strange, given that you don't have any post history on sony forums, all i see is canon and fuji :-0, @RyanBoston - "Sony makes great cameras, but their colors are not great". You have tons of comments badmouthing the R5. Period. Above: Moving onto the drive modes, the R5 has the choice of three shutters: the default electronic first-curtain which reduces noise and vibration by opening the shutter electronically but closing it mechanically to avoid artefacts. @RubberDias - Dark, cold and rainy mornings, and you still think this is august? Or you can choose fully mechanical or fully electronic shutters, the latter operating in full silence but with the usual caveats. Canon EOS R5: America: B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon USA, Amazon CA, KEH Camera, BestBuy, Canon CA, Canon … Resolution, no, DR neither. I couldn’t see any banding, on 12800 iso, underexposed with shadows pushed to 100 and exposure pushed 2 stops. My hands-on first-looks review of the mighty Canon EOS R5 with full details! The adapter is very well built, it has no slop and it feels as integral with the lens. Second, I don't mean to be flippant, but if you have images of Rome, Athens, Paris...don't you kind of know where those images were taken? In this sequence, every single shot was in focus and checking the time-stamp of each image also confirmed the R5 achieved and maintained a burst speed of 12fps over a six second period – and with Servo AF too. Why give up giving a graph to show how effective the IBIS can do? It seems like Canon through EVERYTHING into this camera, with none of the “crippling” that Canon is notorious for. He keeps getting caught lying. Never 63.6% Once or twice 21.2% Occasionally 12.1% Frequently 3.0% ", And soon the discount brands like TCL will start selling them, This should bring the price down. Will they do that? 8k may be excessive for most videographers, but ironically it may be photographers using it the most. Read … This is from someone earlier. For me- it wouldn't be a contest. I do not like changing modes with a risk of screwing up at the critical time. Yes, you can work around the current implementation's limitation. link Amazing Holiday Deals! Your argument about better lens lineup is debatable, EF lens lineup just seems to work wonders and Canon is working pretty hard in the RF lineup too. R5 is a poor choice for video creators like myself.There are plenty of great cameras out there; we are spoilt for choice. There’s three rows, with resolution and aspect ratio at the top letting you choose between 8k, 4k and 1080, with 8k and 4k available in 16:9 UHD or the wider DCi cinema shape. The R5 and RF 70-200 f2.8 proved a formidable combination for close-range action and wildlife, effortlessly tracking subjects and delivering very high or even perfect hit-rates at speeds of 12 or 20fps. I wish DPR would put a little complaint about this in their reviews. I shot Canon for 25 years but I left them, reluctantly, when the Nikon D750 came out because of image quality, especially banding in the shadows that Canon could not get right and Nikon was pretty much devoid from. If I am in the market for a full frame, this will be the one. R5's skin tone is easier to recover and correct vs. the others when underexposed. I’d love to hear which camera you think is delivering the better results. I wish Sony would try this with the A9 because it is a full stop lower and not quite as good as some APSC cameras. I’ll be testing this lots more in my final review, but in the meantime, it looks a lot more useful than the minor perspective shifts the 5D4 allowed on Dual Pixel RAW processing. I like thise due to film-like character, lenses, usability and feeling. Canon EOS R5 8k 24p All-i C-log movie sample, Canon EOS R5 4k HQ 24p All-i movie sample, Canon EOS R5 4k HQ 24p All-i C-log movie sample, Canon EOS R5 1080 24p All-i C-log movie sample, Nikon Z TC-1.4x TC-2.0x teleconverter review. Just a lot of fussing around. @RyanBostonMilcman is a long term resident of these forums screaming the Sony message - which is fine - however this often descends into other brand denigration (particularly Canon - the R5/6 have given him severe indigestion ) and promoting half truths as gospel. The Leica Q2 Monochrom is a version of the Gold Award-winning Q2 that only shoots images in black and white.'s a great camera but I will admit it's my least favorite looking one. For years I was hoping that Canon would make something like this, but around the 1D body. "I see that Canon has again added two "new" members.". Enter the Ulanzi ST-09, an adjustable mount that allows you to turn an Apple Watch into a live viewfinder on the rear of your iPhone. Canon does not let you fully customize the buttons too, a really bad tradition I never understood. @entoman"Sony cameras have more functionality and accessibility, but I think their ergonomics in general are way behind Canon, Nikon and Panasonic, in terms of comfort and tactile feedback. NoCan it do 8K even if it is one second? I’m not sure how much I’d use this feature myself, but it’s a fun way to exploit the technology behind the sensor and image processor. Increasing the gain unsurprisingly raises the visible noise – especially when zoomed-in to confirm focus – but the ability to simply see and focus on something that’s invisible to the naked eye not to mention a DSLR viewfinder, remains a delight. I saw the article on the R5 this morning so I made a quick comment. You can see the full sequence in my video for photographers at the top of the page. OK, got the BG-R10, the EF-R adapter, 1 CF ex, and one extra LP-E6(NH). "Great and unbiased Review again from dpreview" not sure of that statement ? Members of Vimeo can download the original files using the following links: Canon EOS R5 8k 24p All-i movie sample, Canon EOS R5 8k 24p All-i C-log movie sample, Canon EOS R5 4k 24p All-i movie sample, Canon EOS R5 4k HQ 24p All-i movie sample, Canon EOS R5 4k HQ 24p All-i C-log movie sample, Canon EOS R5 1080 24p All-i movie sample, Canon EOS R5 1080 24p All-i C-log movie sample. So far for me Canon makes the FF mirrorless bodies that feel the best in my hands. Other cameras are limited and often one trick ponies.Some examples:A7RiV - higher resolution, but poor IBIS, 8 bit bit low quality video, very bad rolling shutter, only 10 FPS. Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. We conducted a series of tests to see how serious the problem is. Some cameras allow 4k or 6k RAW over HDMI to an external recorder, but the R5 trumps them all with 8k RAW up to 30p recorded internally for clips up to around 20 minutes, and I saw and heard no evidence of vents or fans either. If you’re filming with the intention of frame-grabbing though, be sure to choose photo-friendly shutter speeds or you may see motion blur – for example, here I shot at a motion friendly shutter speed of 1/250 for the 120p footage which looks great for video, but isn’t fast enough to freeze the action on a still photo. Look at any comments section. A9 (top blade) and R5 both show rolling shutter but it’s a bit worse with the R5 compared to the A9. I’ve checked my smoke alarms just in case... so far it has not burst into flames. It allows you to effectively capture and subsequently frame-grab 35 Megapixel images in bursts up to 30fps. A huge missed opportunity for Canon. Canon's EOS R5 does a great job with high-contrast scenes, like sunrises and sunsets. MilcMan I’m not sure why you have a hard time understanding different cameras. Above: For longer life, the new BG-R10 grip works on both the R5 and R6, takes two batteries and provides portrait controls. In essence it can substitute for both the Sony a7R4 and the a9II, as the OP points out. In terms of photo quality, check out a bunch of examples on my samples page. 24mp, 7fps, 3D tracking, nice bright OVF. The former lets you choose an existing portrait – shot in DP RAW of course – although it needs a well-defined face to work. Sounds like a very good camera. Many videographers will however adore the chance to film uncropped 4k at 120p with autofocus, albeit recorded without sound and slowed-in camera by four times. I guess places like Rome.. Athens..Paris you would consider 2 horse towns-- again what is important to you is not to me and I will say this again.. spending $4k for a camera without all the bells and whistles is settling for an unfinished product that Canon is hyping in the marketplace-- and they're not even good at putting out a product laced with major problems .. and a marketing chain that can't handle initial distribution for both the camera and the Adapters.. @Stakeouttoo: First, how many ILC's have built in GPS? Is higher better or worse?? I tried this once and is worked better than expected. ", Above: And finally the R5 on the left against the Sony A7S III on the right. The USB-C runs at 3.1 Gen 2 speeds and can be used for charging and operation with a compatible power delivery source, and it’s interesting to see Canon finally switch from Mini HDMI. The EOS R5 has a lot of new features inside and out. And the few RF are some of the best too. But thanks to the gain applied by mirrorless cameras, it became easily visible in the viewfinder of the R5 and the camera would even autofocus on it and the stars around. Sigma has introduced its new 'I series' of compact, premium full-frame lenses for E and L mounts. Its the only camera that shoots 45MP at 20 FPS today also. Inserted charged battery and switched it on. So going by what the experts say, the people who know RAW files best, the R5 has the highest PDR of any FF camera, and what ever Canon is doing has no noticeable affect they they could find.That sounds good to me. Not perfect, but definitely the best - very comfortable to hold, never gets "in the way", simplicity to operate, so it feels like an extension of your own hands. Canon EOS R5: Ergonomics. Canon EOS R5 Review (8K video, 45MP, overheating issues), Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6: 8 things you may have missed. Indeed it’s the speed and confidence of the R5 and R6 which will be most apparent to existing EOS R owners and arguably one of the biggest reasons to upgrade. Likely a bug in firmware. 8K is nothing more than a gimmick in this camera. I am keeping the EF 70-200 F2.8 lens I've used over the years.The R5 feels great in my hands. Both Canon and Nikon are missing a forth dial and that puts them both behind Sony in terms of ergonomics. The only feature that isn’t better, equal, or near equal I could find was in camera high resolution mode. It automatically works alongside optical stabilisation on RF and EF lenses with IS, but don’t assume these will always deliver superior results. I mostly use my R5 in conjunction with a 400/2.8, how am I exactly supposed to reach for the adapter ring dial while I am shooting?The back dial on the R5 does not have directional click (up down left and right). I would need reliable video at HQ and full size HDMI port, and dual cards that allow simultaneous video recording to both cards. I found the R5 was actually pretty well-behaved for rolling shutter, and noticeably superior to the R6 for skewing. One thing remains, though: 21:9 TVs are no longer with us. Last canon that I liked before R5 that was 70D. One think that dawned on me is that the 8k video is so sharp that it actually outclasses leading DSLRs from a decade ago. Again note the hand icon missing the plus symbol, although this applies to all EF lenses whether they have IS or not. Then there are the fabulous RF lenses which are other reason to own the system. Canon's top-end DSLRs have GPS (5DIV, 6DII, 7DII, Idx) so there are plenty of relevant examples from Canon. Zooming-in also shows a pretty clean result and this is without tweaking the noise reduction at all. Another year and Canon will be over 40%. assuming that you used the same raw processor in both cases, it's because canon raws are heavily processed in-camera, as proven by canon using noise reduction to create fake d.r. I would have liked it the same size as the RT indeed, Maybe it would overheat faster but considering progress, if specs would be conserved or slightly incremented and technology's size could be reduced, I don't see why not. Simply because depending on the situation, I might want so sacrifice shutter speed first, then depth of field, and so on. Remove all video features please on the arefivetwo Stills Version. I almost pulled the trigger on the arefive but am considering the zeesevenetwo (or zedseventwo for you non-English speakers ) but have decided against the alphasevenarefour. If you update the firmware on RF lenses with IS, you’ll see a plus symbol next to the hand icon, indicating enhanced stabilisation. I couldn’t believe that finally Canon has succeed this much. As you push the lighting around using the touchscreen you can see the position of the digital light in the upper left corner and a live preview on the actual image. Heat is an issue in 8k and 4k / 120 that I’ll discuss in detail soon, but in my tests so far I’ve managed an 8k clip lasting just over 19 minutes before a cool-down was required. Schoolboy forum error. Peruse our huge sample gallery full of JPEGs, Raws and processed Raw images from a full-production EOS R5. to pump up fake d.r. I too wished the R5 had built-in GPS. like all canon cameras do. @Richmondthefishyou are likely, and unfortunately, right. This +6 test is just useless. Wow. Above: If you’ve not seen the EOS R before, the R5 inherits the backlit top screen and mode control where you press the mode button then turn the chunky wheel around it to switch between Program, Manual, Shutter and Aperture Priority, Bulb and Custom modes. I would argue they look sharper than my A7RIII. Coming into stock in UK as we speak but currently going to preorders. I think it looks hella sexy. The R5’s grip is of course shorter, but still felt very comfortable in my hands and Canon claims the weather sealing is the same level as the 5D4. Above: Many of you will be wondering how it physically measures-up to the EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR, so here it is on the left, clearly giving the R5 on the right some design inspiration. It has to do with the agility of the smaller bodies, and hybridizing the shooting style with using the monitor, camera at arm length, or shooting from waist height. May not be used without permission. Details you omit. Here’s the same test, but this time using the fully electronic shutter which claims a top speed of 20fps. We put it to the test for both stills and video and also address the overheating issues you may have heard about. I am pretty sure the RF is optically better, but the EF has a smoother zoom for filming and honestly I prefer the look and feel of the EF glass. Better to decide if you need 8K in the first for competition, URSA 12K is there if you need 8K video and not have it overheat.,'s%20the%20first,number%201%20and%203%20spots,,Sony%20ILCE-7RM3,,,Nikon%20D850,Sony%20ILCE-7RM3,Sony%20ILCE-7RM4,,Nikon%20D850,Sony%20ILCE-7M3,Sony%20ILCE-7RM3,,,Nikon%20D850,,Nikon%20D850, Sure it could be my old eyes that are misleading me. You go out of your way bashing a brand you haven’t used, yet you want people to believe you. Seeing as the R5 seems to collect better overall marks in many of the subjects checked, I have a little bit of trouble :), The A9ii is not good for landscapes. preordered on the day it was announced... and even with that 3 months wait... 91% score and d850 100% No sense at all.Dpreview saying R5 it is not class leading dynamic range,when it is..D850 it is 11.63 and R5 is 11.85...not to mention all other aspects...very unrealistic score and review for R5 !R5 is miles better than D850 in every possible way,D850 has one strenght,1 mega pixel in +. Thats the litmus test. They can say nikons are the best entry level but can't say the r5 is the best lol they have to be sly and say "one of" Total fanboys on here running this site, pathetic. the r5 is crippled by comparison, it only addresses 100-120hz light flicker. The D850 is a fine camera, but a really rudimental VIDEO AF. @Onteo - "What makes the a9II a better value camera?". Aiming to save photographers carrying a cable and a charger for every battery they use, this device handles up to four batteries at the same time and can charge at home, in the car and via a USB power bank. Above: But for many the more important comparison will be against the original EOS R seen here in the bottom. Then the display is marked as sub standard for the a9II, while the R5's is top notch. For my neeeds its the best digital camera ever made. I wish....Dopey point 2. unfortunately canon still doesn't have any linear voice coil af motors that i'm aware of, they are behind the lens technology of several milc companies in that respect. That's the question people should be asking themselves when making their decision, if they want 8K of course. I’ll start with my Hands-on First-Looks video which gives you an overview of all the features, controls and physical comparisons with a bunch of rival models. This camera is priced at less than $4K. You won’t be charged until the item ships. Reliability should be one parameter (influence) for scores especially if there are known issues. The 5D4 is clearly larger in every dimension though and 150g heavier too for the body alone. We'll go through what they are, and why they matter, here. Now, three months later, the company has confirmed in a statement that the personal information of past and current employees was taken from its servers. Read on if interested in my findings. It's not a perfect camera, but we think it's an excellent and highly competitive addition to an already crowded field of competent high-resolution full-frame mirrorless cameras. There are a lot of photo/video cameras that have found a role as B-cameras on professional productions or A-camera for amateur and independent productions. Everyone’s experience differs with IS, but while my own results fell several stops below Canon’s ambitious quotes, IBIS on the R5 and R6 was still extremely valuable, giving me five stops of compensation with native IS lenses and four with everything else. All hybrids are going the FA route. Chris and Jordan from DPReview TV also shot a gallery with the lens, but on Panasonic bodies. Two dials on the top plate of your R5, one thumbwheel dial on the back, and a control ring around the RF lenses (and on the EF "control ring adaptor"). Sony also has awful ergonomics. armandido - I agree that more customisation from Canon would be a good selling point, although I find the level of customisation on my 5DMkiv more than adequate and can't really understand why people feel the need for so many options. A huge benefit of IBIS is enjoying stable composition and longer handheld exposures on lenses without optical stabilisation, and it transforms the usability of lenses like the RF 50mm f1.2, RF 85mm f1.2 and RF 28-70mm f2. zxaar look what Canon did with just two models last April Sony lost half their market share even though they had about 12 models.And as you say now they have 2 new members/models that are in high demand. I’m pleased to report 24p also appears to be available at all resolutions. I do t understand why some poeple want to discuss that. to gin up fake d.r. The dpreview tests are conclusive, although they have improved a lot, are they still below what a backlit sensor with iso invariant offers or do we wait for how it is beaten in Dxomark? This grip brings the R5 closer to the networking capabilities of the 1Dx III. You are stuck with Sony and that’s fine. One can argue there are rare cases where the A9ii 20 FPS mode is better, but they can also argue the R5 12 FPS mechanical shutter is better than the 10 FPS with the A9ii so all that evens out. View our sample gallery to see how a bit of shift can change a photo or introduce creative effects. Better then both a7r4 and a9 mark 2 and those are 2 different cameas Wittch makes the r5 even more impressive.”. But it seems a weird dealbreaker to me. If I had to have only one of the two I would take the R5. Above: Moving onto dynamic range, here’s a photo I took under Brighton pier with the R5 at 100 ISO where all of the shadow detail is hidden, as well as most of the bright highlight tones in the sky, particularly on the right.
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